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Union County Middle School Reviews

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Most of the teachers are fine, many are excellent and go above and beyond. They constantly leave you wondering what they see in UCHS and why they stick around. There are still quite a few, however, who make it very obvious that they don't want to be there.
It tastes okay sometimes, certainly not healthy, ever
Councilors are always available and walk the halls daily and talk to students.
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The principal is not around very often, like, at all. The vice principal makes up for it, as he is very involved. Guidance councilors are very nice and easy to talk to. Dress code is annoying and feels a little dated.
Definitely not very accepting of LGBTQ, save for a few individuals. Almost no minorities.
A fair number of clubs and sports are available. They're pretty great.
Racism and over-all prejudice is prominent, little to nothing is done about it. I don't think anyone feels unsafe, necessarily. Occasional drug dog sweeps. School nurse is only around for half of the day.
Union County High School is an okay school. It's not much, the food is mediocre, the building is average. Not the best, but most certainly not the worst, especially for the surrounding area. They offer fairly engaging classes and plenty of room to excel. As far as fellow students, just choose your friends wisely.
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