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I absolutely loved Valencia! All the teachers are there for you and will do anything to help their students. Obviously there are some teachers that lack this component, but overall I had a great experience with the faculty. The spirit was great and I loved getting involved in clubs, sports, and football/basketball games. Highschool is only as good as the amount of effort you put into it. Try in school, get connected with teachers, and make friends that will last a lifetime because those are the things you won’t regret. Hope you have a great experience and the time of your life!!
Valencia was such a great high school experience. The teachers and academics were amazing. Valencia high school is one of the best in academics. Also, in sports. I played girl's basketball and the experience was great. Great coaches and teammates. Freshman year, I went to Saugus high school, and it was a bad experience. I moved to Valencia and I feel in love. Great people and so diverse. The consueling is the best because they really help you for the future ( Mrs. Ferry). Overall, you will have a awesome high school experience at Valencia.
If I were to describe my experience at Valencia High School, I'd denounce it to being a bigot-filled school. Generally speaking, there are so many students who are so bigoted and hated to the point where ignorant is the kindest thing you can call them.

Multiple times have I witnessed idiotic and bigoted speech and the most I could do was tell the faculty, of who would do nothing because it would affect some sort of cash prize they would get for good behavior. The closest thing these awful people would get is a scolding and nothing more.

The only thing that's salvaging this school is how passionate some of the teachers can be. Perhaps I am biased because most of my teacher are Honors and AP teachers.

Nathan Pellegrin is so compassionate towards his students and I couldn't ask for a better high school counselor. I have extremely poor mental health and he's been there to support me through all of my high school career.

Sometimes you can find something valuable in a dumpster.
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Valencia is very diverse and fun. It is very inclusive, the teachers and counselors care about their students a lot. It has shaped me into a better person and taught me about responsibility and accountability. I could of not had a better high school experience at any other school. GO VIKINGS!!!
To me, Valencia High School has a great selection and diversity of teachers willing to challenge and educate students. With thousands of students, student life is also diverse, with many clubs and sports to choose from. I feel lik the school can improve in having more AP and foreign language classes available.
There are very few teachers that are great at teaching, and great and socializing with the students. Many of the teachers slack off, and don't teach or assign work. This school is great for athletics, but not academics. Many of the students have been seen using mind altering substances while at school, or on a field trip. I have also witnessed drug deals happen on campus. It also has an overcrowded student parking lot, and has had times when girls bathrooms failed to have locks on many of the doors. They only get two stars due to the few good teachers, and the generally safe area.
Valencia High School is full of opportunities for many people who want to pursue various careers after their level of desired education. Due to its location in a demographically wealthy area, the educational establishment is well funded and totes modern equipment and technology. Their is no major problems with the school, but the overall focus of education instilled upon its students is bland and mostly unusable in real life society.
Valencia high is a great school and possibly the best in the district, elite teachers, great sports programs all around a great school
Valencia was overall a good school. I enjoyed my time there. I had a few teachers I loved, but most of the faculty was not super kind. I’m glad I’m done.
Valencia High School was a big wake-up compared to my expectations of high school in books, movies, and TV shows. The students there are peppy, caring, and friendly. It is fairly easy to make friends at Valencia, with dozens of school activities on and off campus to hang out and spend time together. Many of the teachers are amazingly caring, as many are parents themselves, and just as much try a great deal in teaching not only their subjects, but also life lessons about the world to their students.
I feel very prepared for college, as the classes I have taken have prepared me for it. Most teachers are good, but there are some that do not teach very well.
Just from coming off of my transfer from a private school to a public school, I am 3/4 of the way done and I can happily say that this was the best decision for me and my family, I play baseball and the competition level of intensity is like no other, not just for baseball but for all sports every team has a drive for success. And of course academically the school is amazing they do not slow down even if it is your senior year.
Very good solid high school with good teachers and a learning environment. The only challenge is the temporary buildings being spread out and traveling from class to class while staying on time can be a challenge. I like our school but the facility could use some upgrades, the classrooms are original, old, and outdated.
Personally, I loved Valencia High School. I met some of the best people there and I learned so much about myself. I had amazing teachers and fascinating classes. The AP courses were manageable and I was able to perform as a student-athlete with ease. Our ASB is involved and really does care about the student body. Our principal does his best to accommodate to what is best for the students and the teachers really push us to do our best.
I wish they provided more money to the sports teams, other than football, and the art department. The teachers are all very knowledgable and the staff provides an abundance of support. The campus is nice and open. The classrooms are always air-conditioned. Overall, it is a very good school and it was a pleasure to attend and learn there.
Valencia High School is a good environment with good people and teachers. The staff is always there for you and the sports here are pretty decent. The only thing I would change about Valencia is for it to be more self aware and make kids feel safer since we had a recent shooting near our school.
Over the years, they have been adding more resources like a meditation room and a study area. The bathrooms need to be renovated and needs more upkeep. The staff for the most part is good and the sporting events are fun.
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I really liked the teachers. They care a lot about their students and their success. Especially after the shooting in our town, the teachers made sure to hear every student out. It helped a lot because what teenagers tend to do is hold in our emotions, but they provided plenty of resources so that we would have other options than that.
It has a lot of excellent teachers but who cover a large variety of topics. The reasoning as for why this score isn't a 5 and may even drop in the future is because most of the older and more experienced teachers are being poached to other schools for the higher pay. This results in drops in quality as the school tries to find teacher to make up for those who left.
valencia high school is a great environment to learn and grow as a person. You meet friends that will make your experience even more great. I have enjoyed my 4 years here and all of the memories that will last forever. I played in the basketball program for 3 years and it is very biased and not the best program to be in.
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