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Twin Peaks Middle School Reviews

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Dis skule izz bahd beekuz it made me had boodie hurt, and massib black baggy eyez. I dont wana goe hea cuz it bad and got kuties. My toes is butthurt. And ye. Bile pooment pass doo!!!###
it is bad skoool it has bad peepol it mad me hav diahrea an i got bulied and it gav me no frend or eduucashon and i is sad
Twin Peaks is a great school academically. The campus is very outdated and covered in gum. Food wise, it’s ok. Not the best, but decent. The teachers are nice and do try their best. However there is not much interaction in class. 85% of the time is independent work, note taking, digital work. This school is very good on safety. Their is barely any diversity though. Like 80% of the school is white. Cost of living is honestly ridiculously expensive though.
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7th grade was horrible because of my history teacher. She was a foul creature that acted more like a detention monitor than a teacher. She had no mercy and gave people zeros on homework for no reason other than "Oh you missed this tiny highlighted part" or tedious BS like that. Math was also terrible and I didn't understand anything and I was in Math accel for my elective for the whole year. We rarely did anything. It was more of a homework club. The teacher was very cool, though. 8th grade included, I regularly thought of death and for the last 3/4s of the year I did terribly and got regularly berated by my dad and punished for things that I couldn't get help for or something that the school did. It was horrible. I still cherish the day I left that hellhole and I never wish to return. A lot of teachers were really nice and do care about their job along with the kids, but it still doesn't excuse my horrid time there.
I transferred to this school for my last year of middle school, and found it INCREDIBLY unwelcoming to students that had not been in the district for their entire lives. Don't expect to have an easy go of it if you didn't grow up here; both the faculty and students are pretty clique-y.
Most teachers don't act as if they care very much about their jobs anymore, but that makes it easier for the really great ones to stand out.
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