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The definition of a community is Upper Moreland High School. I have met long lasting friendships and strong bonds with teachers. I am entirely blessed to have so many opportunities at this school. I have switched schools three times and I felt the most home here in Pennsylvania.
Overall, I loved my time at Upper Moreland. I was lucky enough to have lots of amazing teachers to guide me throughout my high school experience. However, I'd like to see the treatment of LGBT+ students change. The attitude towards them is mostly positive (especially with teachers), but many LGBT+ students are bullied, and it seems like not many faculty members are doing anything to combat it.
The overall school should be better in reaching out to students and helping them one on one for college prep.
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We came to the district 4 yrs ago and compared to. Catholic school this school is amazing! My girls have adjusted very well! The teachers and faculty go above and beyond to help a child in need! The college guidance is awesome in getting the student ready. Thank you to the teachers and faculty I am proud of my kids!!
The principal, Mr. Carracappa, is a breath of fresh air. As a parent, I respect him very much for the way he respects his students as well as their parents. The entire staff is always there to help and answer questions/concerns the children or the parents may have. Mr. Caracappa and his staff put so much of their time and effort into making student education and college readiness a priority. There are so many opportunities for the kids to be involved in groups and activities. My high school experience and education, in a Philadelphia Catholic school, was absolutely PITIFUL compared to the level of involvement or college prep that UMHS provides.
I've attended the Upper Moreland school district since I was in kindergarten, and the memories for the 13 years I was there was truly unforgettable. Made some great friends and I would recommend this school district for any parent looking to transfer or move near the area.
Excellent school! Amazing teachers! They engage in keeping you on track with Academics and your endeavors for college.
I'm currently a senior at Upper Moreland High School. I like how we have a variety of classes and how block scheduling helps prepare us for college. However, there are some people in positions that don't care for the students. They just do a lot of talking but don't get anything done. I would like to see some more diversity and acceptance in the school. Many "favorites" are white people and being Asian myself, I've noticed that many staff members will only say hi or make conversation with white students. It's discouraging sometimes.
I did a special dual enrollment program with UMHS and Montgomery County Community College. I was blessed to have my full tuition paid for by the Upper Moreland Township in exchange for my time spent at the upper moreland after care program.
My favorite part of being at the school was being involved in the music program. I also loved my teachers, and I feel that I was very lucky for the academic opportunities afforded to me. I think that the way money was allocated among programs and miscellaneous costs could have been better handled.
Upper Moreland has a variety of science classes and an excellent music program. There are many clubs that are student-run, and in general, the teachers care about their students. However, the administration could aford to be more cooperative and involved with the students.
This school is amazing academically. There's not much diversity. There are multiple opportunities to earn certificates from trade school and gain college credits through college programs.
The school has great teachers that willing to help out any part of the day. Has a great environment very centric on athletics. The only bad thing about the school is the cafeteria food.
Upper Moreland High School is filled with amazing teachers who want nothing more than to see you succeed. They will help you in any way necessary to help you understand the material. Upper Moreland also has a phenomenal band program which is extremely inclusive and welcoming to new members. It quickly becomes like a second home to anyone involved.
I really enjoyed my time at Upper Moreland High School and would love to do it again. There was a bit of a lull in the late freshman/early sophomore years, but once junior year hits, things become much more interesting and engaging. All of the faculty and staff are generally nice people who are willing to help and I felt that I made great connections there. I would definitely say that if you take full advantage of what the school has to offer, things will go great for you.
All of the interactions I have with the school staff has been positive and supportive toward the upmost education for my son.
A good school with caring and devoted teachers and staff. Personal connections with all students almost like a family
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I like that there's many opportunities to be involved with sports, clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities.
This is my second year in the district and we love it. I am so proud to have my kids enrolled here. My kids are so happy as well. The teachers are so helpful . My kids are excited to go everyday.
It was a pretty average school, good school for a small school. Some teachers are great, others not so much.
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