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UCA is an amazing school. The teachers not only care about the work but the students overall well being. The school has great spirit and makes things fun everday!
Bullying is not addressed. Teachers embarrass students in front of class. Heads are in the sand...not reality.
What I like about UCA is the people there are super nice. What I would like to see change is more technology and to get with more advanced things.
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We were homeschooling our children and our kids really wanted to play sports on a more competitive level. UCA allowed our children to play Varsity sports on teams where they needed players. They were coached very well and their games have improved tremendously. We were welcomed as part of the "family". We have been so welcomed by the UCA community, our kids have chosen to attend school here next year. I highly recommend this school. Next year they will be offering a robust Art program, as well!
UCA is a wonderful school. I have two children there. The teachers genuinely care for their students. The teachers desire to instill not only book knowledge, but spiritual knowledge and wisdom as well.
United Christian Academy offers a great education, strong spiritual guidance, wonderful group of teachers, and great facility.
The good thing about attending United Christian Academy is the love and support you get from all your teachers. Classmates become more than just friends, they become family and are always willing to help one another. Playing sports help bring every one together and teach sportsmanship, responsibility, and the coaches are always very supportive. The school also has Bible class everyday and chapel service once a week.
Left this school after 8th grade because of the lack of academic programs and extracurriculars. At the time I left, there was no academic flexibility. If you excelled at math, nobody cared and they put you in the same math class as everyone in your grade. If you excelled in art, well, no art classes! No band class? No coding class? No higher level classes? Basically you can spend thousands of dollars at this school getting a worthless education or go to the public school down the road and have a chance at getting into (and excelling in) a decent college besides PVCC or LibertyU.
They do not prepare you for college and use your money for unneeded things. They don't treat us like we are the most important ones at the school. They are sometimes rude. The teachers are not well educated
UCA is a fantastic Christian Public School! It is a small school with great peers and fantastic teachers. I've been attending UCA since 3rd grade and I do not regret that decision at all. I've met many people and have gotten to make some good friends. Mrs. Powell, UCA's principal, is a very kind, helping, and loving person. She has done so much to further advance UCA. Even though UCA may be small it provides big opportunities for students just like me. I play three sports throughout the year: soccer, basketball, and baseball. Also, because of UCA's excellent academics, I've been able to maintain and perfect 4.0 GPA. All of my teachers keep me on track and help me to achieve my dreams. I highly recommend that you visit UCA and see for yourself just how great UCA really is.
The teachers care about you as if you were their child. The entire school feels like a big family coming to learn. The students never argue and are always friendly. I love United Christian Academy and am very sad to leave.
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