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I graduated from UCA and had a great experience and felt well prepared for college. Have had one child graduate who also had a very good experience and was well prepared. Currently have one attending. Only complaint of student is not enough sports.
My four years at UCA were overall very good. I loved the teachers and peers that it made it a community or family feel to it. I liked that some teachers asked for your honest option or had real conversations with you. Other teachers showed dominance and were rude but the good out weighed the bad, I guess. In a boarding school they have to feed us and the food was rarely ever good. I know its expensive to feed so many people but they tuition was so high they should have put more money on feeding us better.
I spent 4 years at Upper Columbia Academy. I can honestly say they were 4 of the best years of my life. The friendships I made not only with the students but the staff are irreplaceable. My friends from highschool are like family. I highly recommend UCA!
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I loved the caring atmosphere of the faculty and staff. I liked the variety of classes, extracurricular programs, and activities that they offered such as band, choir, gymnastics, sports, welding, and culinary courses. I enjoyed the many field trips and outings such as a senior survival, sophomore camp out, and school-wide field trip to a campground. I mostly enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the school of a solid Christian background.
For a school that says its as concerned about the spiritual lives of the students as it is, it could do much more to actually help these kids. Academically, however, it does well enough.
I was a four-year senior at Upper Columbia Academy. I was largely equipped for college after I had left there, I felt very supported by all the staff, the music program was excellent and largely prepared me for all the music that I am now involved in, and most importantly, fostered a desire to serve God in all that I do through the Christ-like atmosphere that filled the school.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UCA. The teachers are so caring and kind and they are always willing to help you with anything. The school has excellent values that are consistently being taught to students. I would highly recommend this school.
My time at UCA was great! I enjoyed the academics and the way teachers pushed you to do your best. They also encouraged me to accomplish my goals and go beyond what even I thought that I was capable of. They encouraged learning and curiosity while caring for me and my personal needs and emotional needs. Overall UCA was a great experience for me.
I like Upper Columbia Academy because its a place to grow. You grow independently and spiritually. The only thing I would change is the food.
I have been going to UCA for two years. the relationships I've made with the people here and with God have been unforgettable. I have loved my opportunities and music and basketball along with the amazing classes I've been able to take. The teachers have done an incredible job getting me ready for the outside world
I love my school. It is much like a family based living area. I live on campus, as do all of my friends. We are a very tight-nit group. The teachers are caring and understanding.
They are really helpful and ready to help in what ever nessesary to make your experience here as easy as possible. The school is overall strict and conservative. There is a good enviroment and really nice people.
It was very different than the average school. It was a boarding school and it provided a lot of experiences.
I’m currently a 3-yr senior at UCA. Attending this school has by far been one of the most impactful experiences and decisions I have made thus far in my life. Because it is a 9-12 grade boarding/day school, there is a strong family like connection between the student and staff. The class ratios and the school changed their curriculum to more project based learning where students have more interactive projects rather than small book homework assignments to understand concepts better with their classmates. Schedules have changed to block scheduling meaning each class is 1 hour and 30 minutes allowing the teacher to teach the lesson and give students time to finish the homework in class with the help of the teacher present in class. Sports events are fun to be a part of and the school provides many activities to do so you don’t get board in your dorm room. Going to a boarding school also definitely pushes independence and preparation for college especially.
UCA has been a huge turning point in my life when I first attended in the fall of my junior year of high school. I didn't like it here at first because it's a boarding school and I had to be away from my parents. However, it has helped me to become more social than I had been before. I have more friends than I ever could have hoped for and have improved in so many ways. Many of the staff have made such an impact on the lives and minds of all the students. They connect with us while in classes and on supervision in the cafeteria and around campus by playing sports and talking with them. The staff are all very supportive and love to hang out with us. I have also begun to grow my relationship with God this year, which I have been wanting to work on but didn't make time for. I don't have any suggestions for change here because I love every part of it. I'm just blessed to be here in the wonderful environment provided for us. I love all of the staff and people here.
I came to UCA part way through my senior year. The people are friendly but I still haven't made very many friends. The academics are not very challenging and don't prepare you for college. The teachers are cool but don't have very high standards.
I chose to come to Upper Columbia Academy at the beginning of my Junior year primarily because I willing wanted a religious boarding school experience. I have never regretted my decision. There is a constant flow of support from faculty and teachers take a specific interest in every student and are actively concerned with my grades, social life, and emotional well being. The spiritual environment is obvious and the willingness of the students to participate is nothing but inspiring. I also had the chance to be employed as a Resident Assistant in the dorm as part of UCA’s work program. This allowed me to connect more closely with people, gain work experience as apart of my class schedule, and help support my tuition. I was privileged to be apart of regular community outreach, leadership opportunities, and international mission trips. I believe that this experience has given me a step up in preparation for the responsibilities of college and my future.
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The staff are really committed to helping you excell in your academic studies as well as in your relationship with Jesus. It’s such an amazing atmosphere to be in!
Upper Columbia academy is a decent school the teachers care and if you are into music it is huge with lots of tourers the sports program has doubled in size it the time I attended and is really looking up thanks to an excellent principal. The rules are strict but you learn to live with them very quickly. The cafe isn’t great but it is food and most cafes aren’t that great. Dorm life is a blast and you will definitely make friends for life. Over all I would give uca a 7.8/10
The staff here at UCA care about you as an individual. They want to make sure that you're mentally strong and able to function. It's a good atmosphere. Lots of fun different activities to take part of.

The food could be better.
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