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I appreciate the desire teachers have to see students succeed, but I believe they mistake a heavy workload for a good learning experience. I did not feel like I mastered any topics, but simply learned them for the test and homework and moved on as quickly as possible. In some classes, I feel like we barely covered anything of value. In English, we did not study grammar or vocabulary and my writing skills were neither expounded nor fined tuned by my teacher. I came to learn and instead I felt that I was being bombarded with busy work. There were some classes where I learned and grew, but I would say those classes are exceptions.
The school is a very nice school. They do a good job at teaching and preparing the students for college-level classes. One thing that I really like about UCAS is that it is a small school so many students are comfortable with each other. Another thing that I really like about UCAS is that it is a very positive school. The students, teachers, and administration are very positive. There are very few things that I don't like about UCAS. Something that I don't like about UCAS which isn't changeable is that there aren't any clubs or sports. Despite this, UCAS does a good job at evening things out by having many school activities.
UCAS is a good school that provides additional academic challenge. UCAS has a partnership with UVU and most UCAS students graduate high school with an associate's degree from UVU. While UCAS does not provide any transportation all students can receive a UTA bus pass from UVU. All students are at UCAS to learn so this limits the number of behavioral problems in the school. UCAS's new Provo campus is very nice. UCAS has a good nature of learning. Do not come to UCAS if you want to play sports. UCAS does not have any sports teams and will not be getting any sports teams . UCAS's schedule also makes it hard to do sports with another school.
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It is a very challenging high school were students have the opportunity to acquire college credit alongside of high school credit. The school is run though the neighboring university, Utah Valley University.
Utah County Academy of Sciences is an excellent early-college high school. The teachers and faculty are engaged in the students' learning and enthusiastic about their accomplishments. UCAS is one of the very best ways to prepare for college and even finish some in the process.
An amazing academy for those looking to get a head start on life. Not what most would consider to be a "normal" high school environment, the small campus allows for specialized interactions between both students and teachers. Future possibilities can be made accessible through UCAS' relationship with UVU, and will aid any student looking to graduate with an Associate's Degree with a bit of rigor and dedication.
UCAS is a STEM-centered, pre-college high school. The education is rigorous. It is a great school for any student who is talented and gifted. However, they do not have any sport teams. There are a few extra curriculars, but they are all academic based.
Ucas is an overall excellent school! While their sports and clubs are nonexistent, they prepare you for college better than any other high school in the state, have excellent academics, and awesome resources through UVU. I currently have 76 college credits that I took on UVU’s campus for a fraction of the price. Each credit is only 5$. Because I am from a poorer background, it has been a blessing to get 2 years of college out of the way for cheap. The faculty is also very good. The professors often have a PhD and they teach accelerated courses that push students to perform their best.
There was a lot of unity within the school. The school also helps you graduate with an associates. This helps you a lot in college because then you have your generals knocked out.
The school's primary focus is getting students ready for college. The classes are challenging and have an open learning environment that allows student to learn at their own pace. The teachers care about their students and want to see them succeed. Overall an amazing school that invites students to learn.
Overall UCAS is a very good school, and the opportunity to get an associate degree before graduating from high school is just amazing. The only reason why I didn't give them a five star rating is because the counselor I had was not the best counselor and made my experience there more difficult than it needed to be, but I have been informed that she is no longer there, so no worries for new students.
Utah County Academy of Sciences, or UCAS, is an incredible school that focuses on helping students achieve high goals, realize their potential, and be prepared for the challenges of life.
The school is partnered with Utah Valley University (which is conveniently across the street from UCAS) and allows students the chance to take college level classes before they have even graduated High School. Most students who go there are able to receive their Associates Degree before they have officially graduated High School.
The teachers are all very passionate about their subjects and know how to get the class enthusiastic about what they are learning. The faculty also makes it a point to work closely with each student one on one to help the students make the most of their combined high school and college experiences while at UCAS.
I loved that I got to graduate with my associate's degree at uvu. It's been a great time and the only downside is how small ucas actually is, but it is okay because the uvu campus more than makes up for it.
I love going to ucas because it gives us the opportunity to share the UVU campus and be able to use their facilities. The teachers are always willing to help. it prepares us with what college feels like without missing out on the normal high school experience
I loved UCAS! I loved the culture of learning and the fast paced academics. Having my Associates degree has given me a lot of peace of mind and also has helped me get into college. My only complaint is that it is a small school which sometimes creates lots of drama. However, I overcame this and developed a group of friends who still keeps in contact after graduating two years ago.
UCAS really helped me become more prepared for college, and my future career. The teachers here are really amazing, and want you to succeed. The environment there is friendly and a good place to make new friends and get new experiences.
I loved going to this school. The atmosphere was one of learning, and the teachers are all so willing to help you with whatever you need. The classes are small, so you can get to know the teacher and get personal feedback on what you can improve on. This school also focuses on helping you get your Associate's degree before you graduate, so all of their courses are advanced and accelerated. I loved the school because it felt like I could actually be in a school where kids wanted to learn and progress in school and studies. People want to move ahead here.
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Utah Academy of Sciences is a great and hard working school. It is a school that challenges you in great ways. They have teachers who care and love their students. They help students get their associates degree, before even entering college.
I really enjoyed my years at UCAS. The staff and administration were always very helpful and encouraging, and I actually liked having a smaller student body as it allowed us to become closer to one another and get more assistance from our teachers if we needed it. It was a very positive environment for me, and I’m grateful for the things I learned and experiences I had there.
As stated on the UCAS website,
"The Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a specialized, magnet public high school that provides an unconventional educational opportunity for high school students who are greatly motivated. UCAS provides a curriculum with emphasis in STEM (Science, Math, Engineering and Technology). UCAS works closely with Utah Valley University (UVU) allowing students who have the interests, ability, and desire to move through their formal schooling at an accelerated rate.

UCAS provides an atmosphere that promotes learning. Teachers are skilled in curriculum development and delivery along with research-based methods. Teachers and administrators carefully plan the curriculum and assessment that align with the Utah state core."
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