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University of Chicago Charter Schools Reviews

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This school is well organized. they help us prep for college on the daily. There are many resources for everything you need here. Even if they are not immediately available it will be given to you. Overall i enjoy my time here.
University of Chicago Charter Schools is very college ready based school. They push the students to work hard and reach their potential. They work you through the college process and support you to and through.
The university of Chicago is a school you'd think is an over the top school. but in reality its not what you think. the campus I go to (Woodlawn campus) is what I would is the average high school. you have a teachers that love the kids and really care and you have some that are there just to be there. but at the end of the day everybody has there own experiences and opinions.
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One change I would like to see in the school is for the signs to come down in the middle school embracing LGBT.
I am an alum of the Carter G. Woodson campus and the Woodlawn campus. Middle school was great, however, high school was not eventful. I would have liked to see more clubs and activities. I also would have liked to have more sports and resources available. I don't feel as though it has prepared me for college, but I'll find out soon.
I think the UCW is a wonderful school, my daughter is a 2018 grad! They were very helpful to her and I know she will be successful in her future.
The school was always good academically wise , I feel as if the school can still improve in sports , college readiness and safety. There were too many incidents such as fights , guns and verbal abuse. If they can solve of those problems , the school would be great.
The teachers at my school are really good, but there is no diversity and there should be more in school activities. However, there is a lot of out of school activities and the college office is great
I fill that this school has prepared me for collage due to it constant help from collage counslers and with the help of my teachers I have been able to achieve a 3.95 gpa and attend the collage tour in Nashville Tennesse.
Is a big and a standard school and is also my dream school ...............................................................................................................................,................................................................................................
To Visit University of Chicago Charter Schools even online is a nice experience that everyone should experience in able for them to know the feeling in one of the best university. Even if I only met University of Chicago Charter Schools online, all I could say that they were very good. They deserve a salute and I hope that this review or my opinion in their School can help boost the best of bests of the School. Godspeed university of Chicago Charter Schools.
I really like how much my school is in tune with socially with current events across the world that could someday impact us as students. I also like the amount of involvement in preparing students for college and making sure that we are good standing in the aspect of applications and financial aid.
This is a alright school. The underclassmen are terrible and if your not in the top of your class then you get little to n attention. Plus the food is the same, just recycled and not that good to begin with. But besides that its alright.
I've been at this school since 6th grade and its a really good school. They are college bound and they ted to have 100% to and through college. They want to see all of their students succeed in high school and college.
What I like about University of Chicago charter school is that the class size is not big , so the students can get that one on one time with their teacher. We have fantastic teacher who stay after school and provide resources to students. What we learn in school is beneficial and prepares you for college. What I will say Ucw needs to improve on is taking the teachers and students point of views under consideration. Because to me the students make the school with out the students there would not really be a school. Student now can be future adults who donates to their old school.
I went to CICS Ralph Ellison and I am a graduate, the teachers truly care about the education and safety of all students. the deans are not so fair with their students, the food is not healthy but the staff do their jobs very well.
Supportive teachers and offers lots of college ready programs since its connected to the Uni of Chicago.
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The Chicago university is an outstanding university with potential students. I like it's mode of teaching with it's lectures taking most of their time in classes and projects with students.
Maybe they should only improve on security check points.
The experience that I have had with The University of Chicago Charter school has been in comparison to a roller coaster some might say. I have learned how to balance troubled times on my own two shoulders. There I have learned to rely on myself and to stick things out until the end. While there others around me have instilled self awareness and understanding to those opposed to me or self closed. As a Graduating Senior I am honored to say that I am an Alum of this school. It has helped me in more ways than one. That is something in life I will continue to grow and get better at.
My four years experience at this charter school was challenging . During this period of my academic years, I received outstanding support from every angle of all subjects. I did like having a counselor and an adviser through out my four year term. My opinion on improvement in the charter schools would be to include music and art to academics courses. I felt some what incomplete during my high school years. There was no option or offer of selecting one or both as a class. Now I've decided to major in photography at Columbia College. I feel this would be my opportunity to embrace music and art as a courses during my college years. . I would like to end this closing with a positive vibe. This credit is due to my junior and senior adviser, principal and office staff. They were my mentors after my parents of course. I am grateful to them for being involved with my education. I could not have completed this task without them.
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