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Through my years at Tualatin I found that I stuck to most my classes being science based or related. with that I loved all the teachers in the science program especially the IB science teachers. not only do they make connections with their students durning these rough courses they try their best to work with you and the IB guidelines. Over all I can say that I took all of Mrs.Gorkas classes and loved them; I was apart of our HOSA program and placed 3rd this year making it to internationals.
My high school was probably my favorite compared to the other schools in the area. I admired it more so for the fact that our teachers were very compassionate, easy to work with, and were student-driven whereas it seemed the other schools didn't have a good connection with the people attending and it affected their drive to complete school related things. Also, the types of classes that were offered made it an easier transition into college. I have found that this high school really cared about the individual and I have had an easy college experience so far thanks to them!
My experience so far is ok, it’s a good school.
All the teachers are there because they want you to go to college. They don’t really talk about other opinions for kids who don’t want to go to college but that’s okay.
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What I liked about Tualatin High was the diverse choices of classes that one could take. One thing that I would like to change is the quality of the parking area.
Tualatin High School really encouraged my growth as a student by encouraging me to seek academic opportunities. My counselor and teachers made it possible for me to transition to dual enrollment at my local community college during my junior year. Throughout the last two years that I have attended my community college full time while in high school, Tualatin High School staff have shown me endless support with finding more resources to further my education.
I really enjoy Tualatin High School because of all the wonderful staff they have to offer that really connect with the students, as well as the diverse and all inclusive programs provided. Lots of clubs to choose from and you can happily make your own as well.
I like the number of options for classes and the diversity of people around me! They have many college preparatory classes and have really nice college and career advisers. They also have excellent teachers who are welcoming and kind-hearted. The entire school is laid out well and the atmosphere is something totally different than middle school. The food is not that good but it is not awful like many other high schools.
Tualatin high school is a great school with an excellent staff around the board. The only change I would like to see for my school is more funding specifically for our arts programs, music and drawing etc.
I may be biased but Tualatin High School is probably one of the best high schools in Oregon. It is very clean and the majority of the staff is committed to educating students to prepare them for after high school.
I think this school is very good and the teachers are very good, but it is way too overcrowded and I feel like just a number at this school, that I am not as much an individual because it is too big.
When I was a sophomore, I decided to leave Tualatin High School to do an Early College program. The main reason I did this was because of the staff. I had never been struggling with so many things, whether that was motivation, personal connections, mental health, or problems with classwork, while also feeling so unsupported by staff members. The Student Affairs Office has never helped me with anything, so I'm not actually sure what they do. Whatever the case, this school is filled with adults who don't like teens, so I'm entirely unsure why they chose this job. Teachers are usually fine except for the math and health departments. Early College High School was great and I couldn't have gone without Tualatin letting me so there's that.
I recently Graduated from Tualatin and found that it was amazing. I moved my Junior year and my grades went up, while I also met some amazing people.
I liked the teachers and coaches. I like the fact that although it is a large school, it has a small close-knit feel.

The investments in technology for the classrooms and sports facilities have increased significantly in my four years here.
It’s a suburban high school, and there are a lot of problems with a good amount of teachers here. The administration only cares about the football team and what’s best for them.
Overall, Tualatin High School is pretty good. There are several different electives that help students to discover their passions and jobs that they may be interested in. When it comes to classes, there are honor and IB classes that help students prepare for the challenges of college. Teachers are fairly good and have a general understanding of a student's life and struggles.
I had a positive experience at Tualatin. I was active in both basketball and theater, and the teachers and coaches were supportive of both. Academically, I was challenged.
The art programs had very little funding and were treated differently from the athletics. As someone who's life revolves around the arts, seeing the teachers being disrespected and constantly looking for a way to fund the programs broke my heart. Along with this, math is a difficult subject for me and having a weak math department did not improve my skills, nor my confidence in the subject. Although there are some negatives, the school spirit was uplifting and was a way for everyone to get involved. The associated student body never failed to encourage the entire student population to show school spirit at sporting events, to even taking action within school issues. In my experience, I felt welcomed by my class, and I always felt encouraged to reach out to people who didn't feel this similarity.
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It's an alright school. The music program is very nice, the staff is mostly a good group of people. The math department needs improvements, but the English sector is very nice. The counselor staff is pretty good about connecting with students and making sure that they're ready for graduation. Overall, I don't regret attending this school. The clubs are a good opportunity to make connections here as well.
Honestly, some teachers are nice and really great at what they do but a majority are just awful. There are some teachers that literally don’t even teach the class. They claim that if you have questions to ask them but when you do they yell at you and blame that you weren’t paying attention in class. They just don’t understand that sometimes certain subjects are not as easy to understand for other people. Many students in the school has dealt with awful racism and discrimination. When they go to the office about it and tell them how much these comments and actions have affected their ability to feel safe the office just tell them to “ignore” the issues. The office really doesn’t help much when it comes to these issues so don’t even try.
Good school with caring teachers. One area they need to improve in is to have options for students to learn about the trades.
Tualatin has a good history in sports and coaches. School spirt is average, I have been to many basketball games, even on a Friday nights, we’re only 1/4 of the student section is full.
The one department that needs help is the Math department. They have few math teachers that are not good and have had a lot of parent complaints yet nothing changes, one year two of the worst teachers both taught Geometry.
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