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Very helpful in preparing you for your future. They do push college and harder academics quite a bit, almost to an aggressive extent. A big problem I had was the focus on sports rather than the arts. There are talented art students that deserve better equipment and supplies. Too much of the funding seemed to be focused on the sports that they did not even succeed with and bearly any attention to the sports teams that did excel.
Upper Merion contains a diverse student population and the teachers are generally hardworking and willing to work with students of all kinds. The opportunities to get involved in clubs and sports are pretty expansive and are inclusive to anyone who wishes to join. The schoolwork is manageable and getting good grades is possible for just about anyone. The guidance counselors are kind and willing to sort out problems. The school does a good job of helping students with the transition from middle school to high school, and from high school to college. Overall, I have no major complaints about the school.
A in academics but the teachers, the food, the safety, the kids. That’s where the bad part of the school plays in. Most of the kids come from poverty so that brings in bad kids. The teachers plan out ignore if you ask a question. They never admit when they’ve LOST A BATTLE. Also yeah, you’ve heard middle school has drama and high school. But it’s not just that, parents are trying to get their kids out of the schools district because of bad influences, teachers aren’t that good, the only good thing is the ACADEMICS. The school district has really started to fall apart ever since the 2000s to 2010s.

College readiness:B-

Overall grade: B- or C+ and in school grades B- and below are bad grades. B, B+, A-, A, A+ are good grades for school.
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Very diverse and always trying to better itself with new clubs and more inclusive activities and sports. I've been in upper merion my entire educational career thus far and never had too many issues.
It was a very good experience going here. The teachers were amazing! There were many activities to do ranging from clubs to sports.
The school is overall pretty good. Every student gets a laptop, and the learning environment is ok. I think we get too much homework, but that's how it is for most schools in America. The teachers are all pretty nice and understanding, although there are of course some unpopular teachers. We're fairly diverse, and there's not a lot of bullying or anything like that. The quality of our sports vary across the board, but generally they're pretty good. We have spirit day and such, but they aren't very big. Our library is very good, although the building is a little rough. The good news is, they're building a new building soon!
The school is filled with caring and oblivious teachers both. All the teachers except one are white. All the student except few are white (around 70%). The main drawback that really ruin the school is the fact that the building is about 70. The walls are painted in depressing, ugly colors. The locker rooms are disgusting. There are bugs in the lighting. The ceiling tiles seem like they're trying to escape.
Upper Merion provided a pleasant experience. The teachers, for the most part, help to bring you to the desired point. Staying after school or asking for help on questions can help you a lot in this school.
My overall experience with Upper Merion has been awesome. The teachers are always there for you and extremely considerate. The atmosphere is fun especially football and basketball games, even though we may not be the best.
Very involved counsellors, caring teachers and great emphasis on diversity and unity. Food could be better. Hopefully we will be getting a new school with better heating and central air.
Upper Merion Area High School has a lot of diversity and many clubs that allow for students to find others with similar interests and befriend them, providing a more welcoming environment. They have an event twice a school year called Challenge Day, that is meant to break the proverbial ice between everyone and share that no matter what is happening in our lives, we are all dealing with stressful experiences in one way or another and should try to be there for one another. Although this is an amazing event, I believe that Upper Merion is just like every other high school with nothing too special. I really do hope that this new building that's meant to come in years to come, happens sooner than later because walking the halls that have been there for decades with little to no change, while holding an apple mac book is an interesting experience.
I think that my high school experience in this school has been great. The teachers and counselors really help me with anything that I want.
Upper Merion Area High School is a wonderful place for any adolescent to spend their formulative years. Almost all the teachers here put in every effort to help students excel in their class, and often even provide life advice relevant outside of what they teach. While the school might not be in the shiniest and newest of buildings, its humble setting in no way detracts from the incredible opportunities present there.
I liked the student involvement in sports and other activity nights, there are very big crowd turnouts for each game. There is always support in each sport and the bigger the game, the more people that showed up with energy. The school overall had good education and does allow for students to excel in the classroom for the majority.
I liked that I had a strong support group from my counselors and teachers, not to mention the relationships made with classmates.
I just loved my experience with this school. 3 kids who graduated there and all successful in college and beyond. Way better than the education I received in my youth through the Pittsburgh public school system.
I would say that overall this school was a good experience. The education is not too shabby, depends on your teacher. However, the quality of the school itself is pitiful. Cleaning is terrible, ever since I've gotten into college I noticed how dirty it actually was back in high school. Nonetheless, the experience and teaching makes up for it to give it a 3 star. The experiences I've had there were awesome, and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
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The teachers really do their bests to make you feel at home. They feel that academics are important, but know that the well being of students comes before anything. Great people, great staff, great education.
Upper Merion High School can't be judged on appearance. The building is decades on decades old, with the occasional cockroach in the bathroom. Nevertheless, this building became my home with the inspiring faculty and diversity of students. The rarity of cliques brought the student body in close, comforting quarters. The four minute breaks between classes didn't feel long enough, as I'd say hi to every friendly face I came across. It definitely took some getting used to the conditions of the building, but the values and people within definitely made my high school experience forever cherished.
I liked my highschool because the teachers actually cared and were passionate about what they taught which made it more interesting. I also enjoyed the number of activities offered and the students are pretty accepting and nice. The workload isnt impossible here like the middleschool and the expectations make sense. They give you more freedom to be an actual adult unlike most schools
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