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Vallet Catholic has brought me up to be a mature, young individual who is ready to conquer the professional world. The Sisters, staff, and students all support each other to achieve greatness. The small school environment allows each student to have an education tailored to their needs. Teachers are all very understanding and helpful and the small class sizes make it easier to connect with them. Furthermore, the athletics at Valley are competitive and fun. Even though it is a lower classification, many accommodations are made to ensure that students are being challenged in their sports. I would highly recommend an education at Valley Catholic.
I looked at many private schools before choosing Valley. I think the community is very close and supportive across all of the schools. In the high school teachers really care about helping you.
Amazing staff and great community. All around excellence all around the campus. There's opportunity for everyone. Every student is able to be involved in many different activities. There is great student teacher connections. They have many successful sports teams and the community is inspiring.
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Valley catholic has been awesome at bringing kids together and inculcating a behavior of love and respect among each other. Children are challenged in what they do and are enthusiastic and excited to learn more every day. The sports program and after school activities are of great variety and provide an opportunity to everyone who wants to try something new.
Valley Catholic is an amazing school where many different kids come together. They accept everyone and strive for excellence in every way. The sports teams are very accepting and supportive. The school community is very including and I am very thankful to be apart of it. Valley Catholic has an amazing academic program and it has teachers that are willing to help you no matter what. They are always there to help you with whatever you need. The student to teacher ratio is amazing, and it feels as if their teaching style is tailored to you as a student. Valley Catholic is not only an amazing school but it has an outstanding community that supports everyone involved in it. Each student is encouraged is be themselves and to take part in the activities that they choose. The average class size is 18 students which allows a student teacher relationship to be created. I am very thankful for Valley Catholic.
When I think of my school, I think of how much support I get. The teachers are here to help you succeed. If you missed work and are absent, they are there to help you get back on track. There are tough courses and classes you can take to help prepare for college. In my opinion, we are not here just to take the courses, get the credits, and graduate with a diploma accordingly. Valley's supportive yet challenging environment readies us by pushing us to our limits to better us. One memorable comment I learned from a wise teacher here, "You cannot have success without effort."
My experience with Valley Catholic has been exceptional. Every year I have spent there has been filled with so many loving people and so many different activities people are able to participate in. I am truly blessed to have been apart of such an amazing community with so many supportive staff members and students.
Valley Catholic is developing and expanding. The community is an amazing place and the athletics programs are inclusive as well as successful. Most teachers are great and the resources available to students are very helpful. Being a k-12 community makes the campus feel large but the school is still fairly small.
Valley Catholic was a very welcoming community for me. The classes are challenging, but the teachers are very supportive and are happy to help anyone that is struggling. The only thing that bothers me is how small the building is. It often felt cramped when everyone was in the halls.
The community of Valley Catholic is very welcoming and supportive. Sports are competitive, team work building, fun, and there is a lot of support for a student athlete. They push you to be better academically and as an individual.
Valley Catholic High School has prepared me very well for college. The staff genuinely care about their students' success, so I was able to grow to my potential during high school and expect my experiences at Valley Catholic to make the college transition smooth and easy as well. Though the small class sizes cause little diversity of students, the size allows for faculty-student bonds to form and for students to get the individual help they need.
The teachers at Valley Catholic are some of the best around! Nearly all of them are passionate, funny, and have a genuine interest in the success and well-being of their students. Workload can be a bit overwhelming due to the fact that this is a college prep school. The school is not diverse at all but has a great tight knit community within each class. People generally care about each other. The administration can be a bit overbearing and can really crush on students and faculty members at times and some Catholic Church involvement can mean students who are non gender conforming or choose to express themselves differently can be quickly shut down
Throughout your academic career at Valley, you will find a home away from home. Your peers, teachers, staff, and the involved parents of you classmates contribute to a VC family that is tight-knit and unique; in the unusually small community you will quickly become familiar with the many faces floating around, but will always have a game, performance, or competition to attend and show you school spirit at. You will form close relationships with your classmates and teachers, making the academic side of high school much easier with overwhelming support while creating wonderful memories you will cherish for a lifetime.
The faculty is dedicated to not only success but the student's wellbeing. The overall environment at Valley Catholic is absolutely incredible for all types of students. The sports have a no cut policy giving everyone an opportunity to try something new.
Valley Catholic may be small, but its tight-knit, spirited, and supportive community has made high school amazing: I wouldn't have wanted to spend the last three years anywhere else.
The teachers at Valley are unparalleled. They are flexible, compassionate, rigorous, and well-prepare students for college. Because it's a smaller school, it's difficult for students to get lost in the shadows. While there are cliques as in any high school, there is a great deal of mutual respect among the students. And the music program is exceptional, given a school of around 400. If you count all the choirs, band, jazz band, and orchestra - approximately a third of the students are involved in music. It is not a school for the arts, per se, it is just a school that acknowledges and supports the arts. And the new science building is fantastic! I'm excited that my student gets a few years to enjoy all that the school has to offer.
Aside from dealing with some bullying during my time at Valley Catholic, I feel that the health and safety policies endorsed kept students feeling secure. The school has a wonderful personal counselor there at all times who has helped me and many other students that I know of through anything that is troubling them. I hope that anti-bullying is stressed more to ensure it doesn't happen to current or future students.
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The extracurricular opportunities offered at Valley Catholic are great. I love that there are many sports, and that there is a no-cut policy so that anyone can play any sport they want. I do wish that Valley continued with their Equestrian team as I would have absolutely loved to have done that during high school. There are a few highly popular clubs including but not limited to, S.O.C Club (Serving Our Community Club), Art Club, Fashion Club, and International Club but I would have liked to have seen more options.
Overall, my time at Valley Catholic was wonderful. If I could go back and do it all over, I would still choose to attend Valley, however I would take what I know now to avoid making any mistakes such as missing classes that I wish I would not have. I truly learned so many valuable lessons from teachers as well as the fellow peers around me. The lessons learned, and experiences such as junior Encounter helped me grow into the person I am today. All of the countless sporting events, drama productions, music concerts, and class retreats that I attended were some of my absolute most cherished memories of high school. I was extremely blessed to have been given the quality of education I received at Valley Catholic and would not trade it for anything in the world!
During my time at Valley Catholic, I had some of the best teachers I have ever been lucky enough to have been taught by. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, as the teachers were engaging, offered many different projects, group work, and fun activities, and were always more than willing to help me in and out of the classroom. I still carry many of the lessons I learned from them with me every day as a hard-working college student.
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