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Graduates leave Lab with powerful problem-solving skills, a real ability to advocate for themselves and navigate the world, and an amazing group of friends they will stay connected to for decades.
It isn't for everyone but it is amazing for the right students.
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As a Middle School student the University of Chicago, the classes are very academically centered. The teachers are very knowledgeable of the subject they teach. However, the amount of homework received throughout the average week can be overwhelming, possibly making the Middle School experience stressful and overwhelming. The diversity in the school is quite exceptional. Unfortunately, if you do not have a sibling currently attending the school, or a parent who works at the University, you will find it a near impossible feat to be accepted into the school.
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Lab seems to be very promising academically. My issue is their admissions policy. For the 2019-2020 school year they left seats open for potential faculty hires rather than offer them to the best qualified applicants. If this is how admissions are going to be handled, it should be communicated upfront so parents and children can decide if they are willing to put in the effort to apply. Instead, the administration communicates there are 15-20 seats open when, in reality, a majority of those seats are going to be held open for potential faculty hires. By the time they grant admission to those seats-most students have had to make another decision. It is clear to me that Lab encourages people to apply because they want to publish a very low acceptance rate. The reality is that the open seats are primarily going to be used to recruit UofC faculty. Parents should consider this prior to spending a lot of their own, and their children's, time on the application process.
Although the academics are outstanding, the social scene could be a lot better. There is blatant racism and sexism that needs to be changed as well as bullying that goes under the administration's back. However, the classes are great. I feel very prepared for college.
I am J. Anthony Y.Mulbah,
I'm very impressed about the university of Chicago Laboratory School because of their respective teaching and research and development services for students who have the ability of improving their learning skills and experience.Studens the university of Chicago Laboratory School are very good when a comes to reach, that makes it very interesting.I want to attend this university because of the beholder degree offer at this university.
I didn’t really like it because they didn’t have transportation, so students had to walk home or take public transportation which is really dangerous.
I'm a Lab Lifer (K - 12), and recently graduated college four years ago. I think I have a much more profound appreciation for the education I received at Lab then I ever did before. Lab works its students hard, and demands more from them than any place I've ever worked, studied, or been. I was not a top student at Lab by any means but I've reaped the benefits of the education. College was a breeze compared to my classmates because of the fantastic teachers I had at Lab.

The bonds with my Lab school friends are incredibly strong, and we all still see each other to this day. There is no one from my graduating class I wouldn't say hello to on the street.

Lab and the University of Chicago is about education for the sake of education. It's an academic place, if that is not what you are looking for your child then do not send them here.
The school is good. The teachers are very supportive of the students and are willing to help. The sports are average, not the most sports driven schools. Though the school does give many opportunities to students.
This school has an amazing and rigorous academic program however it takes an extremely dedicated student to get through the amount of testing and homework assigned to students.
Lab School was one of the greatest and most eye-opening experiences of my life. The people and the atmosphere all contributed to a strong sense of community, and helped to cultivate a strong sense of school spirit.
Extreme college prep (getting tired of other parents telling me how their child thinks MIT was easy after Lab), theme of asking "why" in addition to "what" in every pursuit, general consistency in teaching excellence, well-organized academic programs, culture of excellence among students, nifty vibe on UChicago campus, good facilities, no-cut athletic programs

This school is very religious (religion of liberalism, social justice, and multiculturalism--which are all laudable, but they lay it on very thick), too many helicopter parents, too much homework, superficial diversity (does not represent the actual SouthSide--seems like most of the black/hispanic kids have rich or famous parents. In general, minimal socioeconomic diversity), virtually no school spirt in a traditional sense (sports, school sweatshirts, dances).
Myself and my son have had an Excellent experience at the University of Chicago lab school. The school office so much diversity technology has on help and excellent cool clubs.
There is a caste system at Lab--the wealthy donor families are given preferential treatment than are the staff/faculty/financial aid families. If I could do it over again, I would have taken my child out before middle school, and sent them to a different school. The school prides themselves on the academic success of their students, but by the time they are in high school the school has purposefully weeded out the weakest, unless they are the children of wealthy donors who then get by with private tutors after school.
It's not extraordinarily different from the average public or private highschool, for their texting methods and the courses are similar. The school's effort to maintain a diverse and accepting society is outstanding, though it doesn't seem to show in a lot of day to day life. The speed of their courses is similar to fast track courses in public school, and the classes they offer are quite similar. Electives aren't quite as prominent, but after fulfilling the graduation requirements, one can proceed to take college courses from the University of Chicago. Due to their affiliation with the University, they have access to one of the best libraries in the country, both, online and in person. Students at lab also have access to a wide array of facilities associated with the University.
This school is great but it has a few very severe problems. There is tons of sexual assault that happens, and the kids get away with it because their parents are donors or other stuff. The curriculum is insane, the workload is endless. The teachers expect us all to want to desperately learn everything, but sometimes we just want or need a break from the constant grind this school provides.
This university is very famous for its education. My dream is "being part of this institution", and becoming a big journalist of this.
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I would probably improve the food, but obviously most food at universities is gross. The resources provided by classes is great, and so are the sport teams.
The Lab School is by far the best institution for cultivating an environment of curiosity and a love of learning. I am so grateful for my invaluable education here.
This is a fantastic school that continues to grow! The student body is very diverse and the academics is superb!
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