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U-32 has great staff and solid facilities. All the teachers are great and personable with the students. It ranks as one of the best public schools in the state and has a very good repetoire. The academics are fairly rigorous and they course offerings are on par with any other high school. They excel in athletics and offer a wide variety of programs.
I’ve loved this school, I have amazing teachers and amazing friends. It’s truly a school for everyone and anyone.
Overly progressive administration. Mostly competent teachers but few outstanding. Solid sports programs.
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I liked that our class was small and we all knew each other. We all got along pretty well and we always had fun. One thing I would improve about U-32 if I could, would be student involvement. We have many sports but the stands are often left empty. We also have different clubs but not many students sign up for them.
U-32 is a small school with a great atmosphere and great people. The teachers are willing to provide help as long as its within their time frame. The sports programs are excellent with a ton of attention towards good sportsmanship and friendly competition.
U-32 is an extremely supportive community, while I was there I came out as transgender and everyone was extremely supportive of me. They have a extremely good special education program.
Overall U-32 is a great school. They offer many sports and arts programs. The teachers are very friendly, and it's easy to make connections with them. When I was having a hard time I knew I could trust my TA to give me guidance. If I could recommend anything, it would be to have more school events such as dances.
At U-32 the main thing that I love is that the students aren't really separated into their own groups and it feels more like one big community. I also enjoy the sports programs and the wide variety of classes that are available to the students so we can choose what we want to learn. All the teachers are very supportive in our journey to succeed and are always willing to help when asked.
Though a small rural public school, U-32 has many opportunities in athletics, arts, and community based learning. The theatre program is absolutely fabulous and puts of professional scale productions despite limited resources. The teachers and academics are great, too! Especially English, Social Studies and French departments. The school had stuck together through a few tragedies in the community and it is a tight-knit place. The school is going through a bumpy transition to proficiency-based grading that isn't benefitting students or preparing them for college. Also, the administrators are more concerned with protocol than the best interests of the students. Students find themselves involved with endless bureaucracy trying to advocate for themselves and make positive changes in the school. Overall, good academics and a thriving art and theatre department make this high school experience exceptional.
My experience at U-32 was very good. From a very early age I was challenged with a learning style that was different than that of a traditional student. I learn best through experiential education. A change I would love to see would be for experiential/Technical education to become a more viable option for students at a much earlier age. It would be ideal if those options were available at the home campus as well. Each day I traveled to my home high school then needed to travel to the technical school and then back again to my home high school. Over a years time that equates to a lot of learning time lost.
U-32 has been great! I have been very fortunate to have great teachers at both U-32 and Central Vermont Career Center!
The academics are great and the teachers are brilliant, wonderful people. The administration was often very unfriendly and impossible to reach however. They seemed to lack no understanding of the student body and did not seem to care deeply about the students at all.
Its an ok school, lots of AP classes and good college readiness and pretty good sports for division 2. Lots of clubs and activities, but the only diversity here is rednecks. Only like 20 non white students here out of about 800 total. Besides that, decent school.
I went to this highschool from 7th grade through 11th grade leaving my senior year to go to an early college program offered by U-32. I still was a part of the school and graduated from there but didn’t take any classes there my last year. I like to think U-32 is a great school and it has taught me a lot to get me ready for college. But you have to make it good for yourself. Picking the right classes with the right teachers is critical. The recources U-32 has at its disposal are very helpful too for a highschool student or a parent wanting there student to go here.
I love the focus on the arts, and how welcoming and accepting everyone is! Truly a positive environment.
Teachers are great and really care about you as a student. The other students are great for the most part except this year there's been a little more hostility than normal in one grade. Administration could use a little work.
There is a need for increased academic rigor. Many teachers are not familiar with the concept or how to support rigor within their classroom. Understanding rigor is essential for understanding how to approach and measure the learning of students. It questions the standards we demand from our students and reconsider exactly what we consider as true achievement. A new proficiency based grading system has been implemented which seems to be poorly understood and is inconsistently applied by many teachers leaving the students confused regarding where they stand and how to achieve improved grades.
U-32 is a great school for students who want to pursue arts, with strong theatre, photo, pottery and general arts courses. It also has many strong sports teams. School culture is welcoming, and the small size means that you'll know most people in your grade. The teachers are outstanding and go beyond the classroom to help their students. There are programs to support independent project work and even an alternative student-run program for highly motivated students who wish to work closer with their community during their 4 years there.
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Many teachers and administration need work. They do not try to connect with students or help them through hard times.
I really like U-32. It's a very informal school; we call all our teachers by their first names. But I've always felt on equal footing with everyone in the building. I love our arts program. All the arts are very well funded, particularly for such a small school. That's another thing about U-32; it's small. Which is great because everyone knows everyone. It's also not so great because EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE. If I could change anything at my school, I would change the amount that the councilors prepare students for college, because I really didn't feel like anybody was guiding me through the process. I would also change the fact that the administration does not always listen to the voices of the students.
Overall this school is relaxed and happy. Students call teachers by their first names, there are no "hall passes" and students have free bands (blocks of time that students have nowhere to be and they choose what they do). These features of the school give the students a sense of responsibility.
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