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Located in a beautiful country setting with a wide variety of AP courses available to students with some excellent teachers and strong arts, music, and athletic programs
I like the staff and the administration. I wish there were more opportunities for extra curricular activities, though.
This school has so many great academic options. The staff is so amazing. Every teacher genuinely cares about all the students. It is a wonderful environment. They make you feel very at home and like a family.
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There's a huge drug problem, but other than that this is a great school. All of my teachers are great and they actively care about their students and want to teach them. We have a whole hecking lot of clubs here, but I don't know when they meet most of the time. Still, this is a pretty great school.
The school is new, full of great features, and fantastic teachers. The teachers truly care about your learning experience and go out of their way to educate you on subjects you find challenging.
I had a blast at University High School. I was involved with three varsity sports, Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, secretary of National Honor Society, and I graduated in the top 10 of my class in 2015. Through my scholarship in high school, I'm going to graduate from college in May with no student debt. Right now, I'm looking for scholarships that will help pay my way to a study abroad in Greece over Spring Break. I really could not be here without what I learned at University High and the people that I've met and who have taught me.
My personal experience has been mediocre . Some teachers easily become distracted trying to control their classes, making it harder to learn the actual information.
I have enjoyed nearly all of my classes and the teachers do a good job teaching. All the extra circulars do well and there are many opportunities at the school. There’s always a positive environment and people pushing you to do your best.
The teachers really care about you if you are willing to put forth the effort to better yourself. Excellent math department. The administration is very active among the student body. Lacking important athletic facilities.
I love UHS so much. The teachers always find a new way to get students involved in class. The whole staff board is very fast and opening to the students. Its a very easy school to ease into and they don't overload you with tons of work. The teachers treat you like adults and prepare of for the college and a little for adulthood. The teachers very help full to all and have one on one interactions, with every student. Classes might be a little long but its just enough time to study and do all the work given. All and all i love the school. Also the food is mediocore at best but it works.
The administration of UHS has created a very healthy environment which allows for the students to focus on learning.
I liked how friendly the people were and the academics are very diverse and make me feel very intelligent.
UHS is great. There are plenty of extracurriculars, including soccer, golf, weight lifting, etc. The school is mostly clean, and it’s easy to make friends cause most people are relatively friendly. Honors classes are the way to go if you don’t like learning slow or dealing with troublemakers. Although there is a juuling problem, the bathrooms aren’t nasty. That’s a plus
All staff are very dedicated and helpful! UHS provides an excellent academic opportunity for all, and also has a thriving arts program!
I love the teachers. The staff is very helpful with assistance with college applications and searches and even just high school completion because they want every single one of us to graduate.
My last couple of years at the school were characterized by instability within school administration and teacher staff. Constant changes in staff including a student uprising that ousted our former principal made for an uneasy and at times emotional environment that disrupted the learning process. Otherwise, the academic and extracurricular opportunities were great and made for a well rounded flexible environment.
The school overall is good. It could be cleaner. My kids won’t go near the restrooms because of the activities that go on in them. I think something should be done about that. I think the principal takes great pride in the school and the students.
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University High School was rated the top High School in WV in 2016/2017, however I do think improvements could be made. The school staff has changed for the better over the past two years as there was an incompetent principle who got fired the year I graduated (2017). There have been many teachers who have quit due to this, and there have been many good teachers lost.
University High School is a great high school in West Virginia. UHS was built in 2006, so it's fairly new and clean. The lunchroom, gymnasiums, and auditorium are large enough to accommodate the nearly 3,000 students that attend UHS everyday. They offer hundreds of extracurricular activities in the form of sports teams, clubs, and elective classes, so there's pretty much something for everyone. The majority of students are in at least one extracurricular. The academic standards at University High are pretty rigorous yet reasonable. I prefer honors classes over the regular ones. I also took 4 out of the 15 AP courses available, and I was well prepared for the AP exams. Overall, my absolute favorite thing about UHS is the teachers. They make coming to school more enjoyable and fun. The administration and staff do everything they can to make the school a better place. I will cherish my time at UHS for the rest of my life.
Great school. All people are treated equally and not one person has power over the other. Teachers are great and care about everyone's education. Many classes are available. Many clubs / after school activities.
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