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University of Missouri High School Reviews

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This school is built on the idea of pushing people to reach their full potential. There are so many resources to get help when needed and so many programs that help students get experience before being in the workforce. The school spirit is through the roof and it makes me proud to say I'm a Tiger!
The courses were very easy to navigate through however sometimes it is difficult to contact teachers. Also, it was a bit stressful to have a midterm and a final for each semester.
It is ok and close to home. It could be worse, but overall, I like it. I chose this college because it was the closest to home and very affordable to me.
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The teachers and counselors are very involved and active in the online school community. Any time I asked for help I got an immediate response. The classes were challenging and I feel as if they'll better prepare me for the future when attending college. Even though the school was online the student population was diverse and everyone had ample opportunities to interact with one another. The only thing I would change is the opportunity for clubs and activities.
The school provides a variety of classes and a larger populus of students. It's great for those still trying to figure out their major! Although it may be in the Middle of nowhere-Missouri, there is a decent town full of opportunities if you're willing take them.
Well I will say everything about the school is satisfactory to me. Will love more diversity though and all students should be carried along and always given equal opportunities.
The University of Missouri High School really helped me decide what I want for my future, either for my career and my future accomplishments. Every assigment had a purpose to help me develop more my skills and understand the whole class itself.
It was a great experience. The variety of classes available is very good as more options are nice and the teachers were extraordinarily helpful. The students were friendly and easily able to be reached out to as a new student. The food is well made as well, overall a great institution!
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I love my college! Mizzou has so much to offer and helps students feel comfortable and find their niche while pursuing their college degree. The staff is so helpful and everything is very organized and the university maximizes resources for students to succeed and get the help they need to do well!
It is a great school to go to. I always get the help I need and always when I need it. The teachers make it really easy to get good grades as long as you do your part and study and do your homework. At the end of the semester you can help out upcoming students by rating your teachers and telling your story on why you liked or disliked that particular teacher .
I love how there’s always an event going on & how active the University of Missouri is. They’re so involved & have lots of club stuff & organizations.
What I love about Mizzou the most is the traditions, they make you feel like part of a family. You are instantly welcomed and everywhere on campus there is some way you can get involved making it feel like Mizzou is your place. Seeing Mizzou made me feel a part of something greater before I even started my freshman year. The campus is beautiful and there are endless of opportunities to become active. Stepping on campus brings a new adventure every day.
Average School. Needs to stand out more. More community activists, or put on a school play. The sports team gets too much funding too. Not all people want to play football. However, it is a diverse school, with the academics being middle of the road at best. YOu have to be self motivated to succeed, but thats like anything, I guess. Overall, it's a typical missouri high school with nothing that stands out. d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d
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