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My school cares so much about each student that goes there. Whether it be student, faculty, or teachers. You feel like a family and are very involved in the school spirit.
My four years at valencia were very enjoyable. The I was drawn to the school because of the val-tech program the school offered.
My experience at Valencia High School was overall very good due to the school's diversity, college readiness, and sports. I was an overall very involved student who appreciated all of the various opportunities that aided in the contribution of my career as an individual by offering after school college courses and various clubs that shared my common interests. However, the overall organization of certain clubs and activities were definitely unorganized. In addition, there was an unspoken amount of biased towards certain programs and students within the school that neglected the rest of the students and overlooked their potential.
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Valencia High School was a great high school for so many reasons. When I left private school after my freshman year, I was a little wary to return to a large, secular school, however they embraced me with all of my quirks with open arms. I have especially loved the choir program.
Valencia's pride and joy is the International Baccalaureate Programme (a program I participated in), but despite the prestigious program, I did not feel that I was given the resources necessary for success. The faculty and staff pick favorites that they deem to be promising students that have the potential to get into top universities, but if you don't fall into this category you get pushed aside. This leads to resources being utilized only for the benefit of these "favorites" and attention is focused on making sure these students succeed, not helping students who may need it. On a more positive note, the difficulty of the classes helps with college readiness as I found that college classes in my first and second year were easier on average than my classes at Valencia, but if your interests do not lie in STEM-based subjects I'm afraid there are not very many beneficial programs at Valencia. Valencia's STEM classes are excellent, but that's all they have going for them.
I love Valencia HS! I did so much during my time there!! I was apart of the Aquatics team for 4 years. I was a great team player on the water polo team and I loved scoring as many goals as I could! I also was apart of the Val Tech program and I’m so thankful to have Gina through that experience. The skills I have learned, I use almost everyday day. I was also nominated for the Miss Placentia-Yorba Linda district pageant! I could go on and on about this school. It’s full of opportunities and people that care about you and want you to succeed.
Had an amazing experience while at Valencia High School. Enrolled in their Val-Tech program for all four years and loved it. The summer internship between junior and senior year was hard work and it more than paid off. Was able to work at Boeing through the school's internship coordinators. Determined that I wanted to major in computer science after my time at Boeing. Valencia was my home. A little messy and stressful at times, but had a blast regardless.
Without a doubt, my favorite part about this school is the high academic competitiveness (but not cutthroat). Even though it is only my first year here, I love it already. All of my peers are incredibly encouraging and everyone works hard to be the best. Another amazing part about this school is the teachers and how they will go above and beyond to help their students.
Valencia High School is an accepting and stimulating environment. The staff truly cares about it's students. Valencia is well recognized for it’s academic success and music/art program. We have one of the best bands in the state. The diversity at this high school is extraordinary and uplifting because of all the cultural involvement with events and clubs. It really is amazing school.
I love my school! There's so much to be involved with here. There's the Val Tech program, IB program, amazing music programs, and great sports teams!
I graduated 2006. At the time, the school was amazing. They offered a lot of opportunities for AP, IB and ValTech courses. This helped me increase my knowledge and skills at a highly competitive pace for the workforce or college education.
I am a sophomore at Valencia high. The school has great teachers who care and are willing to help you if needed. The only thing I would really change about Valencia is that, there is a lot of fights at that school. I would like there so be more camera's for the children's safety.
Coming to Valencia I was very nervous because I didn't know anybody but I quickly began to make friends. Everyone is so welcoming and the teachers really care about how are. They are always willing to help you out if you fall behind or are confused. There are several clubs and classes you can take that also help you move toward goals that you have towards your career.
What I like most about Valencia High School is how diverse it is. Also it is a very comfortable environment to learn and the teachers and staff make it fun to learn.
I am a senior at this high school and have honestly fallen in love with it. The IB program has allowed me to grow incredibly close with my classmates, as well as to pursue the academic subjects that I love. The teachers are obviously skilled, and the classes are rigorous. I think that it is a great high school for those who want to pursue advanced academic options while still retaining the "normal" high school experience.
I have absolutely loved every single teacher I have had at Valencia. All of the teachers are willing provide everything students need to succeed academically. The various IB and AP classes offered at Valencia ensure that students will be prepared for college, and many students receive college credit as the school has very high overall pass rates.
I had a very momentous four years of my life during this time at Valencia High school. I learned, loved and experienced so many new things that I would not have at probably any other schools. I learned compassion and understanding intricacies between interactions of social groups by just talking to different varieties of people. I was also given the opportunity to expand my horizon by taking so many different classes to hopefully become a successful person.
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My experience at Valencia was great! The only thing I would change was not getting more involved and going to more of the school dances.
What I enjoyed about my years here at Valencia high School is the experience. Experiencing everything that makes up a High school with my friends made a huge impact of my life. Valencia is somewhere where you can get along with the staff and feel safe. Valencia is known for their academics and they’re immediate need for safety. Although, many people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds attend Valencia the staff make sure to include everyone in everything which in my opinion is the most important thing of any high school.
Valencia high school is very diverse and the teachers are always there to help us students to succeed. The school emphasizes unity and getting involved with school activities.
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