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At any moment, there are about 3700-3900 students and because there is a lot of kids, the cliche groups don't clash with each other because it is too much to keep track of all of the kids in each group, so we just focus on our groups. The problem is is that there are only 5 janitors in the school, and currently, the school is falling behind in its repairs as there are leaks everywhere. I would like to see a lot more janitors in the school.
I will be a Junior this fall at Upper Darby Senior High School. I really like the academic part of this school. They have a ton of clubs and activities for everyone to be more involved in school. Teachers and Staff are very welcoming and kind.
My school is very big and beautiful that looks shiny from a far away. The site of my school was very quiet as well as pollution-free. There were two stairways at both ends that help me get to each floor. The school was well furnished including a well-instrumented science research laboratory, a big library, as well as one computer laboratory on the first floor. There was a school lecture theatre located on the ground floor in which the entire annual meetings and functions take place. My school provides a safe, secure environment for me to learn and interact with my classmates. I am proud of my school because it provides me with all the basic facilities like a big playground, a central library, a big auditorium hall, a science lab, and a good computer lab. under the guidance of the best teachers.
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UD is a very diverse school with teachers that do their best to help their students whether with academic matters or the student's well-being. The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities which ensures students will find a club that piques their interest. Overall my time at UD has helped me get ready for college, have new interests, and make new friends.
I LOVED my time at UD. It gets a bad rap for a small group of stupid kids who make poor life decisions, but if you know how to steer clear of that crowd that's present in most high schools you will love your time at UDHS. The school is famous for their music programs, both curricular and extracurricular, as well as their track and field and cross country teams. I was part of the UDHS Marching Band and the Encore Singers for 2 years and the Indoor Drumline,Choir and the Orchestra for all 4 years of my career there. When you find your group of people, you build a family, and the music department was that for me. In addition to activities, the faculty present are amazing and only want the best for you. I took 9 AP courses while I was there, and with the the assistance of my guidance counselor and my teachers, I came to college fully prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to exceed in my field.
Upper Darby High School is a very large and diverse school making it a great place for anyone to grow, learn, and succeed. It also offers a plethora of both sports and clubs for all interests.
This school was very diverse, and I felt like it prepared me for the real world. The teachers care about you as a student. There is also plenty of extra-curricular activities that you can participate in.
Upper Darby will forever be my home. The last few years have been full of diversity, excitement, and the best school clubs, sports, and events. From the amazing staff to the fun I've had with my peers, I can say Upper Darby is THE high school!
Upper Darby High School is one of the most diverse high schools in the state of Pennsylvania. There are over 4,000 students there, and each one of them strive to be the greatest versions of themselves.
The school is very diverse which allows a student to see what the outside world is about, and it allows students a way to interact with people of different backgrounds. Also, the school has a wonderful music program like the marching band that go to on the play in competitions in the state. The school should work at preparing students for colleges as freshman because the sooner you know and prepare yourself the better.
Upper Darby High School is a great school. The teachers and staff are great and very supportive. The school's spirit is amazing. There are many students to connect to and become friends with. Students are nice.
The diversity of the school and many things you have the opportunity to take part of. There are many AP classes that are available that many students can take.Also the teachers and everyone really do care about you and your success in life. As Student you should be involve in the school.
Upper Darby Senior High is Excellent. This school has lot of extra curriculum activities. Teachers are really helpful.
Fights broke out constantly, would like to see more advising and patience for students who come from economically and personally tougher backgrounds. Will not prepare you for college unless you take honors/ AP courses. Other academic levels aren't taken seriously by most students and even some teachers.
My experience has been shaky at this high school, although I have made a strong foundation here with all the friends I have acquired. The atmosphere of the school is not the best, and the negative air around the school does seem to bring people down during the day. I wish there were more ways in order to combat this negativity.
I believe that Upper Darby High School is an incredibly diverse microcosm that has prepared me, and thousands of other students, for the rich inter-workings of the outside world. It houses over 3,500 students, with an abundance of ethnicities, nationalities and languages that are so unique to the Upper Darby Royals High School experience. The opportunities granted to students are so plentiful, and the exposure to different cultures compels students to be open-minded and positive. The overall experience at Upper Darby High School, much like the real world, is what you make of it.
Upper Darby High School has many students from different cultures that come together as one. Teachers are helpful and fun in engaging with the students. There are cases of mischievous students who tend to break the rules and make a scene, but overall, it was a nice experience as I was able to meet plenty of good friends and teachers who helped me get out of my comfort zone.
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My beginning at Upper Darby High School was quite rocky. I was not an outgoing person and talking to people was very difficult for me. The transition from middle-school level-classes to high-school-level was also difficult for me. As the years went by, my grades went up but I think the reason is that the teachers of higher grade-levels were more experienced.

Diversity is big at this school. In one class you could see people of over a dozen different races. There are those rare occurrences where people are just disrespectful for no reason, but other than that it is very welcoming here.

There have been several incidents of students bringing stuff like weapons or drugs. Also, the most recent incident would be a threat made by student saying that he/she would shoot up the school at a certain day and time. The student was caught quickly and us students barely had time to panic. That showed me that our security and staff do their best to keep us as safe as can be.
There is no school more diverse than Upper Darby High School. The teachers are quite philosophical, which is great because they really do prepare you for the real world. The language programs are great as well. As far as the location, it is just like a mini-university. Transportation is convenient, there is a gas station right next to the high school, and a few restaurants as well as a shopping center. UDHS is anything but monotonous.
I'm a Senior at Upper Darby High School and for the most part, I would recommend that Upper Darby High school is a good school. Some pros at Upper Darby school are that There are teachers who will really care about the students. Most of the teachers would actually stay for a little bit after school and help the students on whatever they need help with. Another positive thing about Upper Darby High School is that there are about forty clubs in the school so if there's a student who wants to join a lot of clubs, this is the school for clubs. Some cons about this school are that there are good amount of fights happening for silly reasons.Another con about this school is that if you are taking classes that are not ap, honors, and maybe accelerated, you are most likely going to have to be a little annoyed with some students that do not want to work and cause loud disruption in the class. So in general this school is a good school but there are good amount of bad eggs.
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