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I like that is available to the students at their own pace of schedule as they have games/practices at variable times ! The instructors are great as well..
It helps people who are athletes to manage school and sports together and they are very flexible and it’s a great idea if your doing international.
The teachers are wonderful and have been very helpful. The work is a good amount each day and it is very helpful that everything is online while I’m training and have games every week.
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A good school that gives its student athletes a much needed flexibility, while still maintaining a high level course system.
Working at USPA has been the best experience. The teachers are collaborative, and the administration listens, asks your opinion, and has a sincere interest in helping you grow professionally and within your interests. They value family/personal time and constantly check in with you to be sure you are doing well. It's amazing how connected the community feels with the school being remote and I never feel like I am on my own. Such a wonderful place to work.
Flexible and suitable for competitive athletes.
USPA offers NCAA approved classes for student athletes to achieve their goals.
I am a full time ski racer and Junior at USPA. I travel constantly chasing snow and USPA is the only school that not only allows me to pursue my goals, but is very supportive. The teachers are very helpful, supportive, and understanding. I've been here since my freshman year and I plan to graduate with USPA. It is a great accommodation for any student athlete.
USPA is cracking the code for innovation and efficacy with an exceptional learning ecosystem and global online school community: academic excellence, personal support, flexibility, meaningful connection, and consistent communication. Students can take a wide range of courses across all levels with the advising and guidance of caring, capable teachers, learning coaches, administrators, counselors, and mentors. Each individual student matters, as do each of their many goals in sport, dance, art, etc. USPA allows students to successfully pursue passions in and beyond the classroom!
USPA is an exceptional education program that provides students with a high degree of support and guidance. Students have regular contact with learning coaches and teachers that work together to ensure positive learning outcomes for students all backgrounds. The students and staff at USPA are highly motivated to succeed in the fields of both athletics and academics. It's a great place to learn and grow.
My son attended USPA for three years and received his diploma this past spring. USPA did a wonderful job bridging the gap between online learning and the personal touch. The learning coach method is invaluable to a student's experience in online school. My son felt supported, cheered on and did very well academically. USPA allowed my son the ability to learn, complete his academics and gave him the flexibility to enjoy his sport. With today's uncertain times of Covid-19, I was happy my son was part of a school that not only is familiar with online schooling, but also does it well. I highly recommend USPA to any student/family who is looking for a well supported education.
You would be hard-pressed to find an online school that is as personal as USPA. Between the learning coaches and the teachers, students have full support to access their education. It is refreshing to see an educational philosophy that is centered around students and helping those students focus on their dreams as well as their education. Best place to work...ever.
A great academy program that allows athletes to have flexible daily schedules. With no “School Days” USPA lets students work when they have time rather than some rigid schedule. They also have support structures set up to help students stay on pace and amazing teachers that will help students on any subject manner—a very personal experience. A great program for any/all athletes that have problem juggling their sport/school schedule.
US Performance Academy goes above and beyond to support the student. Each student is dealt with in an individual manner. There is no "canned" program. There are "real" teachers and advisors that help the students to succeed! All around great school!
Goes way beyond what regular online schools do, support is incomparable. Great sense of community, teachers, learning coaches and admin genuinely care about students, families and staff alike. Genuinely never been as happy at work as at USPA.
I love the idea of a school that can handle education while also encouraging the passion for sport of its students. The faculty of the US Performance Academy pride themselves on that ability. The teachers understand the crazy schedules students are prone to when it comes to chasing after their dreams, and work accordingly to help their students achieve a balance.
There is a connection formed with the teachers here as students get the one-on-one guidance they need, even in the online education world. It is a unique set up that keeps kids connected with school even when busy in their sport endeavors.
USPA has an amazing support system for students, which allows them to succeed both academically and and their sport/art. Students and parents have access to not only the teachers, but also learning coaches who help them to create a life/school/sport balance. The culture they have built around around support and achievement is impressive!
If you're looking for support for your student-athlete, you found it! Students are matched with a learning coach who helps prioritize, stay organized and focused, and re-adjust as their athletic schedule changes. A top-notch online school designed specifically for student-athletes. The teachers are all amazing, the experience is always personal. Each family gets the best from day one. Above and beyond and students are always put first. This is beyond education - this is a unique experience and a life-prep academy. College, career, Olympics - any pathway and you'll be supported.