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Utica High School provided many oppurtunities for me that I am grateful for, such as the many AP classes, the clubs available, and the help that I can recieve
I love the school I go to because I have great teachers who make me excited to learn something new everyday.
Utica High School is an amazing high school which gives you all opportunities available to succeed and encourages you to take them as well! Great experience!
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Utica High School is a great school, I've loved all of my teachers. I don't feel like the classrooms are over crowded. I feel like the school honestly cares about me and I feel ready for the next chapter in my life.
I like Utica High School because it had the same environment as other schools but not as crowded or not enough people. The teachers were all nice, in my opinion. The school provided a wide variety of lunches, from pizza to many other items.
Utica High made the transition into high school easy. The staff is amazing and it has been a great experience.
My experience at Utica high has changed me as a person. It has shaped me into the person I am today. Utica high school is a great school to make teachers connections with
There are a variety of classes available to be taken as well as a handful of friendly teachers. However, the resources are poor to the point that teachers must offer extra credit for things that should be supplied to them like; paper, pencils, tissues, etc. They need to be a bit harsher on the issue of "vaping" as well, as just in my one hour, 6 students have been suspended. I would like teachers to be able to get what they need as to give all of their students a fair educational experience, as well as a possible harsher punishment on illegal activity.
This a great school. It is a nice place to be. Most parts of the school have been remodeled recently.
I like my time at Utica. The culture is fairly friendly and while there can be cliques, the people are generally friendly and it seems that there are very few people who are trying to show off how rich they are, which nearby schools suffer from. It’s also a bit smaller, so you get to know a lot of people and most of my classes were just over 20 people. I think there’s some really good teachers and some bad ones, like a lot of high schools. I actually attend UCMST for half of the day, so I receive a great education along with Stevenson Ike and Ford kids. The Utica classes are definitely easier, but you can build a challenging schedule and get a good education by doing so. Sports aren’t good, but a lot of people show up to football for boys and volleyball for girls as well as basketball so there’s a good supportive atmosphere if that makes sense too.
I'm currently a senior at Utica High School. The teachers are great and the AP classes help to prepare for college. We are a diverse school with some clubs and sports activities. I enjoyed my time here!
Great school, with amazing staff that enourage students to learn. What I would like to see change is the food the school serves during lunch.
Great high school experience with very involved students and staff! The school spirit was the strongest here than anywhere else I’ve seen which made for a nice environment.
Utica High School offered an experience that felt like it was supposed to give. It had its fair share of issues that other high schools in the area may have faced, but the high school always tried its best to overcome these issues, and it did so with the best of its abilities. It offers a large variety of sports and after school clubs and activities, as well as having an active school spirit; almost every month had some sort of spirit week or "theme", making students feel more invested in the school and it's activities. There were a good amount of variety in the classes offered, usually if there was a class you could think you would want to take, they had it in some way.
I love this school. It has great diversity across the student body and everyone gets along great. I've had nothing but great teachers that actually care about your well-being and education.
I liked going to school here. It was very small, but it was nice that you knew almost every one. I sometimes wish I went to a larger school. Overall, it was a pretty rewarding experience. The teachers were great and my fellow students were friendly.
We have wonderful teacher and support staff. Meals are okay for the students. Sports and school spirit are a large part of the experience. Get community for students. I would of send my children to private school, if it wouldn't for such wonderful teachers. All of my children excelled in school and helped them get to their college of choice.
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My son was not motivated until the end of his junior year, and then had a decent senior year. Utica HS had all the programs and support needed for him to be successful. They bused him to an advanced technical program each day his senior year. He is now studying Graphic Design You in college and says he was more prepared than any of his classmates in certain areas. You cannot always have a great student but it was good to know that Utica HS was there for him
My experience at Utica High School has been very enjoyable. I really like the way teachers interact with their students. They teach one on one with students, offer extra help when needed, and are caring towards students and other staff members. They make the classrooms feel welcoming and open to any and all students. Some things that need to change (but may not be able to) are the way students interact with each other. We, as students, need to be more kind and understanding towards each other.
Utica high school was a place where everyone was friends. There was some instances in which kids would not get along, but this happens in every high school. I personally had a good three years. I was involved in 4-5 different clubs each year. Not only was I involved in clubs but also in sports. I did sideline cheer, competitive, and softball. It was sports year round. If I was not at cheer practice then I would be at softball practice. There were times that I would get stunting practice in before I had a softball game. Utica high school was a place where I learned who I am. It taught me who my real friends were and made me a better person. I'm proud to have made so many memories that will last me a lifetime. As us alumni students would say, "Once a chieftain, always a chieftain!"
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