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We have been thrilled with the high level academics, paired with small classroom sizes and excellent teachers. The educational facility is welcoming and comfortable to promote a fantastic learning environment. Our son was immediately befriended by students from all grades and the camaraderie was apparent in both academics and sports. The various school events promoted a strong sense of community for our family. During these trying times of COVID, and a year that ended with remote learning, the staff went above and beyond to ensure the students remained engaged, connected and continued their learning. We are confident that VCHS will continue to meet the full needs of their students, parents and staff as we head into a
unpredictable 20-21 school year. Our sons experiences at VCHS are teaching him to face any adversity with faith, hope, creativity, rigor, persistence and resilience.
The faculty went above and beyond during the Covid 19 crisis. My sophomore son was engaged to the end of the year through their daily Zoom calls with EVERY subject with shortened class times. I heard over and over from friends at other schools, that their children had checked out of school in early April because the teachers weren't expecting things from their students in the same fashion as VCHS teachers. I was very impressed with the faculty's response and energy toward the kids to keep them motivated as much as possible through this crazy time.
Vail Christian High School is a great, college-prep high school in the Vail Valley. VCSH has inspiring and motivating teachers in a faith based environment. It is challenging academically and has excellent athletics programming. Our children have had the individual guidance needed to be successful with organization and time management skills that will be with them forever. We are grateful for the community of parents, students and staff who have given our children continued encouragement and confidence to be successful in college and beyond.
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Vail Christian is a great place because it encourages its students to thrive through challenges and experience. the school also goes above and beyond in creating a community in which the students feel that they are being empowered to thrive.
Great school. Lots of help from teachers. Great sports. I had a great time at vail Christian this year and I am looking forward toward next year.
Vail Christian High School has been nothing short of amazing. All the teachers, administrators, and my peers at this school want the best for me. This school has given me more opportunities than I ever could have imagined.
i enjoyed the small class sizes, the involved and enthusiastic faculty and the long term friendships developed there. I did not particularly enjoy the enforced religious aspects of the school, though that is an unimportant consequence of attending the school
Teachers are knowledgeable and helpful. The environment is tailored around the intellectual and personal growth of students.
Over all VCHS has brought me a readiness for pushing me into college while holding my hand and preparing me while making me stronger in my faith.
The close-knit community experience at Vail Christian cannot be found at any other high school. The faculty and staff strive to create a safe and efficient learning environment that encourages all students to perform at their absolute best. It would be great to see more growth in the school's extracurricular programs, including art and drama.
I have gone to VCHS since I was a freshman, what drew me to this school was the small class sizes and high level of academic achievement. VCHS has prepared me extremely well for a high education and the college counselors are fantastic. Diversity-wise, it is getting better but is a large majority of whites.
It is growing into an amazing school, there are just still people there (both students and teachers) who are holding the overall culture of the school back from all that it could be.
My experience at Vail Christian has been beneficial both academically and spiritually. The courses are challenging and the teachers are very dedicated to making us prepared for college.
Although we don't have every club available we do have some pretty awesome clubs and sports. If there is something you want to be a part of that this school doesn't have you can always participate in that activity at one of the local public high schools.
Vail Christian is awesome! The classes are challenging but kids here actually want to learn. This school is family. The only thing I wish was different would be for a wider variety of classes but I understand since it's so small that's a little hard to do.
Most teachers at this school are amazing. They are very knowledgable in their field and are able to communicate lessons well to students. Teachers here really care about the students and are willing to work with you if you are struggling.
School nurse is top notch. All overnight trips including All School Retreat and Science Hut Trips have trained First Aid volunteer
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Academic Decathalon, Science Bowl, Riverwatch, Computer Club, Travel Club, Student Council, Missions work, host Chinese and German students
Our overall experience has been remarkably positive. We have three graduates who are ready to take on the world and give back to society in appreciation of the incredible education they have received. This school really means what it promotes: Excellence!...In faith, leadership, academics, sports, and fine arts.
The faculty and staff at Vail Christian School is top notch. Longevity and loyalty has always been a plus with the staff. With three children that have been through the school in 12 years, I can say that the school is an exceptional school with a highly educated, dedicated and devoted staff and administration. The school board leads the school by setting professional, fair policies and the administrative team runs the day to day operation and does not micromanage the administration. This is the way a private school should be run. The student selection process and financial aid/scholarship determination is fair and transparent. The extracurricular options in sports, drama, and Academic and STEM clubs and in school electives are diverse. This is an AP for all school---the first one in Colorado and one of only two that offer this program. The highly trained and experience guidance team leads each student through the college admissions process individually beginning freshman year. Parents do not have to lift a finger to get their student motivated to take care of the details because it is all done through the guidance office. Scholarship offers are many and diverse among all seniors. Most graduates enter college with 1-2 semesters of college credit and save lots of money on college. Invest in this quality Christian high school experience and your student will be academically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to enter college and pursue their dreams and reach their God-given potential in any career they choose.
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