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At University Christian, there are many resources there to help you with your school work and the teachers are very flexible and understand. Something I would like to see change is the amount of clubs that are at the school. At UC we do not have many educational groups or clubs. I think if there was more of the small groups, it would bring more people closer and be more involved in school.
What I enjoyed about University Christian was the Christian environment that was provided for children. Furthermore, this environment has shaped my ideological perspectives for the better. In doing so, I was able to approach sports, extracurricular activities, as well as college with a biblical worldview that would prepare me for my transition out of high school into adulthood.
This school has provided me lots of interesting experiences. I had chances to meet new friends and teachers, new study environment with joy and I really love everything here. Especially, the Spirit of the school is beyond awesome!
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There are many things that I love about University Christian School. The main thing is that it is a family. The administration and teachers want you to succeed and become something in life. They helped me become a follower of Christ and they motivated me to deepen my relationship with him. They really care about their students and it shows. The curriculum is amazing and the chapel experience is off the charts. If there was one thing I would change is I would have chapel service 2 times a week instead of one. Maybe a chapel service at the beginning of the week and then another at the end.
Very friendly environment and get to know everyone. Very understanding and caring staff members and teachers who make it easier to go throughout your day!
University Christian has a great learning environment, with kids that want to learn, and teachers that challenge their students academically.
This school truly has a family feel, which can be great if you like to know everyone and be apart of everything.
My experience at University Christian has been a great experience so far. The environment at the school, because of the size, makes everyone feel so close like family. The teachers truly care and take time to help the students with any issues they may have. I know when I have gone through injuries due to sports I knew the teachers would help me any way they could and made showed me I was loved and cared for when they took time to stop during their busy day and pray for me. The friendships I have made at school I know will be friendships I will keep for a lifetime. Univeristy Christian School helped me realize me abilities and gave me the tools to reach any goal I set out to get. The only thing I would like to see changed is to not only look to football as a highly regarded activity because other sports, clubs, and teams also do great in their field and compete well in events.
this school revolves around football, I can see how that is good if you are a football player. However, if you are not, the school will give you no where near the same treatment as the football players. They are unfair, give absolutely no care to their arts program that desperately needs help.
University Christian is not just a school, it’s a family. Every time you are struggling or need help someone is always there. Everyday we walk into schools and see a friendly smile and most importantly we pray at the beginning of the day. University Christian school has taught me so much over the year not only in academics but who I want to be.
UC has been an exceptional experience for me. The small class sizes, and state of the art technology was great. But the best part about University Christian is everyone is like a family. Teachers take the time to get to know you, are there for you and support you in and out of the classroom.
Overall it’s a good school that encourages you to do your best and make you into a better you. They have great and helpful teachers that will take a moment out of their day to help you get what you need to know or just to get the material done pat.
It's okay. I love the people I've met here and the groups that I'm a part of, but the academics aren't very rigorous. The people are nice, but the coursework needs to be more challenging, not just "more".
I like the way that all the teachers actually care for you. Something that needs to change is the dress code.
University Christian School is a very tight knit community and with that, there are pros and cons. The pros are that teachers genuinely care about you and are there to help you with personal problems that might arise. The cons are that there isn’t really a sense of privacy even after school is dismissed. The academics are average and not college prep AT ALL, but there are a few dual enrollment courses available on campus. There are great faculty and there are terrible faculty-at the end of the day I’m glad I went to UC for the people and the spiritual aspect, but it didn’t prepare me academically.
Small classes which lead to one on one activities and conversation during class to understand the material. Teacher love the student and want to see us thrive. They want us to know God and have a personal relationship with Him.
I liked the small atmosphere of the school, it's a school that has grades from Pre-K to 12th grade. You can connect and become family with many friends and classmates all around you. It's a very sports-focused school but I wish they would give art a chance instead of cutting down Art money.
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I've been attending this school since I was in k-3 and currently I am a junior/senior. This school has prepared me for the world and given me the opportunity to graduate early so that I may get a head start on my college education.
a wide range of activities are available and all have a opportuity to partake in them.
Ive had a great fourteen years at my current school and I have made long lasting memories.
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