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Honestly I loved University Preparatory. It is a great school that focuses on your education and helping you get into a good college. It can be hard at times but you’ll get through it.
I rate my school 9/10 because University Preparatory is specifically is designed to prepare you for "college readiness" while being a public school! I enjoy the classes we are encouraged to take to better our not only chances but also understanding the expectations for college. At University Preparatory students are asked to wear a uniform. At first I didn't commend with the idea of uniforms until I understood the reason behind it. As students, not everyone comes from a wealthy background. Some students come from a low income family which can cause feelings of sadness, and feeling low of one self due to other students wearing high end fashioned clothing. My school applied uniforms for exactly that reason! We are all equal, no student is superior than the other and that is one thing I very much enjoy about my school. We are required to take 3 years of Spanish rather than two to show we are above what is required of us for college!
My experience at UP is different then most kids. I was not the smartest in my whole school but I put in a lot of effort. I think that my school really prepares you for college. The teachers at the school work with you and give you work that will challenge but help you.
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A very professional establishment and they prepare you for school and focus on college readiness. The campus is very safe and they have a very strict code for dress code to prepare students for the real world.
As a student that attended University Preparatory from tenth to twelfth grade the school provides many advanced classes and has a great campus for students to easily access their classes. Being a small campus most of the students know each other and have a good relationship with teachers and classmates. Each student has seven classes a day, time goes very fast because each class is around the fourth six to fifth five minutes and teachers keep the students busy. This school challenges students in developing time management and organization skills and enforce student's education. University Preparatory focuses a lot on preparing students for college but sometimes lacks fun activities for the students and some little details such as no bus transportation and have some strict dress codes. The school does provide some clubs and sports but there isn't much of a wide variety for all likings of students, for example, they don't have a football or tennis team.
The teachers are absolutely incredible, but you really miss out on having a true high school experience with the workload and lack of rivalry.
While the students are welcoming and very supportive, it comes at the cost of a high pressured, tyrannical, competition fueled experience. You can get straight A's and still fall low on the totem pole because som3 student take over 5 AP courses. Grades aren't enough to succeed, you need extracurriculars and more clubs than a student is mentally able to thrive in. You'll find high success at this school at the price of mental health problems. Still believe its the best option in the high desert if you plan on attending university bec8uase it does prepare you.
My experience with University Preparatory is excellent. Academically, student are well prepared for college. Teachers and staff help and support students to better themselves.
I went here starting 7th grade. Compared to the school I went to, it's very clean and for a school, the food is nice. Bullying is nearly unheard of. It gives kids a large amount of tools to study and prepare for college. However, the information about these tools (free books from the library, scholarship information, etc.) are generally given from other students. The amount of classes offered is limited (from the small campus size, which could be good or bad).
One the of major assets i liked about this school is that we are required to wear a uniform. This helps prevent people from getting bullied based off on the things they wear. The school is academically challenging, but it helps prepare the students for an even harder experience in college.
The school is very stressful, but mainly because the teachers push us to be the best that we can be.
it’s a really good school that comes with a lot of opportunities whether that be to go somewhere like washington, d.c. or Spain and other places or getting into a good college. the staff here really feels like family and you feel safe in this environment.
University Preparatory is definitely a school that parents wished their kids were in but a school that kids loathe. I will say, this school does prepare you to work hard but at the cost of your social life and mental health.
A large stress put on students about attending a four year university. There is such a competitive environment that it could be damaging for some. Dress code is too strict sometimes, but it's not too bad. The size does help to make the school feel more like a community where you kinda know everyone.
I like how the staff always tries to support you, but at times it can be super strict. The school isn't big on sports but it is big on academics and music.
Overall this school is good, but it also puts a lot of stress on students. What I liked about it is that the principal is actually outside and aware of the students. I would like the dress code on sweaters to change to where students can wear sweaters with logos because sometimes it gets really cold. Also there needs to be better food.
I loved this high school it was a uniform school but it taught many values. It allowed us to make friends not based on what someone wore and had high educational values
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This school is known for its academics. You must keep a certain GPA in order to stay at the school. This school teaches discipline and compliance. There's not much room for individuality as the students where uniforms. However, there are many school clubs through which students can pursue their interests. There is a very great music program at this school which all students are required to participate in.
My experience has been very good, although there are times when it's very stressful with classes and the amount of homework, I know it's all helping be become a prepared future adult and college student. But there should be more ways to include studying for classes,maybe a specific class for study skills or just study hall.
I think the school prepares students well for college, with the exception of the strictness of the school. The teachers are very involved and caring, although they may be very tough on students.
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