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University of Houston Charter School Reviews

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The people at University of Houston is amazing. Down to the staff, professors, and students- I am lucky to have met so many wonderful people. My experience so far has been memorable though classes may be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. However, the professors are understanding of the students’ situations. I am lucky to attend this university!
Great school. I love the fact that I can do my minor and major all in the same time period and that means no extra time in school!
The best part about the University of Houston is the fun after school activities I and my friends have experienced. For example one of the activity is the exam week ice skating, movie night, ice cream and mini-concerts. Moreover, I enjoy the time I spend at the library and the student center, which allows me to meet new people and gives me the time to study on my own in a small cubicle in the quiet side of the library.
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There are multiple occurrences of student endangerment due to the location of this campus, some professors are obviously not goal oriented towards student success and their paycheck instead, tuition is relatively better than other schools but the financial aid provided is inadequate for some students.
It is a good school and you should join. The pprovide good resources for learning and good environment to.
Part one :The school location is very convenient for us and has great potential to be one of the top schools in Houston. Our family started with the charter school for 9 years and has seen the school take an unfortunate turn for the worst under the current administration.
The opportunities at this school are endless. Professors and advisors always want to help you succeed. Only complaint about the school is parking.
Small community but very friendly because faculties and students are strongly bond to each other. I am major in chemistry and every student who are in the same department know each others.
I enjoy the diversity along with the enthusiasm each professor brings to the classroom; not to mention how much the school as a whole helps each student reach their academic goals.
The school is located in one of the greatest cities in the US. There are opportunities to grow your career or business in any field. Furthermore, mentorship opportunities are extensive. Whether you are planning to go into medicine, business, or architecture, this is a great university. There are also plenty of scholarships available, and the Honors College provides small classes which make it easy to get to know your professors.
It is a very convenient school to attend. The academic system is just as you expect it to be for a university. For the most important subjects like chemistry, most of the professors are bad at teaching. The safety is very dangerous o campus, especially at night.
University of Houston is an all inclusive university whose diversity connects people from different backgrounds and ethnicities towards common goals.
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I love how diverse the campus is and how friendly people are around campus. Especially the staff and faculty. I would recommend this University to any and everyone.
I love how diversity this campus is. College is tough but there are always resources available everywhere to help student success.
Amazing school
Passion staff that work with you to build a better you. More school should adopt this type of culture the staff have here.
Great school lots of opportunities! very diverse and a nice loving environment. from clubs to school work you'll always be busy
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UH is a very well diverse school with great academic programs. If you love the city, UH should definitely be on your list of applications!
What I like about University Of Houston is the tenacious attitude they install within you to succeed and accomplish your goals. When I first came to The University or (UH.) I was shy and barely passing classes, but through the confidence instilled wishing me through my teachers and academic advisors they helped me become better and be more confident in my intellectual capabilities in order accomplish my goals inside and outside the classroom
It was a good school to attend. Its very active and I will give encouragement to every student to attend this school.
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