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This school does very well when it comes to a student's education and safety. On the downside, they are not good in the extracurricular activity area. They have minimal after school clubs and barely any sports.
My daughter is enjoying Elementary school right now. They have clubs for programming and Arduino's that keep her engaged. She is in a class with fellow students that push each other further than the class demands, this I appreciate. Also they are well balanced with specials of Art, Music, and STEM to keep her learning for a good foundation of life.
I love working at Vail Academy and High School. The high school classes are small; my largest class this year has 24 students and my smallest class has 9 students. With classes that small, I can easily get to know the students both on an academic level and personal level. This school has a private school feel to it, but with a public school free tuition. And, we have the best students in the area.
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Overall Vail Academy & High School was great, I took all AP course load and the work load prepared me to manage my time and to complete tasks early if possible. The teachers are always willing to help out where they can and support the student through anything, as alot of my teachers would guide me on what to do and how to go about doing things relating to college, work, general concerns, etc. A student really has to try to not get involved at this school since the school is small and generally there is always a few students who try and reach out to everyone and if the student doesn't get reached by another student chances are a teacher will reach out and try and get them out there.
I have enjoyed my time at VAHS and I would recommend it to any student that wants to build a bond, with not only their teachers but their fellow students as well, regardless of grade level.
It's a very good school. Gets you ready for college and future responsibilities. Also; they have good teachers, who care about they're students education and health. Their students are very nice and welcoming to new ones.
Small school, annoying administration, good for academics. The biggest probelm is the lack of extra curricular activities since the school is so small.
It is a small campus K-12. Good teachers and staff. All there to help and take care of you. Makes you ready for college.
Vail Academy and High School is a small K-12 school that is the smallest of its district. Despite its size, it is an amazing school. The academics prepare even middle schoolers for college! Parents are involved in this school, and the culture is great - everyone knows everyone.

Being in a small k-12 school has its great opportunities, like teaching younger students about certain subjects, participating in clubs with younger and older students, and feeling the diversity of age.

Unfortunately, age is the only diversity that seems to be in this school. Being of Hispanic descent, I notice that there is a predominately white populace in the school. But, there is no racial separation or indifference at all, even with the unequally distributed population. Everyone seems to be friends with everyone.

Overall, I recommend this school to all. It is an excellent education and prepares one for college. The school goes above and beyond and I am happy to be apart of it.
Vail Academy provides an environment where students strive to succeed and are challenged to grow by their teachers. While the school does not have many extracurricular sports available, the other activities that include robotics, chess club, and FBLA make for a school that stands apart from other facilities.
It is a small school there is a lot of personal attention. However some activities and clubs there are just not enough people.
Good school with solid academics, but it is very lacking in extracirricular activities. The only really good extracirricular is robotics. There are no sports. Community sense is nice because it is so small. The k12 environment is cool too because it provides a lot of unique opportunites.
The teachers were very involved with everyone and did everything they could to help the students succeed.
Some of the teachers were subpar, the principal didn't seem to care about the senior class all that much.
I've been at Vail Academy and High School since sixth grade (currently a sophomore) and I've seen the peaks and falls of our school. Overall there is a welcoming and academic atmosphere that our school has. Our principal has put in all that he has to ensure the best for us, students, whether we take notice of it or not. The staff ranges for diversity and teaching qualities. Most of our teachers are women with well college degrees. Our school does a good job of trying to build up student morale with surprises for the students and its a good incentive. Some students hope that we can have more say in what happens on campus and the rules that are given to us, but everything is an experience.
Vail Academy and High School was an excellent school for me and I would recommend it to anyone. The small class sizes allow students to receive one-on-one help teachers and to be closer to peers and teachers than would be possible at larger schools. There are a wide variety of clubs in many fields offered as well as several honors and AP classes. This school fosters a real sense of community and school spirit.
This high school gave me the opportunity to design my own path and where I wanted to go. You typically say that about all high schools, but this one really did. My current path is to become and Astrophysicist for NASA, and this school provided me with the means to pursue that goal. The classes there were great, the teachers were fantastic, their sense of humor and willingness to stay and help you succeed is ridiculous. The entire staff loves their students and the principle is your best friend. The after school robotics group is what changed my life.
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I have not been really involved with the safety protocols at the school. I personally have never had an emergency other than well regulated fire alarms happen at this place. I know that there are contingencies for other scenarios if they are to happen. We have things like student IDs and relative other items, the safety is fine, I know I had a middle school with a guard but this school has a friendly environment, and technically it is almost in the middle of nowhere. Other that that, it is relatively safe with counter measures in place if a dangerous scenario were to ever happen.
I have enjoyed the one-on-one experience that each teacher gives to me. This school isn't very athletic as my clubs I am in are FBLA, and the chess club. I love the community engagement as well as the friendly atmosphere. This school focuses on the future of the students with clubs that help with communities and give an edge in the market instead of clubs like football, soccer, or what ever other sports. This school is small so the advantage is the one on one experience you are able to engage in with the teachers at almost any time. E-mail after school when you need help. The best experience I had have was the school's CTE program which allowed me to achieve an internship with the Vail Internship Program. All my achievements would have never been possible without this school helping me along the way.
I never really payed attention to teachers in my other schools since the schools were so big, but at Vail Academy & High School, the school is small. Even though my school is a K-12 school, it has only around 600 students but has achieved an A+ rating. The teachers have 10 to 25 students per class, with 25 being extreme, so the teachers each try to give one on one experiences with the students. For work ethic, each teacher is nice as well as hard-working. My math teacher specifically stays after school three to 5 hours working on tomorrows lesson. My teachers each offer tutoring after-school in a friendly environment. The small size has enables the vice principal to memorize almost every student's name at the school as hard it is to believe, the front desk as almost memorized all the parents of the school as well. Each teacher works hard and each teacher involves the students by bringing in real world scenarios as well as well timed homework, it isn't over-loading. I enjoy this school a lot compared to other giant schools which just give lessons and say good night. I know that we the students are within the best intentions of the teachers.
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