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University schools is great in my opinion. I've met with people that I consider friends now and the teachers are willing to help their students out if they want the help. I think the only downfall there is at University schools is finding a parking spot.
At university schools I was offered a variety of opportunities and classes full of teachers that cared if you understood the subject that was being learned with small class sizes that really helped.
I like the people, sports opportunities and classes that they offer. Many of them are different than those offered by other schools. I feel like like they do a good job of preparing us for our future.

If I could change anything about my school it would be to have more diversity!
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I have gone to University for 12 years now and I’ve really enjoyed it. It isn’t a typical high school but I think it is better.
I liked the fact that they had a really nice poms (dance) team and a cheerleading team. Both teams have some great people on them. I do however wish that they had a color guard, but they have poms instead so I can't be too picky.
University has such a positive atmosphere! There are grades 1-12 at this school, and there are plenty of opportunities for intergenerational cooperation.
Great teachers that will take there time to help you out with homework and projects, good school environment and very small as well.
I love our school when it comes to acedemics and college readiness. They have challenged me to my extent and I appreciate it. The only thing I do not like is how people treat eachother there whether it’s teacher to students or students to students. Majority of our staff is very welcoming to talk to but others are not.
University is a great school. We are very close, very warm community and are very accepting. The teachers are great and which they prepare you for what it is like in college. I love this school never had a problem, has always been warming and helpful and I would recommend it to any student.
While this school holds pride in it's reputation, it falls flat on its promises. The teachers themselves were excellent for the most part, but there was an obvious disconnect between the administration and the students and teachers. This disconnection resulted in an unnecessary amount of stress and grief for their students to endure.
I liked how the classrooms were not as full as other schools and how each teacher made time for everyone. I also enjoyed the spirit the school shares with each other and how caring they are.
I appreciated the small school. Having small classes meant that I had the ability to establish better relationships with my teachers. When things became difficult or I struggled, there was always someone that I could go to for help.
There are definitely benefits of University Schools, making it one of the better schools in Greeley. The STEM classes in middle school and the electrical engineering classes in high school particularly stand out, as well as several specialized biology classes which are interesting. The classes are not particularly hard. I rarely had to do more than an hour of homework an evening and never studied for tests. This speaks partially to the quality of teaching, but also to the drive of the school. There lie the biggest problems of University Schools. There is no motivation to excel, to attempt to do anything besides go to UNC, CSU, or CU-Boulder. AP Biology is rarely offered, AP Physics hangs by a thread, and AP Calculus is an absolute joke, which makes sense considering it is Aims Community College’s curriculum. I was frequently left to work on what I wanted, and that was fine. University Schools is a fine environment for learning, just don’t expect a lot of help along the way.
University Schools has been an experience that has been very up and down when it comes to being enjoyable, stressful, intense, and the feeling of student life. Academically, this school has been very challenging, but its been worth while because it helps to prepare me for experiences that I will have in college or that I've already had in the work force. There is also an abundance of options for getting involved in the school, from class and executive boards to nationally recognized associations to local clubs and everywhere in-between. The only glaring things that are a blemish on the school are the student body's unwillingness to be inclusive at times and the somewhat "cliquish" feel, as well as the lack of resources to help students who feel overwhelmed about the intense graduation requirements.
At University Schools, positivity radiates every, which way. Every student is welcome no matter their race, color, background, or religious affiliations. At University Schools, we aren’t only a school, we are a family. Our teachers develop relationships with each students, and have fun with us. No teacher acts as if they are “above” the students. We alol communicate very well because we listen and enjoy our time together. I love going to school, not only to learn, but to be with my “second family.”
I think that University is a very good school, but it is also very demanding. The graduation requirements are far greater than any other school I've seen. If you are going to do well in high school here you must be willing to put in a lot of work and effort towards graduation.

The teachers here at the school are mostly very friendly and will help you in any ways that they can but I often feel like they are teaching you just so you can get the grade, not so you can learn.

Overall I think that University is an ok school but be willing to work a lot.
My school taught me a lot about how to get involved in the community and in the business world and I feel that will help me during college!
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Going to a K-12 school has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have gotten the opportunity to present to older and younger students during my whole career as well as make life long friends.
Everyone at this school is great. The administration on the other hand is not. They do not handle situations well and do not care about the students. If something goes wrong they only punish people who have a reason to sue. Money is the only thing they care about. To finish on a good note, teachers are great. They care about you greatly. Although there is a lot of homework it's a good school.
University Schools definitely got me ready for college. The classes are taught by teachers that actually want to teach. The students act like a bulldog family. students are taught in ways that other high schools don't. The school is a safe environment.
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