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Tuscumbia High School Reviews

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We don't have any security guards or really any safety things in place. Bullying is a big problem here and we don't take care of it.
There's not many activities you can participate in. We have basketball softball and baseball for sports, we also have an academic team and FFA but that's about it.
I have had fun going to school at Tuscumbia High School, but mostly because there weren't any strict teachers or staff here really. We get to do whatever we want pretty much. It's a very lenient school system and we don't treat all kids equally. We don't punish children of they don't have a good home life. One time a student stole money out pf another students wallet and did not get in any trouble for ir. All they had to do was give the money back. We also don't handle bullying situations the way we should.
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The teachers have all been here for such a long time that they don't really care. Most teachers let students do what they want and don't give lessons some of the time. It's slightly crazy.
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