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Good looking classrooms. The teachers you can tell really care about their job. The students here try really hard for their education which makes the environment here ultra-competitive. The sports here are really good. I love the coaching staff. Especially the ones who helped me on the football team
I absolutely love my school. I love the campus and I especially love the black community here. It gives me a home here, especially being that most of the people that attend this school are white or international student. One thing that I would change is the awareness of inappropriate actions. For example, a few months ago, there was an incidence where a noose was found in the elevator of one of our dorms. This was completely inappropriate given the history of noose. Not too long ago, there was an incidence where a bunch of white students drove around campus with confederate flags calling black students the n-word. Incidences like these make me feel worried about students who are uneducated about how certain words or actions can impact their peers.
Overall very good experience going here. Most of the teachers care a good deal about their students and seeing them succeed. The students are really supportive of one and other. The ability to take classes at the U of I is pretty nice.
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Several years removed from the experience, I cannot be more thankful for the time I spent at Uni. Like any school, it is not perfect, but I could not imagine a better way to spend five years.
It is at GREAT school. I loved it since I've started. Cant wait to enjoy the rest of my experience here!
Uni is a pretty chill play for any nerd to go to. Academics are relatively hard depends on how hardworking you are but it is a challenge if you don't apply yourself. The student body is pretty mixed, mostly Asians though. There is no cafeteria so you have to bring your own food or buy them outside during lunch.
Uni High is a great school for driven students. Our selective admissions and tough curriculum make it extremely competitive, and our school community is proud of the effort we put in to reach those high standards. Our teachers place a lot of trust in us, both in academic integrity and an open-campus policy. I think perhaps our greatest failing is when the students' competitive nature becomes toxic to the overall community - something our counselors work to address. Addressing mental health problems caused by stress is also a big part of our school's movement to address problems with the uber-ambitious attitude held by a lot of students. Overall, succeeding (and still staying sane) here can be a challenge, but with a good support system it's one I'm proud to be a part of.
With a small interconnected student body, the environment is driven and curious while the school provides excellent opportunities for students to explore and develop themselves.
Uni has a unique culture comprised of kids who are motivated by learning and an atmosphere of trust and respect – which is why all of the lockers are left wide open. The community is small and close-knit, and brought together by beloved school traditions like the winter party, dodge ball tournament, and Agora week. Overall, it is a work-intensive and competitive environment. Uni became my home over the past four years and I will miss it.
I really liked my time here at the University of Illinois High School. It helped me prepare for College and I think that the academics were particularly strong especially the math and science department. I learned so much and I was able to apply it to my classes at College. I want my kids to attend this High School as well.
I enjoy the diverse community, and countless resources that are accessible to students of all divisions. One of the best aspects of this school is the fact that each opportunity is given to each student regardless of their ethnicity, race or sexuality. Each division is embraced and belong to their own community and the presence of each division is so unique and powerful. Everyone can find their voice and embrace who they are with their community.
This school provided me with an amazing education and relationships with both peers and educators that will last a lifetime. There are unlimited opportunities, like Habitat for Humanity, sports, environmental groups, etc. However, the pressure is high and you have to constantly be mentally preparing yourself for what you will have to face.
UIHS is one of the best high school in the state. As a college student from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I heard the school is extraordinary.
I am currently a sophmore at UIUC and so far it is everything I ever wanted. I really enjoy how big campus is and the many activities and clubs there are to join. The proffesors are great and really care about their students. I recommend this school for anybody.
Talking about Univ. of Illinois, it is a great school with a sea of oppurtunities to grow and learn as quick as possible. The faculty members of our school were one of the best, they had their personal attention on each and every child in the school.
Personally this school transformed me into a disciplined child.
Stellar academics and involved clubs. Definitely helps prep for college/university. Loved the cross country team experience and the school has great athletic spirit. Comparatively wide range of classes to choose from, and very experienced teachers.
Great experience! The teachers were lovely during my time in high school and the facilities were terrific.
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its fun, good teaching skills about the teachers, goon communication skills from the principal, to the proprietor
Uni High is a good school with great academic and teachers. We also have great resources since we are connected with the University of Illinois.
Uni High was a unique experience in every sense of the word. The first thing someone entering the building would pick up on would be disorder. The lockers are all strewn wide open, the walls are covered in thousands of handprints from a hundred years of alumni, the din of whooping students scattered and clumped throughout the hallways. It’s a different experience for sure, and as a whole I would say I really appreciated my time there. At the same time, it’s far from perfect. The teachers are amazing at what they do, instilling a deeper understanding and sharing their passion with students. The students are also a great mix of bright and talented people, each with their own skills. However, the way classes are taught don’t prepare students for AP exams, and being surrounded by bright talented students can be demoralizing sometimes. At the same time, Uni always challenged me to be better, and I have no regrets about spending my high school years there!
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