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Unity Junior High School Reviews

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I would just like to say the teachers are very supportive and overall it is a pretty good school. I ask for help and the teachers respond and help very fast. I go to unity and I have gotten a very good learning experience so far. I gave UJHS 4 stars because the school is very good but there are a couple flaws and it is not perfect. I would definitely like to recommend the school even though there is a couple flaws.
this school is very good. yessir. best school ever. i got suspended like 4 weeks ago. but its still a very good school.
i would like to give this school this rating mostly because it does do good as a overall school but the thing that causes it to be a bad school is all the fights that's going on i know this mostly because i go to this school it does help you on learning just like someone said it helps you learn but not maybe all the things that you maybe have to deal with later in life. overall great school but it seams like the teachers just fool around and don't do their job seriously, and to much fights. i'm trying to be nice giving them a 4 so take it.
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i just hate this school. students are not able to work properly with all those edgy and uncaring students around. fights break out every now and then for the stupidest reasons.
The 8th grade has a horrible staff at interest they don't do their jobs and don't HELP school fighting, very poor.
It was a great place for me. Definitely is filled with great teachers who will allow students to grow after Unity.
Unity Junior high is not a very diverse school. They do prepare you for high school but for life I do not believe they do.
Unity Jr. High school is put in a tough spot: they want to improve, but financially, they can't. The District itself is too fixated on their budget, and this reflects on the Unity. The arts programs are drastically underbudgeted, school security is a joke, and so much more. But within this school, there are excellent educators, teachers, and administrators who are dedicated to their job. The teachers there are remarkable and so kind, and leave an impact on their students. But what I love most about this school is its attitude of always wanting to improve, and how administrators and principals listen to students ideas on how to improve. Overall, not the best school, but also not the wost, either.
great school teachers helped me prepare for high school they were very involved in what I had to say.
My teachers were excellent and prepared me pretty well for my high school career. Though the school is very large for a middle school, class sizes weren't too bad. i have some nice memories of that school and still keep some contact with teachers.
School food is always bad
They would focus to much on uniforms and make students miss class for small details
There are varieties of classes you take, although you do not get to choose them
It is a junior high school so not many parents are involved as they should be
It was very closed off, so you didn't have the opportunity to interact with other students
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