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Teachers and faculty support students to do their best and challenge them to prepare them for future success. They give students who are determined the skills they need to go to college and be a well rounded person. The small school allows for a close community to support one another. For those who are gifted these students are able to take college courses at the University of Hartford which is a short walk up the sidewalk onto the university campus. There high school students are able to take one or two college courses to really experience and prepare themselves for college. The majority of students who graduate from UHSSE apply, are accepted, and go to college; especially 4 year programs.
Great teachers with amazing administration. It is an honors curriculum so you will have to study and get ready
The school is excellent academically and prepares you for college. The only thing that is a con is that the school doen't have a lot of school spirit.
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It was a great experience we had access to a lot of college class at UHart along with ECE UConn classes to prepare us for college.
Close community for students. Staff members are there to guide students through high school and prepare for college. Opportunity to take college courses and obtain college credits.
I found the school quite enjoyable and the opportunities were amazing, being able to take college course at the actual university let me get the feel of a college class so I don't feel so weird of how one works. The classes I took were very fun and the instructors were very helpful in explaining and better assisting the students. I would have like to see more engineering classes being offered as I found myself unsatisfied with the ones they offered in the high school.
I like that there is a lot of opportunities to take college classes. I also love the diversity, it allows you to learn from the students and teachers.
The teacher in my school are very caring and helpful when the student need or doesn't need help they are always there for you. some of them are a little bit stric but very understanding due to this students are on task with their educations. The fact the our school is connect to university and have the chance to take some class there before attend the college is really a good opportunity.
The school did not give me an high school experience. Our school spirit was terrible and we had no space for a pep rally. while other schools had spirit week we get to wear a t-shirt that's it. The food gave kids upset stomachs and they give small portions that you would give pre-k students.
University High School of Science and Engineering is a very diverse school that provides students with experiences that they may not attain in a public school. The ability for students to take courses at the University of Hartford while enrolled in UHSSE is a key aspect in making this school as great as it is. Students generally earn enough credits at Uhart to graduate college early. The school is filled with students of different races, religions, and class, giving them the opportunity to become cultured and comfortable with everyone.
University is a great school if you are not thinking of having a classic high school experience but purely if your in school just to get your education and leave.
Classes are honors level or higher. Teachers put great effort into student success and development. On top of that students can take classes at the University of Hartford free of charge!
The opportunity to take for University of Hartford is the best benefit of going here. Some of the teachers and staff are amazing people. All honors classes, and ECE and AP classes are also available.
University High School of Science and Engineering is an amazing school to explore STEM. The teachers are very engaged with their students and encourage them to explore creative learning opportunities outside the classroom. Many students get the opportunity to take classes at the University of Hartford at no cost. University of Connecticut and University of New Haven courses are also taught at the school. Most students will graduate high school having already taken 25+ college credits. Some even graduate with over 60 credits.
The academics at university high school are very good and the teachers are amazing. The teachers really are there for the students and look out for them. What I will like to see change though is the diversity. This school doesn’t have much diversity here. There’s only 4 black staff and the rest are white. Also this school doesn’t have many clubs or activities to do for extra curricular or anything. The only real clubs they have is robot club and black student union. And there sports suck. But as far as academics they are a really good school.
I very much enjoy going to this school. It is quite small, however, because of that, most people know each other. There aren't many clubs, however there some very good ones, and it is easy to create one of your own.
I like how this school offers students college courses an prepares students for college. What could change though would be the high school coming together like an actual high school.
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The teachers, curriculum and opportunities with UHart are great. Even with the district's budget cuts the school is doing its best to overcome it. I would like more clubs or AP/ECE classes but the school is in good standing.
I loved the High School experience I gained from it, and I wish that other student stuff in this generation that never got the chance to attend this school would receive a similar experience that I got.
Great atmosphere, good teachers. I enjoyed going here for four years, and I would recommend it to even those not going into engineering
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