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Uplift North Hills Preparatory Upper School Reviews

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Great school to be prepared for college readiness and to take IB courses. This school also has great diversity where students feel belonged to other scholars and faculty.
i believe that the teachers actually care and help you understand it and grasp the overall idea of what is going on although sometimes the go over the top but its just because they want whats best for you. i love how they treat you like you’re their own and will always go out of their way if you’re going through a hard time and need someone to talk to, there are plenty of teachers to talk to. i enjoy being here, i do encourage that they update their websites more frequently but overall i like being here.
North Hills is a small school that is challenging and tough in some aspects. It allows the scholar to be independent and take charge of their own learning. North Hills has the IB Program which also allows more opportunities when looking at colleges. Overall it has good academics, wide diversity, and acceptance of everyone but something that might be upsetting is there is no football team.
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North Hills is a great school that prepares it’s scholars for college. Although the work load is intense, especially since it is an IB school, it sets the scholars up for a life time of strong work ethic.
Definitely would like to see more extracurricular activities open to students who want to pursue careers in specific fields, there's a general lack of organization for these activities but the student body is incredibly welcoming nonetheless. The workload tends to be quite intensive but it prepares students for oncoming challenges in their endeavors after high school.
Uplift North Hills is a great school when thinking about class ratio, level of academics, and especially the diversity of the entire school as a whole. However one of the only things that really bothered me, would be the fact that IB is something so instilled into the students as soon as the get into the school. I have been going to Uplift North Hills Preparatory since 2nd grade and since then “IB is the way to go.” Another thing I would like to mention is the lack of effort and money put into sports. I believe this is because the school is met for high achievers in academics and not for high achievers in sports, if you are looking to focus more in a sport during your high school years than academics, I would not recommend this school.
I had a great experience at uplift north hills. The teachers really care about their students. They really prepare you for college classes as well as college life.
This is an amazing school. I am currently in 8th grade and because of this school, my practice SAT was a 1590! You guys should definitely come here!!
I have attended Uplift North Hills Preparatory since kindergartner. It has become a home to me and my fellow students have become my family as well. We have all seen each other grow into the human beings we are today. North Hills since primary has been preparing me for college which is something I am grateful for the next chapter of my life. There have been times where all the work and stress has gone to the extreme but I now feel ready for whatever college throws at me.
I am currently a senior in high school and I've attended North Hills for 5 years now. The people here are really great, the teachers really care about your future and you, both academically and emotionally. North Hills has grown to be my second family and my class all care for each other and get along. Although the social part of this school is pretty great, academically is was a bit challenging for me. The load can be pretty overwhelming and the deadlines are all very close so it can be very stressful for me, especially being involved in extracirriculars and working a part-time job outside of school.
The school is great academically and is very diverse. There are all inclusive school events trough out the year. I do believe that the school is preparing me for college.
Uplift North Hills truly does prepare its students for the college workload and responsibilities that will come after graduation. It has a rigorous International Baccalaureate program that is well taught by a teaching staff that truly helps students every step of the way and starts to feel like family.
The school has a great system that allows us more time to work on our assignments. That aside, the faculty could use some work, as most of them don't really care about the student body and overall causes their attitude to be quite despicable.
North Hills is a fantastic school. I have attended this school for all of middle and high school, and will be graduating this year. The amount of care that you receive here is just unmatched. In the beginning, it will be a little tough to keep up with the heavy workload and get a lot of friends. However, as you progress, everyone around you will appreciate you almost like a family member. This school is a family. Bullying is almost non existent and every student is driven. Although the school is academically very competitive, most of the time, the other students motivate you to perform at your best. The competition does not make the environment toxic; it is “healthy” competition. There are so many levels of support that are handed to you as a student here. Most of the teachers are almost like friends. The people will get you through the stress. I love NHP. Best school ever. I am going to cry so much at graduation. Once a panther, always a panther.
Uplift north has remained an outstanding performing school nationally despite the not so good rating in state, city or district of its location. Proving that anybody, any school, any district or any city can emerge as the best irrespective of the environment or location. I'm a prospective parent who didn't get a spot this year but I'll keep on trying as i want to give my children the best not only of what i can but also of all there is!
Something that I really like about North Hills Preparatory is that it does not seem to have any signs of bullying because of the diversity of the school. If the school was just the same race, it would be pretty difficult to get in. Another thing that I like about the school is how they prepare you for a variety of test like the ACT and the SAT by teaching you a lot of lessons that seem to be heavily used in the tests.
I have been going to Northhills Prepatory since 6th grade and I have enjoyed it immensely. The only thing that the school lacks is the athletics. While there are the basic and main sports the amount of participation is lacking. Overall, it is a great school which mainly focuses on academics that are very competitive.
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Has very good academics and it really prepares students for college; however, the competition is incredibly hard and the other students can be very fake. Some of the teachers were hired only because of their involvement with the school (their kids all go here or they have friends in good positions) and don't teach at all.
It was a tough school but I'd say it really prepared me for the hardships of college. Now I'm in college and it's a breeze.
Personally have been at NHP since kinder and have had a fairly positive experience. The academics are rigorous but almost to the point where it could be unhealthy. The athletics is tough as well because there are some very skilled and competitive students who do attend.
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