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its a small good school that has great connections with staff members. its the "the school with a promise" and that really goes along way. overall this school lacks resources compared to other high schools in the district but they go above and beyond to get students ready for college.
Through the times as a student for 6 years, being in a school with about 250 kids, compared to a bigger high school did not help the fact that I wanted to do things that my school could not provide. Despite that, the school still tried to provide what little we had and make things the best they could. It made me realize, no matter how small you are, you won't get places if you don't stand out. This school on its own already stand out as "What school is that?" But that shouldn't matter, the people and perseverance are what makes nobody become a somebody. I don't want to be just someone who just went to a small school but THAT someone who did that in a small school. So yes I am going to big someday and prove that being somewhere small can help start up something big.
University Park Campus School, is a very strong school in terms of its academics and test scores. Being in Worcester, and the smallest high-school in the city, funds are tight. This school doesn't always have the resources the other high-schools have, but still manages a higher graduation rate than the other schools. It is a close knit community, and very diverse making it a good school.
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The school building itself is very humble in both size and curb appeal. However, the class sizes are small, fostering a tight-knit community approach to all problems, social and academic. Teachers are very well-versed in their subject matter, and they have a genuine love for teaching that engages their students.
I liked how it gave me a well rounded intense learning experience that prepared me for college. Also, I liked how I was encoruaged at an early age to think about pursuing a career of my choosing.
There are a good amount of things to do after school, but nothing is really official. The only thing official for extracurrucular activities is sports. Other then that, if you want to start a club, they will give you a room to do so, but because of the schools lack of funds, funding for clubs does not exist.
I had a good experience. I was always challenged and encoruaged to work harder. Teachers were alwasy there when I needed them, and if they werent, they would scedule time outside of class to assist me.
Great teachers! Really care for the need and education of the students. They go above and beyond
Best high school ever
Good food compared to the rest of the schools
The teachers care! They teach with passion and want you to succeed
Our school very poor and had no resources for sports
I love this city so much to do with great opportunities
This school prepared me for college so well, and I am very grateful for it.
Our school does not have funding for a full-time nurse so we have to go across the street to the elementary school when we need something more than a bandaid.
The cafeteria staff work to make quality food, and often use ingredients onhand to create new lunch items to add variety to the menu.
The staff, including the principal, strive to work with students on disciplinary issues, and work to keep students in school, allowing them to have in-house suspension so they can continue the do their work, and avoid falling behind.
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The majority of the teaching staff is friendly, engaging, and incredibly knowledgeable in the subject(s) they teach. They take students seriously, and take effort in making students feel engaged and appreciated in class, and outside of class.
University Park Campus School is predominantly filled with sports related clubs, and homework help.
"UPCS is the school where it's cool to be smart. It's cool to do your homework. It's a change in culture and kids want to go to the cool school at University Park."
—Jack Foley, Vice President for Government and Community Affairs at Clark University.

The past 4 years at University Park Campus School have been really challenging and yet exciting. Although it is located in the poorest community of Worcester, MA., and although resources aren't always at our finger tips, the education provided there is yet one of a kind. I cannot say that I was never challenged, classes can be tough, but the support network provided at University Park Campus School is that like a family. The faculty are truly dedicated in pushing you forward and helping you to strive for the best that you can, and yet they do it as if you were one of their own child; with love, respect, and still seriousness. The teachers make learning fun and exciting, and it encourages the students to do the work. Many times, work is not seen as a burden, but as something exciting and worth doing. Again, the support network is close and great, and the education is challenging, but engaging and exciting.
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