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Not many clubs or extra-curriculars. Very bland school overall . I did not feel like there was much school spirit, and it was a very stereotypical school with no diversity.
Uxbridge High School was a great place to learn. I loved my experience there with many amazing teachers and friends! I learned so many thingy not only from teachers but from high school life in general!!
In the last two years our principal as gotten over $2 million in grants for the school in fields like Science and Engineering. Our principal was just recently announced as the Massachusetts Principal of the Year and is now going for the whole Country. Without him on the Uxbridge team, I do not think I could have had such an amazing high school experience. He is very dedicated to the kids and only wants the best for us. The whole staff makes you feel welcome and are always willing to help you out when needed. I was very proud to find out that my school is now in the top 20% for STEM in the U.S.
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It is a well rounded school. The teachers, academics, sports and clubs are all great! All the classes I have ever taken in all four years have really benefitted me and prepared me for college in many different ways.
At Uxbridge High School, I challenged myself to fufill my top potential and was able to do so thanks to the resources that I utilized. I was a four year varsity athlete, involved in the music programs including concert band, jazz band, concert choir, A capella, the drama department, attended student council meetings, served as class president for two years, and was vice president of the National Honor Society chapter. I could not have done this without the ceaseless support of the community including my teachers, advisers, and coaches. What I would change is how money is spent at the school. I do not know the exact budget, however, the grounds are a mess, making the school a bit on the less presentable side.
I love most of the teachers there. They make it a really fun time while learning and they really show they care about you genuinely. They make you feel seen. It’s not just about learning at school, it’s about finding yourself, and Uxbridge does a great job at allowing you to do so. I have many friends there and people are just overall friendly and non-judge mental.
Uxbridge High School has many unique class offerings and a group of dedicated educators.

I have been accepted to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Uxbridge High School has prepared me with offerings such as Portfolio, Personal Expression, Drawing and Painting. These classes have paved the way, starting with guiding the college application process to developing a portfolio of work.

Hands on courses include Technology and Visual Arts offerings. I was able to lead and help others by participating in a mentorship program. Teachers and faculty have been amazing partners in my education and great mentors.

Clubs and activities such as Anime and Yearbook helped develop new friendships and manage projects. The Green team encourages smart recycling. Drama encourages students to participate in a school-wide musical by acting, prop & costume design and production.

Even though I don't play sports, going to games and showing school spirit is a way of life at Uxbridge High.
Just an average school. Nothing too exciting or different. A few things could be better and nothing is truly above average
Growing up in the Uxbridge schools was difficult for me and I felt like the things important to me didn't matter. As the district cut the activities and class I really enjoyed, it made going to school even harder. I enjoy learning, but I hated going to school because of the environment I was in.
My experience is that Uxbridge High School is a good school to go to, but can definitely be improved. The library leaks on occasion because of poor planning (a flat roof just causes puddles). The air conditioning system is meant for the south, meaning it doesn't work in extreme temperatures. Students have access to various pieces of technology, such as iPads, Macs, and a 3D printer to help in their classes. For the most part, the faculty is extremely friendly and helpful, and will help students when they need it, but some have problems with juggling all the classes they teach and with helping the students understand the curriculum. With a little fixing and extra money, Uxbridge High School could be a fantastic school to go to.
At Uxbridge High School I enjoy the teachers and the type of connection I can have with them. I have learned way more than just math and English from the teachers, I have learned kindness and how positive attitudes, hard work, and dedication will get you to where you need to be. The downfall is the high prices for sports, and the constant mayhem of immature boys who go and destroy things throughout our new school. The lack of respect to teachers, even ones that are nice, is ridiculous and this is something I have an issue with. I am big on respect, and my teachers have shown that if I respect them they will respect me. I have heard this is usual in high schools around the world. Besides those few flaws we are a great school, with mostly great teachers.
I went to the New Uxbridge High School, the one on Quaker Street. I had a good four years there. Academically, I got a lot out of it. There were a good amount of AP classes, lots of honors classes, and a well-roundedness of types of classes overall. We've seen tax cuts, however, so they keep cutting programs and getting rid of teachers. I get that we can't afford it, but it does still affect students there. The teachers and administration are nice enough and if you work for it, you can do really well there. Overall I give it a four out of five stars.
Clubs offered help students broaden their horizons by creating a welcoming environment and developing interests through guided experience. As a fourth-year student of Uxbridge High School, I have never felt intimidated by an extracurricular activity due to a lack of experience. Clubs at Uxbridge High School create unlikely friendships and, I believe, are one of the principle reasons behind the lack of bullying at this school. The integrity of academic programs offered at Uxbridge High School are supported by dedicated faculty who create strong connections with their students. Uxbridge is a small town with a strong sense of community, and this is exemplified through the student body at Uxbridge High School. Despite its definite positives, diversity is an arguably missing factor of this school. However, as Uxbridge is a small, predominantly-Caucasian town, this fact is reflected upon the student body at its public high school.
Uxbridge High School is a small high school, and is the only public high school located in Uxbridge, MA. It is a relatively new building, being less than 10 years old. The staff at Uxbridge High School are generally very nice and accommodating. The teachers are always willing to make time either before or after the school day to provide their students with extra help, if needed. The school's student council is very dedicated and involved with the things they do. The same goes for athletics, and other extracurricular programs, such as the drama program. Overall, UHS is a good, small high school without any major, glaring flaws.
Graduated in 2014, spent two years in the new high school. Very beautiful building. Most teachers were excellent but the principal and vice principal at the time were awful. They would try to pry information out of you and make it seem like they know more than they did. Very rude not fond of them at all. However the other teaching staff was very kind and helpful and knowledgable and caring. I believe since then the principal and VP have changed.
This high school is small but has a great atmosphere. The teachers are friendly and care about their students.
Uxbridge High was a great primary education, which prepared me to move on to a higher education. I loved the teachers, because they genuinely care about you. It is not just about the schoolwork; it's about shaping you as a person.
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I'm 14. This is my first year at UHS and i can already advise not to come here. Upon my arrival i was treated as 1/165 of the freshman class rather than an actual individual. I am taking all honors classes and easily getting straight A's. I'm literally learning things i did last year. The teachers could not care less about their jobs or the kids and scrape bare minimum with the curriculum.
The students here not only have no ambition and could not care less about school, but the majority are on some sort of drug on a daily basis. I've been peer pressured to do dangerous drugs on many occasions during school and have lost some of my best friends because of their experimental use. The facility is entirely aware of this problem but at this point they are as a whole, completely indifferent. Please don't enroll here, you'll put yourself through hell.
I really enjoyed the former Uxbridge High School in my four years there, despite lacking the funding to have a "high-end" experience or learn through new technologies. Many times, we would have gym class in the cafeteria, and I had a math class in a room with no windows. None of that mattered much, though, because I had great times and have even better memories in that school. I credit my teachers and some of my fellow classmates for those times; I feel I received a quality education, and I met some of my best friends in those years.
Loved having new facilities & AP courses offered. Lots of clubs and activities to participate in as well - from varsity sports to drama club.
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