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We love this school. Our kids are very happy here. The teachers are top-notch. One drawback is that administration is not to be questioned.
It's a pretty good school. I would highly recommend it for students who wish to be involved in the international baccalaureate program, and also happen to live in Louisiana.
Good experience, great opportunities to learn and grow. Would love to see more diversity in lower grades.
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I love how my high school prepares me for college. There are a variety of courses available to take, including duel enrollment classes through LSU, honors, AP, and IB. The staff excels at pushing the students to become not only better students, but also better people.
The school has allowed me the change to make long-lasting friendships and the opportunity to gain a good education that has prepared me for college. They offer IB, AP, and DE classes. This prepares me for college and allows me chance to get college credits early.
The University Laboratory School is a fine school. It has challenging academics if one chooses to partake in them. However, the facilities could be better. The culture in the school is also quite poor. There is little participation in school events as the students get older.
Allowed me to pursue option in the STEM field such as taking multiple science courses in one year as well as the IB Diploma program.
Corrupt school, terrible teachers that gossip, and several bullies. The teachers are terrible at teaching. They don't enjoy teaching and could care less about you both academically and emotionally. Ms. Dufrene was especially one of the worst teachers who is unsympathetic , heartless, and a terrible teacher.
I've enjoyed my time at U-High, being a student here since kindergarten. The teachers and faculty are amazing and I couldn't be more grateful.
I don't feel as ready for college as I thought I would be for my senior year, and I feel like the school could use a wider variety of courses to take. Hopefully, future high school students will have a better grasp on college-readiness than my year.
As an alumnae of ULS I feel i was college ready. ULS long days and same classes daily prepared me for studying and late nights with mounds of homework. Although a lot of homework was given out daily I am grateful for all the school taught me. The sports program lacked leadership and organization but managed to create several good athletes.
University Lab is rich in culture. The school has people of all races, cultures, and personalities which helps make the school what it is. The school has had great success in the past with sports but at times the coaches here can be very harsh but it's good. The coaches prepare you for the college athletic environment you'll face.
They provide a lot of different academic paths. The IB program, AP classes, and dual enrollment classes. Their athletics are also very good and provide many opportunities for athletes to participate in their sports and for the student body to get involved with it. On top of all that the arts program has been building rapidly over the last few years, offering many choir and band concerts, a musical engaging students K-12, and a talented band and dance team that perform at many athletic events. One thing they should improve on is their preparation. Coming back from breaks, both summer and Christmas break, there’s always some problems that should have been handled before all the students arrived.
It's a good school. it provides an opportunity to receive a full IB diploma. IT ALSO has very helpful and kind teacher. although, some of them are kind of strict. some students can be stuck up but most of them are kind.
I would like to see the major focus on sports change. The arts program deserves to have more focus put on it as the program itself is very underfunded. The administration should also open up to the suggestions of the students as this is a school that they are attending.
I like University Laboratory School because there are lots of educational programs. There is not a good arts program and there is a lot of recruiting for sports.
Uhigh is a great place to get a small school education without going to a religious private school. As the only IB school in Baton Rouge, Uhigh offers a unique opportunity to earn an IB diploma. The small size is one of the things that I loved most about the school, however one place that definitely needs improvement is school spirit. The students are hardly allowed to plan any activities for the entire school to enjoy such as field days, school wide competitions, etc.
I like how close we get to be with our teachers. It really help in learning and retaining the information being taught.
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I have attended the University Laboratory School since I was in the 2nd grade. Through the years, our faculty and board have worked their hardest to put us ahead of normal curriculum, which eventually helps us greatly as we approach graduation. To represent our academic excellence, we were awarded as a National Blue Ribbon School during the 2015-2016 school year. We are offered many extracurricular activities such as Mu Alpha Theta, Student Council, Youth Legislature, and much more. On top of that, ULab excels greatly in athletics. We have produced many collegiate and professional athletes such as Rick Greene, Glen Davis, Nicholas Brossette, and several others. While our school does a great job in developing well-rounded students that many colleges would love to recruit, the school lacks any college prep or test prep courses. This would be very helpful to the students as it is the very last steps to applying to universities.
Louisiana State University (LSU) gives you access to a great education and resources to develop a strong passion for research. The multidisciplinary programs available are a great opportunity to learn not just about the area of study but international culture in general. To study at LSU will fully prepare you to take on new challenges with a powerful combination of theoretical knowledge and real-world experience. The teachers and researchers are very helpful and respectful. As an extra, it is a safe place with beautiful recreational areas and many activities that will allow you to connect with people from all around the world.
It is just simply gorgeous, clean, happy, well maintained and there is a variety of stimulation for the children. I was also very impressed with a professionally dressed staff who were all very welcoming, willing to explain, accomodating and who spoke proper English. They prepared students with college sample exams, considering that it's right next to LSU. Many schools could follow the examples that this school has set. The only drawback, it does have high tuition rates and I don't believe that they offer financial aid which would expand their demographics. In addition, the sound of some children playing is very comforting.
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