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Urban Assembly for the Performing Arts Reviews

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My experience in the urban assembly school has been life changing. I’ve grown and learned a lot from freshman year to senior year !! I’ve overcame anything that tried to come up against me ..& came out on top everytime..! Perseverance is key!! I will truly miss everyone and all the memories that were made !! EDUCATION EQUALS OPTIONS 🤞🏾
Urban Assembly Allows Individuals To Express and Be Themselves. Also , while learning and building character.
What I like the most about mu current school is all the talent that we are surround , achievements & critical thinking we do while supporting the "lost causes " ( issues that nobody pays attention to ) . We also embrace our diffenrent cultural background .
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Performing Arts is what defines us.
Like I've said before it could be better.
Some teachers do a lot more than what they need to, but the staff as a whole could of been better.
I love how this school is a performing arts school and I didn't have to audition to get into this school. This school gives students who love the arts to get a chance or opportunity to pursue their talent. However, I would love if this school had more clubs, activities, and sports. Also I feel that this school does not really prepare students for college.
This school is a place where you want to leave so bad from it and then when you leave or graduate, you miss it dearly.
I've Grown Alot In This School And i Really Love It. i Wouldnt Do Anything Different But Focus A Little More In Freshman Year. But Now Im On Track And i got One More Year , Im Ready For It. Class Of 2016 #LETSGOO
i Am A Junior In My School And Junior And Seniors Go Outside For Lunch So i Really Wouldnt Know
Their Is Discipline Behind Every Wrong Thing We Do. Not Doing The Right Thing Their Is Consequences. If WE Get Kicked Out Of Class , We have To take to The Deaning Staff And They Decide If We Are Able To Go Back In Class
In My School We Really Dont Have Alot Of Sport Space. We Just Started A Flag Football Team But i Think They Practice In The Gym. A Track Team Just Started. We Dont Really Have Much Sports
The Teachers At My School Are Great People. They Make Kids Want To Learn , They make Their Lessons Fun But Also Serious Because At the End Of The Day We Have A Test To Pass At The End Of The Day. Due That We Are An Performing Arts School They Involve Some Of Our Arts In The Lessons. That Way It Makes It Understandable. Like We may Act Out A History Scene In Global Class Or Dance Around Like The Pharaohs Did. On All The Teachers Doors Is The College They Went To And What they Did in College. Some Of The Teachers Are Performers Themselves As Well As Our Principal. They Are Very Smart And They Want The Best For All Their Students , We can tell by The Way They Are Always On Our Back. The Teachers Dont Show Favorites , Everybody Is Their Favorite. They Treat All Of Us The Same And Have A Good Relationship With All The Students.
I Say Its Great Because Being A Performing Arts Schools Our Arts Carry On Till Afterschool. There Is A Very Interesting Acting Class, A HipHop Dance Class Gospel Choir And So Much More To Participate In. The Students Love It And Because They Make It Fun The Kids Are Committed And We Can Tell By How They Are Happy To Perform Their Piece.
There don't seem to be any
The teachers are friendly even to unruly students and/ or staff
I don't feel as though this school is doing such a good job to help prepare their students for the real world. My first semester into College I crumbled. I barely understood anything I was being taught in my classes.
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Not a lot of ethnic diversity
Everyone is nice and cool for the most part.
I felt behind slightly when I got to college because I didn't have the chance to take ap classes or other advanced opportunities that others had.
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