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Uplift Community High School Reviews

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Since I've started going to Uplift, I felt welcome and included. I was encouraged to join clubs and extracurricular activities. The teachers make sure you are on top of your academics and help keep your grades up.
What I liked about Uplift the most was how the teachers really cared about the students and gave them that one on one they needed including me.
My high school experience wasn't the best. I was unhappy. It was very negative. I didn't learn much.
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I feel like uplift is a good social justice school, because it provide the proper needs for us to be prepared for the future.
What i like about uplift that it’s a social justice school and we do protest and thing what i dislike is that they don’t have a lot of honors and ap classes
Uplift staff and students interact with one another such as families do. The teachers are heavily involved in a few of their students lives ad often look for ways to better a situation. But the lack of communication and heads up given between fellow teachers and teachers and students could use improvement, so there isn't much of a rush. Most teachers have high expectations for the students and it allows a few of us to rise to the occasion. But most teachers constantly simplify things for the majority who don't really try. Our school barely has funding for anything so we basically only have a basketball team because that's the only thing that the people prioritize.
The academics here are not challenging. The only thing keeping this school alive is the dedication that the teachers show to their students!
The students have a close relationship with the staff, but there is a lot of favoritism. There's also not enough IB or AP classes. There's just one AP class and that's calculus.
I enjoy my high school and its diversity. Uplift is a social justice, community resistance school. It helps us understand the community better and bring light to "bad" neighborhoods. We are a community high school, meaning we are local and open to anyone. The staff and students are loving, kind and understanding.
Something that I like about my school that I attend which is uplift community high is that the teachers are very helpful and understanding. The school always have positive vibes & they provide good resource and good environment to be around.
I liked how family-oriented the school was. I keep in contact with most of the people I met here and I'm proud to have met a lot of these individuals.
I like the feeling of comfort in the air of the school. What I don't like is the favoritism shown to certain students and the food.
There are a lot of kids who haven't learned to accept others for who they are, and there a lot of kids here who just want to fit in with the crowd.
The teachers are very helpful and try to make classes really interesting. They also have been trying to connect our curriculum with technology.
The safety policy isn't terrible, but we don't have many security/police officers. The school clinic, on the other hand, usually has many people there to help students.
Students usually have their friends join extracurricular activities with them so they can enjoy the activities without feeling alone.
My school has always been a place where I could find someone to talk to about my problems. I love the school setting and it's never really awkward for me.
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The teachers at my school make it a very family-oriented environment. The teachers are very comforting and make it so that we feel comfortable learning. We tend to build pretty good bonds with the teachers at Uplift due to it being a smaller school.
At my school we have a health clinic and we have a physical education department where we have students that are really involved the security is great they dont let anything happen to the students there isnt any bullying at my school we don tolerate it
at my school we offer a lot of afterschool school activities that you can get involved in we have clubs like art clubs marching band lifeguard and photography
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