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Twin Tiers Christian Academy Reviews

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I enjoyed the Christian focus and the genuineness of the teachers and faculty. I would like to see the art department receive more funding.
Every student will have a Google chrome book starting fall, 2018! I appreciate the strong science/math teachers and options available for advanced courses like dual credit, physics, and calculus. My sons appreciate the art and I love the diverse opportunities in sports and theatre.
The extracurriculars here are really fun. My favorite memory from high school years in general is being involved in the drama club at TTCA. This was an extremely fun option for after-school activities and performances, and will most likely be quite popular if it continues.

There is also a yearbook club, which has a high level of importance for the school as well as administration support, although not always adequate student commitment.

There are a couple more clubs here too, and the school could probably benefit from a few more if possible.
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The teachers here all put a lot of effort into giving their students the best education they can. For the most part, they are all kind, engaging, intelligent, fair, and fully committed.
Little/no bullying and I feel totally secure and safe. The school nurse is great, and the availability is okay.
Not enough variety of activities.
The basketball program was good. Camp Lamoka experience was good; the activities and devotions. Spending time with classmates was good.
Some of the teachers really care about the students; their well-being and the security of the students. Some teachers advise students to come for extra help but when approached, they expect the students to know everything about the topic. These teachers tell students to ask questions but when questions are asked, they tell students they don't have time.
We have a great amount of extracurricular activities, but I feel we could add a few more. Such as baseball, different music programs, different academic clubs, etc.
We take very good precautions at this school to make sure that it is clean and safe. We have a janitor cleaning it top to bottom every day.
It has been the best experience of my life. I don't regret it.
The teachers here are the best you will get. They are fun-loving and care greatly about each of their students. They are Godly mentors for all the students and even some of the other staff members. I love the teachers here.
While there aren't necessarily guards posted at each entrance, I feel secure inside my school. I could not imagine anyone at my school having any cause for violence or physical bullying. Of course, sometimes verbal bullying can be caused by students, but other students and faculty will always support the bullied and stand by them as they face their bullying straight forward.
I personally love everything that this school has done for me. In past schools, I have felt like somewhat of an outlander; the "new kid syndrome" never really left me. However, after attending Twin Tiers, bot the students and the faculty are so loving and encouraging that it is impossible to not connect with them.
Honestly, what more could you ask for from these teachers? First of all, they're sacrificing a good payroll to be underpaid and enjoy their work. They do not simply teach at the front of the classroom; they are role models to the students, and even act as second parents when students have a need for them. They are firm, but never condescending. They are human, while some of their expectation are difficult to live up to. If you need help, simply say the word and the teachers will connect you to the subject and themselves- not being afraid to share their passion with others.
Mrs. Rexford does a great job at preparing food.
Theres debate, worship, and sports
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Though I am quiet and it is hard for me to make friends, I am still so thankful to go to Twin Tiers Christian Academy because everyone, for the most part, is so accepting. My school isn't like a public school in that people are always rude and cliquey. Yeah, we still have that, but where do you go in this world where people are never rude or cliquey?This school is unique in that God is allowed here and you can feel his presence. Of course, he's omnipresent, though. I am so glad that I have the privilege to be a student at Twin Tiers Christian Academy.
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