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Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women Reviews

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As a current student I can say that this school as serious issues at the core and it stems from favoritism and lack of communication with most students. I have peers that have not even been on a college visit and I have many friends that have graduated that have dropped out college because they were not properly prepared for college by the school. This school continuously fails most of its students and it’s not a good choice for anyone.
Urban assembly institute of math and science for young women provided a lot of After-school activities, specifically Girls inc which is a non profit organization that empowers girls at my school to go out into the world, explore new things, join forces with other girls to create new things. This helps girls in my school to have a place to go after school to make new friends learn new things about what’s around us and get hands on experience. Although my school provides extracurricular activities, I think it is important for my school to work on adding more one on one attention with juniors and seniors because they are getting ready to become adults and it is important they get as much information and preparedness for what is up next for them in the future.
This school is great because there are many people you can connect with.

Peers, teachers, staff.

It is also a good school because it is evolving. Adding more and more new courses to the curriculum every year. Ap world history, physics, theater and etc...

What i love most about this school are the extracurricular activities. The official sports you can play through Psal and the non-official sports they run through other organizations. Competing constantly for trophies and championships.

This school after a few more years and a little more elbow grease, might become one of the best.
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I like how diverse the student body is. The college counselors are terrible, they don’t prepare students for college. They have favorites in the senior class and downgrades students ability and capability when applying to colleges.
School offers kids independence and a warm inviting setting, there could be more courses offered along with academic support
I loved that UAI was an all girls school because it allowed for a safe space for young women. I did not feel unsafe, insecure, or unequal to anyone here because we were all the same, and this environment made the school that much better! I just wish there were a better variety of clubs and sports.
As a student in UAI, I learned a lot in UAI school. In UAI, the teachers and staff really care about you, could help anytime whenever you struggle with your problem. Addition, UAI recently had some of after school activities and other events that students enjoy. They also really update about college life. The teachers would help you to reach your goal to get accept in the college you want. In conclusion, I want some of a change in UAI. I want UAI to add more advance facilities for students, so the students would be more focus on their education.
UAI is a very good school, they staff and teacher are amazing. If you have a problem, there is always someone there to help you . The school help you prepare a lot for college and it has a lot of connection with colleges which is a benefit for its students. The one thing that can be improved is the diversity. They school is not that diverse. I would say that there is a lot of diversity among the teachers but not among the students. So that could be improved.
I met my best friends here, and they will agree with me that coming to this school ruined our education. We were not even prepared for the Regents, let alone the SAT. UAI has not enough clubs, teachers, or books. The technology cart is barely working. Now, they don't even have enough calculators. There are barely any lessons, and students are assigned unnecessary and irrelevant assignments. Only this year the school got two APs for the seniors and finally found a chemistry teacher for the juniors. The most annoying and stupid rule of UAI is locked bathrooms; you may be dying and in real urgency to use the bathroom, but if you come to UAI, get used to running up and down the floors just to find an open bathroom or a dean to unlock the stupid bathroom door. Gym locker room stinks 24/7, all year round; you can't breathe in there. In general, being a minority student at a minority high school was not a great experience at all!
UAI has some supportive teachers and the college counselors provide the students with internship opportunities. The school lacks resources and students are not pushed enough to be prepared for college. Also the school has a limited selection of classes and AP or other college credit courses are not offered.
This school is not as advertised. It isn't run correctly and there are always constant problems going on. Depsite the neighborhood it's in it lack diversity and there are little resources that help the students succeed.
Coming to this school was a pretty good experience. it not like it was excellent but it was okay. i am a junior in this school. i like the fact that this school provides a fun activity that i really like which is that they celebrate pie day. in all the math class the teacher provides math question and the groups of students answer it together. and at the end, whichever team members win get some gifts. also for the safety, they have pretty good security. students are well treated by the security. for this school what i would want to see changes in the course. they should have more advance placement course because it will help the students more to prepare for college.
My experience at this school was very eye-opening. I loved the fact that the student was diverse, and that it was all girls. It gave me the opportunity to focus on my education and on my individuality. The teachers were all so supportive and genuinely cared for all of us, even when the student gave them a hard time. I would really like to come back in four years and see the school receive more funding. We did not have many clubs or sports that we could sign up for because of this. I would also like if the students recieved more support when it comes to college readiness.
This school is unprofessional. They refuse to get rid of students that make it unsafe. They've thrown away people's statements for fights. The teachers don't know how to separate home from work. They constantly give excuses for important issues. Bottom line don't go here. Not for middle school or high school. You'll regret it for the rest of your life.
The worst. The teachers are good,it's just the whole school in general. I was very unprepared for college when it came to subjects that concern chemistry, physics, and calculus. The lunch especially need work on,just like some of the officials in there. The principal did not care for anyone. Plus had a rude nasty attitude towards everything. The whole school needs a change.
This school has a close knit feel and is perfect for students looking for a small class size. The resources available are scarce and there is no individual path for each student.
I am a senior at the Urban assembly institute of math and science for young women and I love it!!! I wanted to attend an all female school every since i was a young girl. Many people have said that if you go to all female schools that your gay but that's not the case. The staff here is amazing and the resources are great. we have resources that most girls dont have in the whole city. I'm grateful for the experience that I have at UAI. And if you are applying here please have a great time these girls that you will encounter are cool and have a great sisterhood.
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UAI is a good school. It is true that the school is still developing, figuring things out, and trying to fit AP courses in, UAI provides a warm and supportive community. This school provides young women of color a safe space to express their ideas and work towards success. Our school provided many different opportunities to get involved in STEM and other opportunities involving media, politics, and society.
I like that they do help you with the college applications and the financial aid. Most schools wont help you but this school makes sure you understand it and help you. I wish they would have told us half the stuff they told us in our senior year, i n our freshmen year.
Being in this school for four years isnt hard afterall . The staffs in this school taught me how to be independent , smart , strong & bold as well as being a respectful young women . I honestly love the fact the staffs help you a lot & give you a helping hand & never want to see u fail rather than achieve and support you .
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