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Two Roads Charter School Reviews

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Two Roads is a K-12 school that offers an amazing education! They have several programs and activities for every student!
My experience at Two Roads Charter School has been great. I have been here since 7th grade. The teachers care so deeply about their students and the students get one on one help with the teacher. Everyone is a community.
Great school so far it could use some work and it makes very bad decisions concerning money but I still love it. The sports teams are small but they have spirit and are actually pretty good.
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I am SO impressed with all that I see happening at Two Roads! We have great students, excellent teachers, and the staff & administrators are amazing! Two Roads LOVES students and it is evident every day!
I have loved my experiences at Two Roads, I met amazing friends, had fantastic teachers, and felt very involved. I know even after I leave for college, I will always have a home at Two Roads. The teachers care so much and want you to succeed and the small amount of students makes it so much easier to be social and you have a chance to get to know everyone!
I don’t even know where to start. This school is amazing in so many ways. I have enjoyed coming here for high school and it’s kind of hard to put it into words. I would give this 100 stars if I could! You will not regret attending this school I promise.
This is definitely an interesting place. The teachers a so supportive and willing to help students with things besides schoolwork. There isnt a whole lot of drugs and the people are fairly nice. It is a small school so there is only like 30 people a grade. If I were to describe this school in one word it would be flexible. The daily schedule can change at any time and it sometimes feels like the kids have to do things that faculty would normally take care of. Overall pretty good school.
Even tho its a small school it’s still really great I couldn’t ask for better teachers and there is almost no drugs or bullying at all
I love this school so much! It is a k12 school and is relatively small and can be a nice change from huge public academies. The teachers are amazing and super supportive. There is a concurrent enrollment program for juniors and seniors which basically offers free college for 2 years and thats really helpful. I would highly recommend attending this place
My children have had a fantastic experience at Two Roads. They have engaging relationships with administration, teachers, staff, and other students. Their learning needs are met with creative solutions. They are happy everyday when they come home! :)
Best of both worlds! Kids still get the opportunity of being in school while also being homeschooled. Perfect Balance.
I have experience with Two Roads both as a homeschool parent and as an employee. I partnered with Two Roads while homeschooling my three children (now all grown and college graduates). Two Roads provided a caring environment, educational rigor in subjects I was not equipped to teach, and a myriad of opportunities and resources (from drama club to early college). For a small school, they accomplish mighty things!

Following the graduation of my third child, I joined the staff. Two Roads has a culture like none other. All teachers and staff are invested in the success of every student. It is a beautiful thing! We believe that there is not just a single path to success, and we are therefore masters at individualization. Everyone can find a place to belong at Two Roads.
Two Roads Charter School is a great school with very nice teachers and a pleasant environment that you can't find at larger schools. I'm so glad I got to go here!
One thing that I liked about Two Roads is how much the teachers care for the students. Something I would change is how the teachers treat certain students and how the teachers let personal opinions affect how they treat students.
The teachers at the Littleton campus are amazing! They truly care about not just how you're doing in their class, and will work with you, but they care about you. They want you to succeed, and they'll do whatever they can to get there.
I would like to see more extra-curricular activities available in the future. The drama club is exceptionally outstanding, but there are only one or two other activities outside of this easily available for Littleton campus students. I'd love to see more activities that kids could be involved in and discover more about themselves.
Small school, friendly and homeschooled atmosphere. Biology department is college ready. Friendly and helpful staff. Generally a nice well-rounded classmate interaction.
The academics here do make me bored and not engaged but at the same time I like the small school atmosphere
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Over all the school is descent. It dose need some work academically with more advanced students, I fill like they don't put students into the classes that they need. the food is 4$ and it is not the best. The teachers are great and most of the students are as well. The diversity of students is high with different races and students with different belief views. The club diverts and sports are a little low but they have basketball and a volleyball team.
There is blantant favoritism, bullying, and a lot of drugs. I'm a student and I can't wait to leave. Sports are terrible. And politics are an issue. If you're looking at a school for your kids, I beg please don't send them here. They will be miserable. Lincoln Academy is a good alternative. And for high schools I highly recommend Arvada West High school or Jefferson Academy. Your kids won't enjoy their time here. The staff is snotty and the second you share your opinion you are put down.
Honestly as a student still enrolled here I hate it with a passion. It treats a majority of it's students with favoritism and unfairness towards students the administration are not fans of.
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