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I enjoy all the teachers I had on my classes, specially my senior year. My favorite class was Adv. Physiology. At first it was hard but I loved it as time went by. Union its all about spirit and support . With our events and clubs, it made an incredible experience. The management in the school is well organized and friendly. I also love the fact that we have a specific room for the students to get college support such as one-on-one appointments or events/meeting to help the transition from high school to college easier. For these reasons, I am so glad I am part of the red skin family at Union High School.
As my final year at Union High School is coming to an end, I can see how extremely blessed I am to have gone to such an amazing school. The faculty and facilities are some of the best in the country and there are countless ways you can get involved at the school. The school events such as Back to School Bash and the Blacklight dance are some of my most memorable moments at the High School. The only major thing I would change about the school is the involvement of minorities in our leadership organizations. Although ourschool is very diverse, our major clubs and organizations that govern the school do not reflect that.
The teachers at this school are absolutely phenomenal. While education in Oklahoma isn't the best, this does not stop the teachers from encouraging their students to take their academics seriously. They go out of their own way to provide a good learning experience to their students. The janitorial staff, as well as the cafeteria workers, are extremely underrated. They work extremely hard everyday to make sure that the school is functioning, and they are an essential asset to the school. In addition, the administrative team at the high school are very supportive to the students, and they strive to make sure that everyone is college-ready before they graduate. Moreover, there are a lot of clubs and activities that are always taking place in the school, including Prom, Homecoming dance, blood drives, volunteering opportunities, etc.
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I am a senior and so far I have enjoyed my high school experience at union. All the events that leadership helps create and all the sports. The diversity here at union is also great, you get to meet so many different people.
I love it! It is super diverse and very big which allows me to experience all sorts of new things. The teachers here are very supportive and they connect with you very well. The student activities are the best in the nation!
I liked the wide variety of courses available for students to take. The school has some nice hallways that were renovated, but the old parts of the school are depressing. The cafeteria choices are good as well.
I enjoy union mainly because of my friends and some of the teachers we have. Overall the environment is fun but sometimes chaotic.
what i like about union high school is that the teachers love to work with you & be there for you . things that need to change is respect because some teacher dont respect an student but they feel like we should respect them back when they disrespect you.
The staff at Union are usually very helpful and most are genuinely educated on the subject they teach or the position they hold. The fine arts and sports are highly prioritized, which is beneficial for students. However some change I would like to see is better use of the finances. Sports and fine arts facilities are more frequently prioritized over educational resources.
Regarding Union High School, I think the school administrators put too large a focus on extra-circulars and sports. While those are important, Union does not offer as much credit for pure academics as they should. There are some students that deserve more credit than they are given by Union's current priorities.
There are clubs and organizations for everyone. Union strongly emphasizes college and career readiness, and prepares their students for sucess.
Somewhat boring HS classes. Kids come to class high and they disrupt class. There are a few students that try, but most din’t care.
I like the student life and the classes they offer.
The classes they offer can be very advanced.
I’m taking 5 AP classes and the teachers in most of them actually know what they’re talking about in class.
As a Union Alum from 1st grade to Graduate I can say that Union has always been a school that students can be proud of.
I really like how diverse Union is and how the school set up is similar to college, that really helped with the transition into college
I personally love the extracurriculars, there are so many options and it’s hard to not find something that might interest you, even if it’s just a simple group about playing cards. I wish the academics were harder, but I like the option to take concurrently.
the teachers are very helpful and the student body is very spirited, the activities at the high school are so much fun!
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What I like about Union High School is that we have great extra curriculum. I would like them to change the way they spend their money on things.
i like that they have a lot of resources available for college readiness,but the curriculum needs to be updated and the teachers need to learn how to be more hand on for students who don't understand just from seeing things.
the teachers are very caring and helpful, they want to see you succeed and will do what ever they can to help you. the administration is always there when you need anything, especially the counselor.
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