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If your child has a 504 Plan this school is not a good choice. It has been very challenging to receive accommodations.
Great place for kids who want to be academically ready for college! Great environment filled with people from different cultures, ethnicities, political backgrounds, sexualities, and much more. Kind teachers & caring kids. :-)
University High School is an incredible institution for those who are inspired and dedicated to challenging and improving themselves. The teachers are demanding but fair, the academics are difficult, the students are both competitive and cooperative, and the class size is small. The two-week electives work well, there are a multitude of ap classes offered, and there are many college courses offered. The Fresno State Union is close by, far surpassing any cafeteria food. The students are unique, motivated, and understanding of one another. The school is definitely the best in central California, and it's rigorous and cohesive academic programs prepare students for college and beyond.
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University High School was great at academically preparing you for college, but there should be more diversity and resources for lower-income students.
The environment on campus was nice, as bullying is not a major issue. However, the workload can be intense depending on what the student chooses to take.
I really enjoy how the school was thoroughly thought out for the students. There are many opportunities and resources provided to the students for success. Its small-school environment allows the students to create meaningful connections with each other and their teachers. The rigorous academic programs are effective in preparing the students for their upcoming years in college.
A rigorous school that prepares students for college and life after. Amazing teachers and a great music program as well. Students get access to Fresno State resources and classes through this school.
University high school challenges its students to be the best that they can be and this is shown in both academics and the arts. UHS pushes its students academically in order to get the best education that you can possibly get in a public high school. This school allows students to express themselves in so many different ways whether it be music, art, drama or any of the student run clubs that they have. I never find myself bored or without anything to do at this school. Not only does UHS have an amazing academic program but they also build upon the character of their students in a way that I have never seen before. Students are encouraged to be UHS, Understanding, Honorable and Studious and as you walk to the schools you can tell that that students are just that. To say that UHS is amazing school is an understatement; If I were given the chance to choose high schools again I would stick with UHS. UHS is not a school for that faint at heart, it truly is a college preparatory school.
It is a great experience. It feels like I am at a small college and I do get to take college classes. It is very helpful to get that college experience.
University High School is an amazing college prep high school! It has a much friendlier atmosphere and sense of community than most that I have seen. While the workload can be intense, the teachers really care about individual learning and will sometimes even dial back if they notice that their class is getting too overwhelmed. At UHS, receiving tutoring is encouraged and not looked down upon by other students. Additionally, since the school is so small and everyone takes most of the same classes, it is easy to find classmates and peers who are willing to help and know what each teacher expects. Overall, UHS is a wonderful school that really prepares students for the rigor of college.
I feel safe and comfortable on school and the atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone is so kind and accepting and I feel free there. But I feel like everyone is so competitive and wants everything to be perfect. It's scary to work with those people, but it inspires me. This is a school I wish everyone could go to.
The culture of University High School is unlike any other school in the Central Valley. UHS offers a rigorous academic courseload, with intergration of students into Fresno State. The facilities are well kept, and students act with a high moral code. Although there is a competitive aura, students do their best to lift eachother up.
As a college-preparatory, music-oriented charter school, University High makes the most of its name. Its rigorous academics and integration with the Fresno State campus allows upperclassmen to experience college classes, commuting, and food. Plus, the small <500 school size permits a tight-knit community of classmates and faculty, who all can talk to another with little qualms about discussing academics, extracurriculars, or general incoherence. While it is also extremely competitive, people generally lift each other up during stressful times, and through this, build the school up as a whole. As phoenixes, we rise from the ashes to become stronger than ever, together.
Overall, my experience at UHS has been quite a wild ride, but also the best time of my life. It is a school of nerdy, funny, and unique personalities that I will forever cherish having the opportunity to meet - and I will miss them all after graduation this year.
University High School is very challenging. But, it offers a supportive environment that allows kids to tackle college level work with a close-knit community.
UHS is a very welcoming environment that accepts people from any race, background, financial status, etc. They make sure nobody gets left behind and that everybody is treated with equality and equity.
University High School is a very hard school to attend, but the students there, how much it prepares students, and the overall environment is very much worth the work.
The administration and staff work together and do their best to give students he best opportunities and the best education they can. The quality of education is excellent: in depth teaching for understanding and application rather than simply to do well on tests. Overall, students learn important strategies for approaching and overcoming any task. Similarly, the competitive environment creates an ambitious student culture. Although said competitiveness can create its own social conflicts he experiences, good and bad, are priceless. The workload is surely intense, and it requires the best from its students. Burn out is very likely, especially if one does not learn how to manage his or her time well. However, it's one of the many lessons that comes with being a phoenix. I learned many things inside and outside of the classroom. The academic and social experiences contributed to who I am, and made me the Honors Student at UC Irvine that I am today.
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The school has a great environment unlike any other. It has virtually no bullying. All cultures are embraced and celebrated on a daily basis. Academics are key and enhanced with a music background. Students should be prepared to work hard but can expect to be rewarded with the opportunities and experiences that only University High School can offer.
This school contains motivated students who push themselves to the next level. UHS students take college classes beginning in the sophomore year and are required to take Latin for two years and music theory and performing groups for all four years. Sometimes, the pressure can be too much, with college readiness activities and speeches beginning freshmen year, but it is not a cutthroat environment like many other competitive schools.
The workload is a lot but students are being prepared for college and there are some sacrifices that need to happen in order to be able to get a good grade and be able to learn about priorities in the real world.
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