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Twinsburg High School is a wonderful high school to attend. I enjoyed every minute of my time there. They have a very good academics program that can help you figure out what you may want to do down the road. They also have a very supportive staff and administration. The diversity and acceptance within the school is one of their strongest points as well. Many of their spots teams and arts programs have been awarded and accredited. Twinsburg is very welcoming and definitely the place to be! #TIGERSTRONG
Teachers are great and worked with me well. The atmosphere is friendly and safe and there is always something for every type of personality to get involved in.
Im a sophomore attending Twinsburg High School. Ive fallen into a deep depression over school. I do have some good friends but there has always been a problem with bullying kids who are on the quieter side or who have minor disabilities. The counseling department is actually very nice and helpful; unfortunately they are severely overworked. The general student body is very judgmental. Most of the teachers arent very understanding of things you may be facing outside of school and give large amounts of busy work. The Spanish department gives insane amounts of work. Many of the teachers are also not good at making accommodations for students with things like ADD and anxiety. Honors and AP classes dont challenge the students and the teachers expect the students to teach themselves the class. There are fights at least once a week. Students are forced to carry large stacks of books because they are not allowed to carry bags with them from class to class. The general atmosphere is depressing
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What I liked about Twinsburg High School is how diverse it was. I loved the way the teachers respected the kids personal life. In one of my classes my teacher always had the students go around and speak about what is going on in their life. We would talk about social problems, life experience, holidays, and etc by my teacher doing this it felt us feel like a family. One thing I would change is the lack of involvement in school activities.
At THS a good handful important rules are not enforced, while minor rules that do not pertain to improving the learning experience of students are. There is also no school spirit and almost no one participates in spirit weeks. Pep rallies are short and disorganized, which makes them feel like a waste of time. A majority of students are rude and inconsiderate.
I am very proud to be able to graduate from Twinsburg High School. I would not be where I am academically if it weren't for the support that my teachers provided for me with constant help. Twinsburg High School has a very inclusive atmosphere that allows students to fit in and be truly themselves.
I have been at Twinsburg all my life, I have learned a lot and met a lot of great people. However, I have encountered many teachers that barely teach.
I liked the teachers and how involved they were. I also liked the Performing Arts program. In the Arts program is where I felt I grew most as a person. I met some of my closest friends there too. In addition, I do appreciate all that the counselors did for me with getting ready for college. They provide a lot of good information on college and how to prepare and what classes to take.
I have enjoyed my experience at Twinsburg High School. I like the block scheduling (1 hour 30 minute) allowing for more time to engage in specific subjects. I generally like all of the teachers I have. I feel that my AP Calculus teacher is very preparing for the next step, being college.
During my academic career in Twinsburg, I attended K-12. Each school was essential to my growth as a student. During my time in the high school, met teachers who opened my eyes to all the different possibilities for my future. I appreciated how a handful of the teachers I have had at Twinsburg High School took the time to teach and explain concepts I found difficult.
I had a tremendous learning experience at THS. Every year, my schedule was packed with teacher who were good at their job, down-to-earth and relatable, and passionate in their work.
Each school year afforded me the opportunity to take one or ore classes for my personal enjoyment or curiosity and had a great selection of Honors and AP classes in core subjects.
I enjoyed many of the classes and teachers, and I had the great experience of being a part of a many great clubs and activities including show choir, baseball, and foreign language club. In addition, I was able to take 5 years of Spanish and earn a Seal of Biliteracy. One thing that I’d like to see different is the school culture and spirit and not only the relationships between students, but also the students and teachers, and students and administration. I also would like to have more higher level classes in social studies, which I think is very necessary. In addition, I would like to have programs or policies started by the teachers and administration that promote student integrity and interest in learning, even a particular area, although this is an issue pervasive throughout education.
I don’t like the organization of the class material. The everyday teachers are immature and irresponsible. The school setting is very gray and nonchalant sometimes.I like the school spirit and support staff.........................................................................
I have attended Twinsburg during what I would call the "transition years". I started in 2016, before the age of chromebooks and all and it was easy. But after my sophomore year our principal retired and a new one came. She definitely flipped my school life upside down plus the addition of chromebooks was a bit hard to manage. Overall, high school was pretty great and I wouldn't wanted to have gone anywhere else. #TigerPride
Twinsburg City School district has been a wonderful reason to live in this beautiful city. Not only does it get ranked as a top school in Northeast Ohio but has been recognized nationally, in particular, its' library. The only thing that I would like to see changed is upgrades done in the lower schools. Being an older city, the school buildings have remained the same. The high school is less than 20 years old and meets the demand of a growing and prospering city. The lower schools have, however, not kept up.
Twinsburg High School, THS, is a high school where anyone can find something to satisfy their passions. For instance THS has multiple clubs ranging from World Language to Poetry to Theatre to Economics. Naturally THS is home to all the classic sports. The core three of Football, Basketball and Baseball are very popular. However where Twinsburg Athletics really shine is in Soccer, Cross Country, Bowling and Track. All four have amazing histories at the state level, something not found at other area schools. With varieties as vast as this it is impossible to be without a group to belong.
I really enjoy how the teachers and staff try to get involved in their students’ lives and to know them personally. I also appreciate how all the administration show their passion for education.
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The highschool helped me in every way possible to make the best version of myself so that I can be the best student in college. From the style of teaching to the values that are learnt in the classroom setting, all the information is valuable, and this made me be the best person that I could be.
Not bad. Could use better food for lunches, but otherwise not much wrong. Some teachers are sub-par, however the others are so far above, that it makes up for those bad apples. They take safety very seriously as well as diversity. Administration is amazing, helping with anything you need and always have your back.
Some departments are definitely stronger than others, but they are all overall competant. The school recently got a new principal who is extremely involved and is already helping to change the school.
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