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University Preparatory Academy - High School Reviews

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Overall, UPA High School has been a very pleasant experience and a pleasure to attend the school. The schools atmosphere is so cultivated that mostly all the students love to "Rep The Prep" ; which is our high school.
It's a very average school. It has its ups and downs like any other but I feel as though they could improve a lot. They have a good amount of teachers who know how to teach well but do not accommodate them well enough to keep them at the school for long periods of time (especially new teachers) and I feel as though there is a lack of transparency between the administration and the student body because when situations we need answers to come up, they run around questions instead of being honest and straight forward about what is going on and how it effects us.
My school is an Art and Design school so it is geared towards digital media, sculpting , drawing and much more. This school was a good fit for me because after high school I plan to go to college to become a digital artists. I have attend this school for many years and have learned so much about who I can become as an artists.
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The school is a very big community. Disagreements occur but at the end of the day it feels like one big family. Always coming together to make sure everyone is feeling okay and accepted. I don’t think we could have more caring teachers. Teachers that won’t let you leave tutoring unless they know you completely understand, willing to give you a second chance, and going above and beyond their job description to make sure every student is safe and taken care of.
What I like about my school is that we are like family. We help each other whenever we can. We have wonderful teacher's that do whatever they can to make sure we succeed.
It’s a very good school overall. They have lots of schools events and ceremonies to express how proud they are of people who succeed. Something that needs to change is that there were a lot of substitute teachers and teachers that would leave for some reason. On the other hand the teachers that were there were mostly great with their personalities and how they taught. Other than the lack of them this is. Great high school and also very clean and mostly organized.
UPA High School is one of the most friendly schools I've ever attended. There isn't bullying happening for the most part, which is good. The staff is friendly and try their best to help the students succeed. UPA also tries to give the students indepence, if deserved.
University Prep Academy offers great opportunities. This school is based on a college campus, giving five different buildings and college experience. The staff is sure that every student feels welcomed.
University High School Academy is not exactly the school you should attend if you want the "high school experience". This school is solely based upon academics, nothing more and nothing less. However, high school will always be what one can make it, but one cannot go outside the rules. Also, as far as preparation for college, if you attend this school you have a rude awakening headed your way. I suggest going outside of the school learning how to study and do things on your own.
I liked the teacher-student relationships. I would like for the administration to get a change. The lunches as well. The school should also think about Vo-Tech. The staff at University Prep Academy High School pressure students into going to college as well. I don’t think it’s a good idea because the student may not pick what’s best for them.
My schools is a great schools to send a child. University prep gets each and every student who attends ready for college. The teachers are excellent teachers and everyone here has a great bond. There is nothing I would change about my school. I love walking across campus because it prepares me for actual college where I will be walking across campus to get to my next class.
University Preparatory Academy is a school of culture Expectations which is why I really like this school. I have been attending to UPA since 7th grade and I never left because the culture, staff, and curriculum is very accurate for college standards which is where I want to be in 2020 fall. I like that when I tell other students about coming to a great charter school like UPA I can reflect on how our culture expands itself through our academic and character development.
University Prep is a close knit school, it is a free spirit and non-judgmental school. The students are friendly and helpful. We are a bully free zone, the students are understanding . There arent any cliques, everyone gets along and engages with each other. This school has given me the best high school experience.
I entered University Prep school’s system in the 6th grade and stuck to it ever since. I’m now a senior & Uprep was a great school choice. You’ll meet caring teachers, be in a nice size class room, walk across the open campus & meet friendly great people.
University Prep Academy High school, it’s more than just a school. It’s a family, we bond, we come together as a community. Uprep focuses on preparing students for college. This is shown by the work that students are given and all the teachers that teach everyday! This school really does prepare you for college, it teaches you responsibility, ethics, and life lessons. This school is so much more than walking into a classroom and being talked at. The commitment that the teachers have inspire the students to do better. A class room at Uprep is a mini community, where we talk amongst eachother and learn. Most students come into school and don’t learn anything, but at Uprep failure is never an option.
My experience at University Prep High School have been good for the last 3 years. This school help me grow as a person and to see certain things differently. Something I suggest to change is there will be better food to serve.
UPAHS or Uprep is a phenomenal school with attentive staff, great sports and extra curricular programs. This school has sent so many people who I know personally to college with the ability to pick any one they wanted. I definitely would recommend this school. Although I would like to see the lunch and breakfast menus change.
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At UPREP the sports teams are good except for basketball and football. Administration does not do their job. Some of the teachers are very helpful and some of them are not. There is no Spanish one teacher and they're trying to make us self teach or self Spanish.
The school itself is indeed very nice and family like. The only problem that I have experienced is the struggle of finding good teachers that respect students and vice versa.
University Prep is a small high school with a college campus feel. I like for my child to be able to move from bldg to bldg. The lack of math teachers has been concerning, as my child is not prepared for college level math.
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