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University Heights Academy is a small family-like environment that has allowed me to flourish not only academically and athletically, but also through my character.
University Heights Academy is a very good school that prepares students for college and higher level thinking. This school also prepares the students to face real world problems with critical thinking. One thing that might need to be fixed is the openness of political views from the teachers, yet besides that, University Heights Academy is a great college preparatory school for young, blossoming students.
A lot better than the public school in the area. Rarely to no fighting. Small school, so teachers care more.
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The school gives everyone a background, it doesn’t matter what age group, racial background, everyone has a chance to succeed. The education prepares you for college in many ways like time management.
UHA is more than just a school—it’s a family. Many of the teachers inspire students to do their best in all aspects of life, not just school. The only thing I would change would be the size of the building, it was starting to get cramped!
University Heights had been home to me from kindergarten all the way to senior year. The academics, teachers, and small classes have prepared me for my next step in life. I love being a part of a school where it feels as if everyone was family. It's an honor to be a part of a school, with great academics, great athletics, and an awesome
Support system.
I liked how University Heights Academy prepared me for college. However, the school was not diverse at all.
I have been to many schools in my lifetime and in every single one, I have felt like an outsider, rejected by other students. That was until I went to UHA. UHA has been the only school to accept me for who I am and allows me to live my life to the maximum. The teachers have taught me more in two years than in my entire life. They have treated me like family and I have two more great, memorable years ahead of me. I HIGHLY recommend UHA. The teachers devote themselves to teaching and helping students. They don't care about how much they get paid. All they care about is helping students learn and understand their subject and how to use it in the future. While I do not play sports yet, we have some of the best players I have ever seen. This school has, and continues to train me in how to become prepared for college and life.
University Heights Acadamy is a fabulous place of educational growth! In a community of a poor public school system, UHA students rise above and beyond. UHA is a welcoming place that always feels like home! Everyone is accepted, loved, and welcomed into the "family".
The clubs are the best part about the school.
The school has a great atmosphere with a lot of friendly people.
The teachers really help the student's but some teachers go to fast.
I think all schools could use improvement but UHA does a great job.
I feel this is a safe and clean school.
My child enjoys the clubs and organizations. With such a small student body, students are encouraged to participate in any activities of interest and they are very inclusive.
UHA is the very best place my child could be educated. It truly is a family environment.
it is a great very small school
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The extracurriculars offered are all as top notch as they can be. All extracurriculars are offered to and welcome all students.
Each and every staff member at University Heights Academy are important. They all help maintain order and follow all the rules to ensure that the school rules smoothly and stays the best it can be.
There is good diversity at this school, i wouldn't change a thing!
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