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I had a great experience with teachers and courses offered here. I would like to see improvement with the facility and hopefully see UHS get its own campus sometime in the near future.
It was incredibly stressful to the point where it made me hate myself sometimes. But I did get a really good education and the stress level prepared me well for the stress I experienced later in college and in life. Many teachers were amazing and changed my life, and many were terrible.
At University High School, I value the community most of all. This school is unlike any other- I evolved from a shy freshman to an outgoing leader throughout my four years here. The teachers are always available to aid students, whether it be weekdays, weekends, or even holidays. The faculty is very welcoming, and the students mirror that. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at University High School.
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University High School provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself by taking more advanced classes during high school than would have otherwise been available. Plus, they had an amazing math club while I was there, which was one of the best parts of my high school experience. Thanks to UHS, I felt more than ready when I started college.
The atmosphere of the school is really good, but the teachers and the work-load make the high school experience very stressful.
UHS is a difficult school and you definitely need to be dedicated to succeed, but it has such an incredible community of scholars and so many opportunities for challenging yourself that it is 100% worth it!
In the unique campus location, this school provides challenging academics that fosters not only academic growth, but personal growth as well as you have to navigate and adjust to the school's requirements all while being prepared for college and socializing with others.
Overall, this school prepares high school students for college and offers plenty of resources for aid. The academics are excellent and the school offers a variety of ap courses but the teachers do lack the ability to teach them on occasion.
Choosing to spend 4 years of my life at University High School was one of the best decisions I could have made for my future. I was pushed beyond my limits and exceeded far beyond any of my personal expectations and beliefs about my abilities. By requiring AP courses every year, I was challenged to find study habits and dedicate myself to my work and I grew as a student in a way many other schools would not prepare me for. Not only that, but I found many fun, unique classes I would be unlikely to find at other high schools nor be as enthralled with them as I am, including European History and Art History to name a few. I found a warm, accepting community there, with teachers willing to sit, one on one and build a real relationship, something which I depend upon in my classes, as we know we can depend upon each other for hard work and help when needed. I would not trade in my experience here for any other.
University High School provides a challenging and unique learning environment to prepare students for college. University High offers an abundant amount of Advanced Placement classes and opens students to new experiences, potential areas of study, as well as college credit. The teachers at UHS are qualified and love the jobs they have, which enables the student to enjoy learning more and come to a teacher if they're ever in need. The social structure at University High is very open and supportive amongst students. Although the school environment itself is very competitive, it more encourages beating one's own records and trying to improve oneself rather than win over other students. UHS provides many challenges in time management, as well as working together in clubs and on teams, and working to improve oneself in academics. These provide a dynamic school experience that leaves students proud to be a University High Penguin.
There’s not a lot of diversity with the students attending the school. However, the environment is overall good and the teachers make it enjoyable to learn in class, apart from a few new teachers who have recently been hired over the last two years
I loved University High School, because I was able to be challenged, but it was a kind of challenge that was easily attainable for a driven person like me. I never felt like I was alone at University High School, due to the excellent staff and wonderful peers.
I love the teachers and the quality of education I get. My only problem is that your schedule is very rigid until senior year, meaning most of your classes are required and you get very little choice in what you get to learn.
Attending University High was a challenging and rewarding decision. University High School provides a good education and a population of students with diverse ideas and backgrounds. Students want to learn here and teachers are ready to help, taking extra hours of their own time to aid students. The courses are challenging and many kids become burnt out, however, I believe it is necessary to develop management skills that prepare them for college. Clubs often make great achievements powered by kids that are highly motivated. The food leaves much to be desired.
This school shaped me into the person I am today. While challenging, this school facilitates a great amount of growth in various ways for students. Growth can be seen in academic performance, self-confidence, social skills, and professional skills.
University High School is undoubtedly one of the best high schools I've attended (and I went to three) as compared to other high schools, they set you up for college. Even though you do have to do a lot of work, as they only have honors and AP courses, I've heard from graduates that college work is either easier or about the same as University High. Then there many clubs that you can check out, and experiment with your identity. There are many clubs that specialize in the STEM, Home Ec, Fine Arts, and leadership. I am currently co-president of the Interact Club, and I've grown up to become more level-headed and am able to see the "big picture" compared to my friends that are not a part of any clubs. However, if you lean toward being a conservative then I recommend not attending this school, as it is heavily liberal. Even I get sick of the surrounding student cause of how liberal they are, and I lean towards being liberal.
The school was very good at helping to prepare for college, but the school was overcrowded and underfunded from the district. Often rooms would be falling apart, textbooks were outdated, and bathrooms wouldn't be properly supplied because there wasn't money to refill or repair what needed to be done.
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Amzing school just needs better facilities and more funding to put towards school supplies. Great experience!
I would like to see a more efficient way of allowing students to connect with their counselors and college support staff. Many students have never even met with their counselors before their junior year, so when it is time for the counselors to write recommendation letters for their students, they have a very limited understanding. In addition, I hope to see improved facilities for the students in the coming years. The facilities are so outdated, that it is reaching the point where the lack of adequate infrastructure to support the student population is becoming a significant obstacle in their academic journey.
I like the different types of classes offered to everyone. The teachers really care about my success and the success of all the students. I would like the see a change in the food provided because I am able to get free lunch but it is very poor quality.
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