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The leadership at Twin Cities Academy needs serious work. Although it is a charter school, they do not use that to their best advantage to strive towards positive change. Many changes happened over the course of my four years there and every year there was at least a 50% turnover rate of high school teachers. Overall, TCA has a distinct lack of support for students.
The AP classes are fun but the lunch isn't all that great. There are lots of club options to chose from and lots of ways to have fun.
It was fine, would not recommend for high school. The school itself was fine but there was no meeting up outside of school, no sports games after school, no good school play to see, nothing.
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I remember it was a cold autumn day it was the beginning of school and I was so excited, then my dad left me. He hasn't come back and its been 3 years. I blame TCA for the loss how could you do this to me. GO TIGERS
The professors were very nice but I didn't feel adequately prepared for college. I was not the only one to think the administration did a poor job as well.
Its a small school that allows you to be closer to one another. Some of the teachers are kind and helpful with your academic assignments.
I’ve been going here since 8th grade. It’s an okay school, and for being a small school it does sort of well. There isn’t a lot of room or a lot of teachers. Class sizes are bigger than advertised. The college readiness, a main part of TCA, isn’t very good honestly.
Twin cities was a great and normal school! it provided many lessons and opportunities for myself and my peers. Twin cities academy education wise is very good, school is a top priority and it is there main goal to make sure every student is prepared for college! The worse thing about the school is the school lunch.
Twin cities academy is a a very great school the staff push you to always do your best .They prepare you for college and life which is good .
The teachers at the school are amazing and get to know the students personally to help make connections to students and teach them better. The administration would be the only thing that I would change because it seems like they don't know what they're doing.
TCA limits students from their creative and political expression. The admins are micromanaging and close-minded. The majority of the teachers genuinely care about the well-being of the students. The curriculum is not academically challenging unless you take all AP courses.
The teachers at TCAHS are great. They are very willing to help students, and they go out of their way to make sure students understand the class material. As someone who has been involved in Leadership, I can say that the administration at TCAHS is less willing to put the school in the hands of students. New ideas or proposed changes are not always listened to.
This is a small school compared to other public schools, however, smaller school means smaller class size, which means more interaction with teachers. I have to say the teachers and faculty are the most hardworking people and work to make the students into better people. The teachers genuinely care about your well being and worth ethic. They give inspiration to the students to do as best as they possibly can every day.
TCAHS is a school that encourages students to reach their potential and provide good resources to do so.
The academics are very good but the student life and non academic related things are not.
They are very focused on college readiness which is very important and helpful. However the discipline and work with students is not always good.
TCAHS has a tradition of holding high standards of school expectations. This school focuses on college readiness and the importance of volunteer work. TCAHS's rigorous academics helped me have better understanding on my education. Although TCAHS is a small school it gives the teachers a chance to get to know every student. I appreciate that the teachers care about their students and the overall environment of TCAHS is welcoming. Something that could change about TCAHS is the connection between Admin to students. I feel like the trust is not as strong due to a lack of communication.
Twin Cities Academy was a small charter school that also had middle school. I have made strong connections with mostly the whole senior class. The building was small of everyone one but we had to make due with because when the new building was under construction they were on a budget. My experience in the school was great its a college preparatory school and i feel like the teachers are actually preparing me for college.
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I decided to leave my neighborhood school that I felt comfortable with and try something out side the box, thats TCA. It payed off, I am a part of the top 10%, I am on NHS. This all seems great, but the high standers that where set by our founding principle are no longer. Here is a statement that I shared with the principle in an email exchange "your dealings with the recent events of yesterday are disgusting, uncalled for, inappropriate, and frankly how elementary schoolish your behavior is. To take me out of important class to be belittled and harassed by every member of the senior body other than my friend group is a reflection of who you are and your incompetent job ethic." Couple years ago I would have told a parent to sign their student up, but now that I know the ugly truth about administration, I tell them to not send their kid here. Administration at TCA are just like corrupt politicians, I can say they are just like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Teachers do tend to give help to the ones that seek the help. They don't always give help to the ones that don't which is expected since the student isn't asking for it. Every teacher have their own ways of teaching.
The academics of Twin Cities Academy High School is great, however, it would be even better if there were more classes that are of interest to students to do. Classes that students would enjoy like photography, home economics, and basic everyday skills.
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