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I attended Ukiah High for only a short period of time and promptly transferred for a handful of reasons. That being said, I did enjoy many aspects of the school. On one hand, there was only about 20% of students (a rough estimate) who challenged themselves academically and sought future plans regarding college, which you know isn't for everyone. However, there was a certain "lack of care" that pervaded the student ambience, and personally, I didn't wish to stay in such an environment. On the other hand, Ukiah High did live up to the stereotypical high school rallies, games, and homecoming that made one's high school experience special. As far as academics go, if you found the pool of students who did wish to challenge themselves, there isn't much to complain about. The student sets the bar for how hard to work and how willing they wish to learn--the teachers would piggy back off of their eagerness. Overall, it is a great school if you wish to invest the work--with the right people.
it was okay it was not anything out of the ordinary. However their middle college program is wonderful and allows students to learn about college and attend!
Ukiah High School is part of a loving, small town community where students are encouraged to pursue their dreams and find their passion in life.
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I am in the Middle College program of this high school. This program lets you take college classes at the local college, while taking your high school classes. The teacher are enjoyable to have and they teach their subjects very well. We sometimes interact with the main high school, but we are also slightly independent from them. We spend a lot of time at the college campus and it helps students get some of the college experience. I did spend some time in the high school campus before this program started. I enjoyed this experience with the teacher at the high school. They all have their different ways of teaching and if you like having a lot of different teachers per subject, you can remain at the campus. If you prefer fewer teachers and want to have more of a college experience you can join the Middle College program that this high school offers.
Teachers are great at what they do. They make learning fun and enjoyable. Also, there is a specialty bar at lunch which I look forward to.
I appecitate how well the teachers care about there students and preparing them for college.........
Ukiah High gave me a great experience because I made it that way. If you want to have a good experience there, you have to make it one. Others will not do it for you.
I loved going here all 4 years of high school. The teachers are very caring and care about students. The only thing I disliked was that it was the same students that were involved in managing school activities. It was hard getting involved due to this.
I liked Ukiah High School's Leadership program, I felt that I personally succeeded well within it. By being in it, I now have a desire to help others. I would like to see the counseling at Ukiah High change in a sense of students need to be more prepared for college and what to do when applying, signing up and so on.
I Came to Ukiah high school my junior year and it was an easy transition from my old school because the students and staff were very welcoming and friendly. The campus is very clean and looked after for by staff and student body. Overall my experience at Ukiah high school was very fun and exciting with the help from students and activities that are available to everyone.
I loved the clubs and activities offered at Ukiah High School. I was able to explore a ton of different subjects in order to discover what I wanted to do in the future. I had at least two fantastic teachers every year, but I also had some duds where I wished I never had to attend class. The campus is nice and outside, but has had some problems with cleanliness (ie, roaches, trash) that administration is actually doing everything they can to fix. The school is very divided between its 50% Mexican population and 50% white, and it feels almost segregated. This lack of diversity makes the four years there feel odd, because you really only hang out with people who look like you.
My Experience at Ukiah High is wonderful the teachers are amazing , you really feel safe here with the security guards stepping in just in case something bad happens , and the sports here is amazing all the coaches at this high school are well educated in the sport they are teaching
Ukiah High School is an ok school. There is nothing great or terrible about it. They have some cool teachers that care about their jobs. The campus itself might actually be the best part of the entire school. It has plenty of vegetation and is placed in front of a small forest, and behind the city's cemetery. the campus is also close to restaurants which is good for the upperclassmen who get to leave campus for lunch.
I love the Homecoming at Ukiah Highschool. The class competition, rally and football game are all incredible and it's such a fun and creative process making the skit, dance, float, mural, and backdrop come together. I wish the school supervisors were more friendly and approachable. While some of them are great, there are definitely people on campus that I would walk a mile to avoid. I wish to campus supervisors felt like they were there to protect me, not to get me.
The staff is okay not the best in my opinion. The majority of them seem to think we dont have our own problems going on outside of high school and just assign massive amounts of homework each night and expect it to all be turned in the next day.
My teachers have made my last 3 years a very positive and supportive experience. I play 2 sports and they have always worked around my athletic schedules. I've made great friends and live in a very close community.
What I like about Ukiah HIgh school is that they offer a variety of AP classes. Having AP classes is something that is important because it gives us an opportunity to be able to get college credit. The teachers at Ukiah High try to help you in everything you need from help with the material being learned in class to personal problems too. You are able to create good bonds with your teachers. Counselors can provide you with a variety of resources regarding the SAT or college applications. The diversity at Ukiah High is pretty spread out. The one thing that does need more attention is the bathrooms because of how fast things run out like hand soap.
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Ukiah High is a great school with some wonderful teachers and staff. My experience has been a positive one. Although there are some downsides such as drug and alcohol use, the curriculum is challenging and the teachers are invested in their students lives. The counselors are excellent in their relationships with students and I have been able to connect with my counselor and trust her deeply.
As I go into my senior year, there are several things I love about Ukiah High, but there are also a number of things I'd like to see change. Ukiah High's atmosphere is, for the most part, great. The teaching staff does an amazing job, and I, personally, have not had a teacher that I do/did not like. Ukiah High does a wonderful job at trying to include everyone as well as bringing awareness to local issues as well real world issues that need to be discussed. As well as this, there are a large number of sports and clubs available for students to participate in, as well as a week-long, extremely fun and engaging Homecoming celebration. On the flip side, I do wish the cleanliness of the school was better taken care of. Also, I believe that Freshmen should not be excluded from the ability to leave campus at lunch, as long as their parents or guardian allow them to leave. Overall, I believe Ukiah High is a good school that offers great opportunities.
I am finishing my sophmore year at the time I am writing this. There are great math classes. Plentyful opportunities to get involved such as clubs, sports, and performing and visual arts. Most of the teachers are passionate about teaching and care about the well being of their students.
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