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Unity Christian Elementary School is a private, Christian school located in Fulton, IL. It has 66 students in grades K-6 with a student-teacher ratio of 12 to 1.

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Tuition is for the highest grade offered and may have changed for the current school year. For more information, please contact the school.
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Unity Christian Elementary School Reviews

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Typically, there is no try-out a student must complete to be involved in a sport. If you want to go out for it, you're pretty much automatically on the team. The weight room is also available after school to the students and faculty. We offer soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, softball/baseball, track, and wrestling for our athletic sports. The teams are very well bonded; they are very close-knit and commonly hang out together outside of school and school functions. The men's sports have particularly been excellent the past couple of years; they have been back to back soccer conference champions and back to back basketball conference champions. This March for basketball they are attending Nationals. For a school with 40 people in high school, there is an amazing amount of talent on the team (the school also does not do any sort of recruiting). At every game, there is a good amount of people who show up to support the teams. On nights such as senior night or homecoming night, there are of course more fans than usual. All in all, athletics at Unity are very prominent; most of the students are involved in at least one sport.
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As a general consensus, the teachers are excellent at what they do. Mr. Kotman does an amazing job at incorporating technology into every class. He uses his Smart Board on a daily basis to teach every class he has. Mrs. Hollewell is a very fun and exciting person; she makes sure her students understand the material while keeping class very upbeat and fun. However, there are a couple of teachers that are new to the school and in my due honest opinion have taken quite a toll on the school as a whole. In their classrooms, there is sometimes a ridiculous amount of homework (3+ hours of homework) and they do not know how to teach some of the material. Aside from this, student ideas are not encouraged as much as they should be. Also, all of our A students were continuing to struggle in the class. Aside from not liking the two teachers, they were also not understanding the material. However, despite those two teachers, the others are excellent and well-qualified in what they teach.
The guidance counselors care about the students a thousandfold. They will spend all of their waking hours trying to help each and every student. The air conditioning and heating are average. Some rooms are colder, some hotter. We typically layer to accommodate certain classrooms. The overall building is average. The bathrooms, locker rooms, hallways are average. Every student 7-12 has a full body locker to keep their belongings in. There is a library, but not a particular system to check and return books. The Science lab is limited to the science classroom, but there are a good amount of tools kept in there. The gym is excellent, just a tad on the small side. There is room for the size of the school, but a bigger gymnasium could potentially be a benefit.