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It's honestly a wonderful school. I dislike how people spend rumors about this school being bad and how terrible things happen to the students. Those things rarely happen. It all depends on who you hang with and if you let them influence you. The teachers are wonderful. They help you in many ways. Most of them stay after to help students which is amazing. They care so much about their students. Just a great school :)
Unity Reed High School is the place where I made so many great memories. This is the place where I met my best friend. The teachers are extremely nice. They get along with the students very well. My guidance counselor has helped me do well with my academics and also with personal stuff. She went above and beyond for me to get me into Nursing school. My guidance counselor and teachers pushed me to do better in my academics and they have many clubs to join. They also accepted into creating a new club that has not been done before and gives many opportunities for students to discover about themselves with the clubs created. Since this is a school filled with many students from around the world with different cultures, they give us the opportunity to learn about them and make new friends.
Unity Reed is a great school overall; however, improvement can still be made, especially regarding diversity. The school markets itself as diverse but lacks being mindfully diverse. It is not enough to appear diverse if there isn't an active effort to be inclusive to all students.
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I loved these past 4 years at URHS (formally known as Stonewall Jackson High School) I have made some of the best friendships and connections to teachers and staff.
I actually love being at this school. It's very diverse, so I feel accepted 90% of the time. The faculty is actually pretty amazing and very helpful 9 times out of 10. Just like you'll find at most schools, there's the problematic staff here and there, but overall I find most of them to be likeable.The students are also pretty accepting for the most part. I've had my problems with a few students, but I immediately reported it to the staff and they helped take care of my problem. I'm currently a senior, and I'm really gonna miss being here. I've loved being a SJ Raider/UR Lion.
It has always been a overall good experience in my school. These past 4 years help me build who i am as a person inside this school which gives you the fundamental to be successful. The one thing i would change is the actual school which is really out dated and need major renovations like windows.
The staff are great people but don't get me started on how trashy the students are, would not recommend for your kids.
I chose to attend Stonewall Jackson High School because of the IB program and the diversity. Stonewall is the most diverse high school in PWC and I love that. I have met people from all over the world and from so many different cultures. My experience at SJ has been mostly positive, I have met some great people here that I now consider very close friends. I have had some amazing teachers and an excellent counselor. I am a rising senior so my experience isn't over it but so far I have enjoyed attending this school. The IB program is very rigorous but honestly worth it because of all the information that you learn, it helps you understand the world better and takes a deeper dive into history compared to regular classes. Art club is an awesome club, which I am a member of, it is ran by our awesome art teachers and its a fun thing to do after school. Many students and I here used their voice to be heard during our school name change, we are now the Unity Reed Lions. Go Lions!
Stonewall for the most part was a good school I do wish they had more programs to explore so students can learn what they would like to do after high school
Stonewall Jackson High School, or what is now Unity Reed High School, is a school of excellence in Prince William County. It provides students with a dedicated family of teachers that strive to teach their students in the best ways possible. A senior high school like this is rarely seen in Manassas as it welcomes the great diversity among its students and teachers. From its excellent academic programs, such as IB (International Beacaulerete) and other Career Oriented Programs, to its extracurriculars it is a well-balanced school. Unfortunately, a bad reputation has been built around it portraying the school as corrupt and a place of violence all to which the majority of its current and former students will agree is false. What this high school does need is funding for academic supplies such as textbooks and funding towards the athletic department. This would improve and aid the school as a whole.
I like the fact that the guidance counselors are very helpful and involved in your academic life. They are also very helpful with problems that might not be school related and they really do try their best to help you.
At Stonewall, there are many opportunities for you. It is a very good school, and has an awesome program called the IB program. It helps students to have a strong work ethic and prepares them for college in the future.
Stonewall Jackson was a great school to get my education from. However the school was severely underfunded compared to some of the other schools in the county. The county had many disparities between their schools in the poorer neighborhoods compared to the ones in rich neighborhoods. The school did have great academically challenging programs, an exceptional music department, and many after school clubs that made the school feel inclusive.
The experience was nice. Nice teachers, diverse, nice atmosphere. The food could use some work lol. All in all, it was a good place
I loved the music program at Stonewall Jackson Highschool. My favorite part about the music program was the marching band which was like a big family.
My experience at Stonewall Jackson High is very intriguing. I didn’t expect the teachers, diversity, clubs & activities to be as interesting. Personally, i was expecting it turn out like my previous school. The teachers there are hard workers and make sure that every student that they have pass their class. Teachers at least make sure a student that has an F makes it to a D or C. Diversity there is way better. Their are children with different languages from other countries, and that’s more experience in diversity that i’ve seen. I mainly expected their to be caucasian and African american children. Finally, clubs and activities are amazing. I idolize on how many exciting things they give us to do. Experience from my other school was just mainly sports. At Stonewall, dancing, language, subject, computer, etc. clubs are choices that i didn’t know we could have.
This schools IB program is fantastic and truly connects the students with their teachers. Although our presentation is outdated and in need of modification sometimes the stonewall spirit is always what decorates the school.
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Stonewall is a very good school. The teachers are very nice and they teach very well. New students are always warmly welcomed in the school!
I attended SJHS all 4 years of High school and I have to say that academically it is a fantastic school. The teachers are very helpful if you look for help. Athletics wise, I feel like some coaches for certain sports are very unfair considering some of them have they’re own teams outside of school so when they came to SJHS they already had teams made in there minds and didn’t allow others to prove themselves. However like I said academically Stonewall Jackson High school is a fantastic school!
The thing I like most about stonewall Jackson HS was the diversity! In my opinion, I don’t have anything I would change
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