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Uplift Summit International Preparatory - High School Reviews

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Uplift Summit has great college readiness academics and a great Road To College team that helps ease the stress when transitioning into college.
USIP is a multi-cultural school. My favorite tradition there is the Fall Festivals. Where families come together at the school and share their culture like traditions, food, and crafts. What I most like about this school is that they prepare you for college at a young age, since Kindergarten you see yourself thinking about college. Which can sometimes be stressful and scary but at least you familiar with the concept. They have a large variety of students which has its disadvantages. Some teachers are very qualified and know how to teach for best student understanding. Other teachers just hand out work which leaves the student to decide wether or not they would prefer to do the work or leave it for later, instead of seeing it as a priority and responsibility. I would like to see them value their student's opinions a bit more but overall this school has given me amazing friendships and has helped me find my path to college.
My experience has been good so far. I enjoy the rigor of the classes I take and the help with college applications have been great. I really feel like I am being challenged with the IB program and that when I finish college will be a breeze. One thing I want to mention is that I feel communication between administration and the student body could be better but I know the people in charge are working at it so I am not too worried. I am excited to see what the school has in store for the years to come!
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Uplift Summit is made up of a very diverse community. The faculty are always encouraging scholars to be the best they can be, and going over and beyond to ensure their scholars have a safe and effective learning experience.
Throughout my experience at uplift summit I have advanced in my communication skills and have become a better person at speaking in front of lots of people. Summit has given me amazing academic opportunities and has thought me a lot throughout my 4 years there. Ill never forget how much summit as a whole has helped me out. However something that could be changed is to have more organization in advance to events. Whether its tragic or special events.
Uplift Summit was a journey but they have wonderful teachers and staff to help you be successful and strive for the best!! This school is very diverse and you will have a lot of support from people throughout the school!
I had an overall fairly well experience but the school does not offer much athletics and the one’s there cost a lot of money and some people are cool while others are just annoying
I attended this school from 5th grade-11th grade. As a current college student, this school doesn't do much to prepare you for the college life. The teachers were mostly inexperienced and the administration is unprofessional. Uniforms were too expensive for no reason.
The teachers were great but the administration did not listen to student concerns or ideas. Student morale is low because of the lack of extracurricular activities and programs. The teachers are well qualified and are sympathetic to student concerns. They are more connected to the students than the administration who do little to bring activities and morale boosting events to students and do not enforce their school ideals and rules very well. Overall, their outside image does not reflect the problems and troubles the administration has and the lack of morale the students contain. It is basically an average high school with overpriced uniforms.
As a current college student, I wish the school offered dual credit courses (to help pay for less courses and to reduce the course load in college) to its students instead of AP courses.
Being that I have been attending Summit Preparatory since middle school, I have seen it change numerous times, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Being said, there is a lot that I love about Summit. For one, Summit does not let you fail yourself, the amount of resources and helpful teachers available makes it hard to not succeed. Even after one graduates, there is still a support system that is readily available, which cannot be found at any other public school. The college preparation and extensive rigor due to the iB program is what makes time at Summit so much more fun, because there is never a time where you’re bored. However, Summit lacks diversity within its students as well as its teachers, which can be very intimidating to some. This lack of diversity in turn creates social groups when we should all be able to come together as one and help one another succeed.
I have been this school since the 6th grade and this school is terrible. In middle school, we had drug and alcohol problems because of the students and the school barely did anything about it. There were people having sex in the building. Every class I have, I can’t focus because the students continue to talk when the teachers are teaching to lesson. Every single year, I would have at least 2 or 3 teachers that don’t know how to teach the course or just don’t care and give us packets to do work in. The uniforms cost hundreds of dollars every year for you just to not get dress coded by administrators. The school is always asking for money from their students every single chance they get. After this year, I’m trying to leave the school so I don’t have to suffer mentally and physically.
Prepares students will for college and guides them to getting acceptance. Academically prepares students well; however, it lacks much real school culture, the administration are notorious bad communicators, and inexperienced teachers can be common.
My experience at Uplift Summit has been life changing. I learned so much,went through so many life experiences that made the person I am today,and overall learned so many valuable lessons that I will take with me after I graduate high school,because these lessons will help me in the future be stronger and be a better person overall.
Summit is a charter school focused on giving minorities the opportunity to go to college. This school offers IB courses, AP Courses, Higher level, Standard Level, PreAct/PreSAT, Copious tutoring, and college preparation for free. They also have amazing teachers that immerse themselves in the profession. The small school also means you know everyone, ad aren’t just a number both teachers and students. In addition, it’s charter status makes us very diverse. Asian, Hispanic, African, and even gendered and sexually diverse. However with so much emphasis on academics we like elsewhere. The only sports we have are volleyball, basketball, and cheer. We don’t have a band or choir. The games get little turn out and overall school spirit is low due to such a small school population. There’s low club turnout clubs like Creative Writing, Korean Dance Club, Dungeons and Dragons as they are niche and only 3-6 people join. Overall, summit is meant for the extremely academically inclined.
Good academics however teachers are constantly leaving. Admin and faculty have no clue what they are doing with the new ib program. Its conviluted and it leaves students to suffer and stress mors then they need to. No scholar support in trasitioning to the school its a sink or swim environment.
This school has lots of resources to take advantage of. The RTC office is amazing and does lots of work for the students. The academics at USIP are good and the teachers care for the students at many times.
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It is a school that you have to be dedicated to. You tend to be very close to your small class and your teachers.
They provide a lot of opportunities in order to help you get to college. Even if you have a low GPA they don't care any less of you. They try to help you regardless. Classes themselves can be somewhat overwhelming sometimes. There is a high rate that some of your friends will transfer to another school. If you are able to handle the pressure then this is a good place for you.
Summit International Preparatory does a good job preparing students for college. As a senior, everybody in my grade took a class that prepared them for the college application process and all students were accepted to at least one college. I was provided enough academic help to do well in my first year of my university. However, Summit did not provide the "high school experience" as it lacked many things public high schools had, such as a band or variety of sports.
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