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University High School provides students exceptional academic opportunities. From a multitude of available AP courses to ROP classes, the school serves as an incubator of creative intellect and thinking. Additionally, the school community and atmosphere, including numerous clubs, school spirit events, and sporting events, invigorate its students. Overall, the diverse culture of the school allows students to find their niche, and ultimately define their own unique selves.
There is a great band program, and the teachers there are often passionate and willing to help students.
However, it is a very competitive school. There is a lot of emphasis put on grades, and this isn't always a good thing.
I am new to this school and from the time I have been there it has been friendly and fun. The teachers help and describe in detail about specific topics.
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Personally, I highly enjoy the swim team and being a part of that and water polo has been one of my favorite things to do this year and its been really nice to have those friends and memories. The teachers are very strict but its good for college readiness
The student body is amazing and so involved. The academics can be very difficult depending on which classes you choose to take. It has a reputation of being a school that sucks at sports, but several teams go to CIF every year.
University High School offers a very rigorous courseload with teachers and administration that prepare every student for college. Empowering and inspiring both students and those who facilitate their learning, the high school provides an environment in which human needs, aspirations, and goals are addressed.
I appreciate the 4 years that I spent at UNI. I learned not only more about myself as a person but also about the people around me and the society we live in.
I've had some very good teachers, and some very not so good teachers. Overall, not as hard as people say, I still don't have a 4.0 though. As a current senior, I'd say to get involved more since I've had a fairly boring 4 years. It goes a lot faster than you realize. When I came to this school, I was definitely underprepared from my 8th grade middle school(they literally held your hand). University high definitely still "holds your hand", but not as much as middle school. I did 4 hours of extra curricular activities everyday and I still made it. If you just work hard and do your work, then this school should be fairly easy.
Overall academic quality competes with college level courses. The sports available are unmatched with other states. The instructors are knowledgably passionate.
I throughly enjoyed my time at University Highschool. The endless school activities, engaging teachers, and the worthwhile coursework are reasons for my everlasting gratitude towards the staff who look over the school. Though, this school is rigourous and can feel like a longwinded journey, students learn how to solve problems, think critically for themselves, and how to ask the right questions.
Basically everything about Uni is amazing, except the cafeteria could be improved with better, healthier food, as well as the facilities such as the weight room.
Great school that prepares you for college but most of the teachers aren’t that great. Also, the students are all very competitive and many students become depressed and have anxiety about their grades, futures, and overall well-being.
Principal is great. All teachers are very helpful. Office hours help kids to organize and have time to communicate with their teachers individually. lots of test and quizzes prepare kids better for SAT and other exams
University High School has a very competitive aura. The Arts programs, academics, and Sports programs are all excellent.
Good things about Uni is that it is very strong on academics (due to competitive students). Bad things: TOO much diversity in thoughts (including inappropriate ones) and some drug users
What I like about University High School is that amount of diversity there is and the how easy it is to share your ideas and thoughts. If there was one thing I could change, it would simply be for there to be a less competetive culture.
University High School sets you up to be successful in college. Sure, it is much harder and might result in higher stress compared to other schools, but looking back I realize this school made me prepared and top of the class in college.
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University High School is a high achieving academic school in Irvine, CA. It's faculty strives to make the students independent, both in school work and extracurriculars. Students may have a difficult time keeping up with the fast paced teaching and homework, as much of the material reviewed in the classroom is self-taught. However, the school spirit is engaging and fun, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in activities other than schoolwork.
Some people are weirdly competitive, some people are obsessed with the arts even though they aren't very good at them, some of the teachers are a little too interested in their students' personal lives, and there's a ton of ultimately meaningless busywork. Just like any other high school. Predominantly well-off, vaguely liberal, very safe school. Has a reputation for being bad at sports (except tennis, golf, and swimming) and having super nerds (a small but extremely accomplished subgroup).
I graduated from University High School in 2015. While I feel my time here was well spent in terms of college readiness and academic preparedness, I felt some of the teachers at this institution took on a more "hands off" facilitator approach toward teaching crucial stepping stone classes that may have derailed some students in pursuing their future endeavors. The overall environment at UNI is more cut-throat than it needs to be, though I appreciate how being in such a challenging environment has shaped me as a student and individual.
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